Forms and Waivers to Streamline Client Booking

GlossGenius makes it easy to build custom forms and waivers, directly integrated with your booking experience.

Smarter than your average form builder

Get auto generated questions based on your specialities. Customize how frequently clients need to complete them.

Smooth Experience For You and Your Clients

Customize your own waiver or choose from pre-populated templates like general liability, photo/ video release waivers and more.
“Being able to have all waivers and forms signed before the appointment saves SO much extra time. I was able to use that 5 minutes I usually used on waivers to add on my photography time and now my content is blowing up ! I love it.”
Kayla Hameister
The Golden Hour Little Luxuries
“The waivers are a game changer. Everything needed to simplify and streamline your clients booking experience and elevate your business!”
Jessica Rimer
Bronzed Belles
“Gloss waivers has changed my business for the better. I am able to have waivers on file for each client to cover my business and liabilities. The forms also allow my clients to communicate anything I may need to know prior to their appointment so I may be properly prepared to service them.”
Gwenette Lewis
Haus of G Lewis Nails

Fully integrated into your booking process

Insert forms directly into the client booking process. Everything is in one place - no redirects!

Never let important details slip

Pin key questions so that they always appear on your client’s profile. Stay organized and reference essential details that you need.

Straightforward and stylish for clients

Clients receive a streamlined form customized for their appointment, based on controls you set.


Can I have multiple forms?

With Genius Forms, you can create multiple forms from one template. Although you will see all questions listed on the Genius Forms screen, your clients will only receive questions related to the service(s) they booked.

What does my Genius Form look like to clients?

Your clients will receive a streamlined form that’s only applicable to their appointment, based on the controls set on your end.

What questions should I ask on my forms?

Not sure what to cover? Genius Form will automatically suggest questions based on your speciality, whether you have one or many.

Can I customize the questions on my Genius Forms?

Yes! To edit or delete a suggested question, simplify swipe left on it. To add a new question, tap the “plus” icon on the upper-right hand corner. You can also customize questions based on services, frequency and if they're required to answer.

How do I make sure my client fills out the form?

Track which clients have completed their form questions through the appointment screen. A green check mark on Form Results will indicate that a client has completed the form. You can easily remind clients by resending the form.

Run your business the smart and stylish way with GlossGenius.


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