Brains Behind the Chair: Elizabeth Joel, Owner of Peridot Hair Studios

We had such blast getting to chat with Long Island Native, Elizabeth Joel and getting to know her animal-loving, spirit junkie self! This Leo shares what Peridot Hair Studio means to her and what makes her a #GlossBoss! 

Stylist: Elizabeth Joel

Handle: @peridothairstudio

GlossGenius Booking Site:

Bonafides: Paul Mitchell Cactus Academy (Garden City, NY)

Specialty: Balayage babes to create the perfect low-maintenance color for all my hair loves.

What's Your Secret Weapon?

Eufora International Shine Spray. This stuff is amazing. I use it on almost every one of my guests to detangle post-shampoo, as well as a finish after a smooth blowout. The best part, you can even use it at home as a makeup remover because all of Eufora's products are THAT gentle!

Current Beauty Obsession?

I may be mildly obsessed with Eufora ... I don't usually use a ton of product in my own hair, but when I do it is always their Shine Emollient. I love the consistency of it, that it makes my bleach blonde hair super soft, and all allows it to dry faster. My go-to, nonhair-related product would be all of NYX's matte lip shades. They are super pigmented and stay all day.

What Inspires You?

I am largely inspired by my hair peers, mainly @anhcotran, @prettylittleombre and @gina.devine. While I consider these artists way ahead of me in the game, their work ethic and skills constantly give me something to aspire to.

Curly or Straight?

Both! My hair is naturally pin-straight, so I of course envy those with beautiful, bouncy curls. However, I think both are beautiful, and can showcase a color or cut in different ways.

Full Glam or Au Natural?

Again, both! I think there is beauty in everyone's natural state, but it's always fun to enhance those features with a little glam.

Liz's Work

Why Are You a #GlossBoss? 

I chose Gloss Genius for many reasons. The clean interface being number one. I needed something user friendly for my guests as well as myself. I love that it keeps track of all of my numbers, one less thing I have to worry about as a new entrepreneur! The app is also keeping me constantly updated. I'm sure anyone who is in business for themselves knows how difficult it can be to keep track of appointments, reviews, numbers etc. GlossGenius lets me know every detail, down to when to expect funds in my account. Lastly, I am all about esthetic. GlossGenius allowed me to add personal touches while keeping it simple and edgy at the same time. 

Favorite GlossGenius Feature?

It would definitely be theAnalytics because I know a lot about hair but very little about business. I did go out and get my own accountant but I love that GlossGenius can do that all for me and eliminates the need to keep paper documents. It's all there for me and I can run reports when I need to report my sales taxes on a quarterly basis and thats so awesome! I'm still kinda learning how to run a business so it's nice that GlossGenius makes it a lot easier for me to know what I have todo! 

What's Your Favorite Off-Duty Activity?

When I am not in my studio creating, I spend most of my free time hanging with my cat babies and number one supporter, my boyfriend Tony. We are both HUGE movie buffs, and try to see a new flick at least once a week. I am also a huge nerd and love all things Stephen King. You can usually catch me with one of his books at all times. Even though my downtime is usually spent at home, I am constantly trying to keep myself updated with the new hair trends. I watch videos, seek out new inspiration and hone my skills daily.

Where the MagicHappens

Elizabeth describes her recently opened Sola Studio as a place she'd like her clients to feel like home. Personal touches of her studio include her bookshelf representing her love for reading, a gorgeous Peridot gemstone (where the name of her studio was inspired from, being her birthstone!), and wooden textures which we believe goes perfectly with her warm and welcoming energy! Overall, her personality completely shines through every element of her studio! 

Thanks so much for chatting with us, Liz!Congratulations on your new studio and thanks for being a #GlossBoss! 

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