Building Your Brand: Hair Brained by Patti Tutton

A beautifully designed personal booking website goes a long way. It’s one of the first impressions that potential clients have of you. That’s why we designed an elegant, professional booking site to help you impress clients. Professionals customize their site with creative content like a background picture, photos of their work, a personal bio, info about their business, etc.

We’ve seen so many STUNNING booking sites that GlossGenius professionals have created to step up their business brand and we’re featuring them so we can share them with you. Click through them, use them for inspiration, and let us know if you see any other personal sites that you’d like us to feature!

Our Personal Site of this Week is Patti Tutton’s.

About Patti

Patti is a #GlossBoss who runs a Sola Salon in Chester, VA. As a hairstylist, Patti offer services to men, women and children which range from facial waxing to hair coloring. With over 25 years of experience, Patti believes that with clients: “one size does not fit all.” By forming deep connections with her clients, Patti seeks to help her clients find and create the perfect look for themselves. For her, it’s key that clients feel beautiful inside and out.

Here’s why we love Patti’s Site!

Stunning Front Page Photo

It’s stunning: Patti’s website is instantly gorgeous thanks to the front page cover photo that she uses.

It’s relevant: Potential clients immediately know that Patti’s specialty is working with hair.

Clever Business Name

We adore Patti’s business name: Hair Brained. An instantly memorable play on words makes for a perfect website URL and salon business name.

Links to Unique Social Media Pages

Patti doesn’t just have links to the typical social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook – she also has a link to her profile on Yelp! Unlike Instagram and Facebook, Yelp focuses on suggesting restaurants, salons, and other services based primarily off of location.

By setting up a Yelp profile, Patti is able to ensure that:

  1. potential clients who are nearby will be able to find her.
  2. potential clients will be able to access her portfolio of client photos - even if she has not added client photos to her services.

Simple Effective Service Descriptions

Patti has reduced the number of services that she offers on her booking site to six services. Under each service, she has a short but effective description letting you know what variety of services falls under this service name. This is what allows her to group multiple services together (for example: Standard perm, Beach wave, Spiral wrap are all grouped under Permanent Waves).

Price Varies

Rather than promising a set price, Patti puts“ price varies” for many of her services. By not setting up her client’s expectations for a certain price, Patti is able to be more flexible in setting her prices on the day of the appointment.

Keep your eyes out for our next feature and start thinking – what will your business brand look like? DM us on Instagram if you want to share any cool personal booking sites on GlossGenius that you’ve seen as well!

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