Loans to grow your business

Small business loans from $1000 to $250,000. Get fast, flexible financing.

Funds as soon as 2 business days

If approved, funds typically arrive as soon as 2 business days, directly into your bank account.

No personal credit check

Eligibility is based on payment history with GlossGenius - no complicated applications!

Repay automatically based on your sales

Pay less during slow periods and more when business is strong with a percentage of your sales through GlossGenius.*
*There is a minimum required payment, and if the withholdings from payments doesn't cover that minimum, then the user must makeup the difference.

One flat fee

No compounding interest charges, collateral obligations, or late fees.
“Discovering the seamless funding on Genius loans was so unexpected, but super easy to apply for. Catching up on some overdue bills was a god send!!”
Reecy Johnson
Hair By Reecy
“I got my funding within 3 days. I was able to pay my rent for the year, get supplies, and have a little cushion for if things continue to be slow. It has definitely kept me afloat to finish the year strong.”
Jada Crawford
The Skin Studio By Jada, Memphis, TN
“Genius Loans became more than just a financial aid; it became a strategic partner in the success of my hairstyling business.”
Kipling Mercer
Studio 55

How it works

  • Check your eligibility

    Head to your app > More > “Genius Loans”, to see if you’re currently eligible.

  • Select your offer

    Select the amount that’s right for your business needs. The fee and repayment rate are set based on the accepted amount.

  • Receive your funds

    After your selection is reviewed and and approved, the funds will be deposited into your bank account, typically as soon as 2 business days.

  • Pay down as you earn*

    You’ll automatically repay the loan with a fixed percentage of your daily sales until the total amount is repaid.

    *There is a minimum required payment, and if the withholdings from payments doesn't cover that minimum, then the user must makeup the difference.


How do you determine who qualifies for an offer?

Eligibility is determined based on a combination of factors, including overall sales volume and history with GlossGenius. Eligible U.S. businesses will receive an email if they have an offer available.

Do I have to pay interest?

No, you’ll pay one flat fee that does not change. You won’t pay any interest on top of this fee.

Will applying for an offer affect my personal credit rating?

No, there is no personal credit check. All offers are based on your history with GlossGenius Payments.

Can I request a different offer amount?

When you access the Capital offer, you can use a slider to choose a custom amount (up to the maximum offer amount). The loan fee and repayment rate adjust based on the amount you choose.

How does repayment work?

Repayment is collected automatically through a percentage of your sales through GlossGenius as they are processed, which means you pay down your balance more when you’re booked, and less if things slow down. As long as you meet your minimum payment requirement, what you pay each day adjusts to your sales.

Loans are issued by Celtic Bank. All loans are subject to credit approval.

Run your business the smart and stylish way with GlossGenius.


No credit card required.