Client insights to grow your business

Only GlossGenius gives you client intel so you can attract new clients and keep existing clients coming back

track where new clients come from

GlossGenius prompts clients to share how they found your business when booking online. See your top referral sources so you can market in the channels that count.

I’m able to see my top clients, my top services, my growth from one day to another and from one month to another! If you are trying to grow as a whole these tools are imperative to have and go over!!!
Kayla Hameister
The Golden Hour Little Luxuries

identify your most valuable clients

Get an on-demand report on your most valuable clients – broken down by highest spend and number of bookings.

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Send custom marketing blasts

Send customized marketing blasts in just a couple taps, filtered based on your client visit history.

stay on top of key metrics

Track client retention rate, average sales value per client, and monthly new client count. Receive personalized insights on how to improve performance.

access important client details

Create client profiles with before and afters, formulas, personal notes, and more. Client history is sent to you before every appointment so you never miss an important detail!


What sets GlossGenius salon software apart?
GlossGenius has a sophisticated, modern look that allows you to showcase your style to clients and stand out in a crowd. It was designed to be easy and intuitive, so you don’t have to spend hours setting-up or using your salon management software. With features like automated waitlists, auto-appointment reminders, and one-click form creation tools, the platform makes it easy to manage your salon business all in one place. We prioritize making the booking process simple for your clients as well, with an easy-to-navigate booking site included free.While other salon software options have lots of add-on fees, GlossGenius always offers a straightforward price, with no hidden fees for extra features. The same goes for our payment processing fee – it’s always a flat 2.6%.
How does GlossGenius salon software elevate my business?
Not only was GlossGenius designed to streamline your salon's operations, enhance efficiency, and deliver a superior client experience, but it was also built with a creative aesthetic that is meant to be customizable to fit your brand. We want you to have a good experience managing your salon business and also wow your clients with creative design and ease of use.
How can GlossGenius boost my revenue and clientele?
In addition to saving you time and money, GlossGenius offers powerful salon marketing tools to help you attract new clients and retain existing ones. With features like customizable email and SMS campaigns, social media integrations, and rebooking reminders, GlossGenius makes it easier than ever to engage with potential clients and encourage repeat visits.

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