Payroll Made
Easy for Salons

  • Automated tax filing, full support in all 50 states

  • Fewer tools to manage and one connected workflow, payroll is already built in

  • Regular or off-cycle, get unlimited runs without extra fees

  • Customize commissions, tips, pay rates, and more

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how it works

Run payroll in just three simple steps

Log on to your GlossGenius account, verify your payroll numbers, and hit submit!

Run payroll without
switching between systems

With built in payroll, manage fewer tools and get faster, reliable payments to your team.

“Compared to my previous system, this is way less confusing and way easier. It’s great that GG pulls the numbers automatically and saves a lot of time. I just log-in, look at the numbers really quickly and hit run payroll. It’s been absolutely seamless. SO easy!”
Jenni, Studio 2.0
“I’m so excited to have payroll. I’m never leaving!  Compared to the last system I had this is so user friendly, thank you for making it super easy!”
Black Chateau Salon
“I feel like that was the easiest payroll has ever been for me, everything is also really beautiful and feels so cohesive with the app, I’m so grateful!”
House of Blonde
all-in-one platform

Book, Manage, and Pay your team on one platform

Ditch the clunky payroll software. Save hours every week calculating how much to pay your teams:

  • Auto-populated payroll based on your team's appointments and commission earnings

  • No manual data entry in between platforms – everything is here!

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full tax support

Automatic tax filing

Leave the stress of tax season behind. We’ll take care of calculating and filing your payroll taxes so you get more time to focus on running your salon.

  • Full tax support: federal, state, local taxes: calculations, tax payments and tax filings

  • Automated tax filing in all 50 states

    Completely included in your payroll package, no extra fees

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built for salons

Customized commissions, flexible pay rates, and more

Built specifically for salons and spas to manage their unique setup - commissions, tips, hourly, salaried, different pay rates, schedules and more.

  • Pay by direct deposit or your own checks

  • Multiple pay rates & schedules for workers

  • Monthly, weekly, bi-weekly pay frequencies

  • Product & service commission support

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team oriented

Self-service payroll, multiple
work locations & more

  • Employee profiles with self-service access to digital paystubs

  • Pay your contractors & employees on the same payroll run

  • Support for workers compensation insurance

  • Multiple work locations

  • Hourly or salaried worker support

  • Support for existing 401k and healthcare benefits

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Dedicated customer support and free data transfer

Get started on GlossGenius payroll completely risk-free – we’ll take care of transferring all your data from your previous payroll provider over.

  • Easy payroll data transfer, free of charge

  • Dedicated support from payroll experts

    1:1 personalized Payroll onboarding support via call, text or Zoom

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Live 1:1 Payroll Onboarding Support

Our team of experts is here to help answer all of your payroll questions and can walk you through every stage of getting set-up. 

Available on call, text, or zoom.


What is GlossGenius Payroll?

GlossGenius Payroll is your one-stop-shop to pay your team members!

How will I be charged for GlossGenius Payroll?

Payroll will be offered as an add on feature for any team looking to pay their team seamlessly! You'll be charged a monthly fee of $40, and an extra fee of $6 for each team member who uses the payroll service in that month. Best of all, if your team size stays constant, you can run payroll as many times as you need during the month without incurring any additional charges!

How can I tell if I’m eligible?

If you’re the owner of a GlossGenius account and you have a team member, you’ll be able to log into the GlossGenius website and begin enrolling your business and employees!

Do I need to keep track of how much I need to pay my employees?

GlossGenius Payroll takes into account the service and product commission rates you set for each employee, as well as gratuity they earn. All of this information is gathered in the commission report available in-app, and is automatically populated when you go to run payroll!

How can I tell if my employees are eligible?

GlossGenius Payroll supports both 1099 contractors and W2 employees, hourly and commission!

Do I need to calculate my taxes and pay them in bulk?

Your federal, state, and local taxes will be calculated, paid, and filed automatically as your run payroll through GlossGenius!

Will GlossGenius Payroll support my benefits?

You’ll be able to keep your existing retirement/401k and healthcare plans

Run your business the smart and stylish way with GlossGenius

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