10 Best Phorest Alternatives for Salon Owners in 2024

Is your salon’s current software not cutting it? You know, making it hard to manage clients or employees, not having features you want – that kind of thing. I feel you, it’s super frustrating.

Lots of salon owners can start to feel restricted by their current salon software, pushing them to look for a Phorest alternative. You might feel it’s too expensive, lacks stuff you need, or it’s just time for something that really fuels your business's growth.

With the wrong software, you miss opportunities to wow clients, save time on tasks, or get your salon thriving with better booking systems. Not cool! But don’t sweat it, there are plenty of options out there that work with your salon’s needs. I’ll talk about the top 10 alternatives for Phorest and what makes each one awesome.

Maybe one has the perfect combo of easy to use tools, cool features, and great pricing that matches your style. Finding the one tailored for your salon is like slipping into a warm robe – makes everything feel just right! Together, we’ll find a software buddy ready to take your success, client satisfaction, and peace of mind to all new levels. Time to get your salon’s growth trim on!

What to Look For in a Phorest Alternative?

When diving into the world of Phorest salon software alternatives, it's crucial to know what features can truly elevate your salon or spa. Here's a bullet-point breakdown to make your search clearer and more focused:

User-Friendly Scheduling Software:

  • Essential for managing appointments.
  • A streamlined booking app for hassle-free client bookings.

Automated Appointment Reminders and Notifications:

  • SMS and email reminders to reduce no-shows.
  • Keeps clients informed and engaged.

Robust Client Management Tools:

  • Track client histories, preferences, and details.
  • Personalize services and strengthen client relationships.

Efficient Automation:

  • Automate administrative tasks like inventory and sales reports.
  • Focus more on client service and less on back-end work.

Cloud-Based and Cross-Platform Compatibility:

  • Access your data anytime, anywhere.
  • Ensure compatibility with various devices, including iPhone and Android.

Comprehensive Marketing Suite:

  • Tools for promotions, newsletters, and social media management.
  • Attract new clients and keep your salon in the limelight.

Remember, the best Phorest alternative is one that not only matches but enhances your salon's operational flow, caters to your specific needs in the beauty industry, and supports the growth of your small business. These points should serve as a handy guide in your quest for the perfect salon and spa business management software.

10 Best Phorest Alternatives For Salon Management

Here are our top picks for the best Phorest alternatives:

  1. GlossGenius
  2. Vagaro
  3. Rosy Salon Software
  4. Square Appointments
  5. Mindbody
  6. Fresha
  7. Booksy
  8. Acuity Scheduling
  9. Mangomint
  10. Meevo

Alright, let’s take a deeper look at each one.

1. GlossGenius


At the heart of salon management is a system that lets you take control, and GlossGenius offers just that. This platform is like your very own digital assistant, making it easier for beauty professionals to run their business.

The simplicity doesn't stop at scheduling appointments – GlossGenius also helps with payment processing and marketing tools. You're not just managing a salon, you're growing one.

Benefits of GlossGenius

This isn’t your standard POS system – it’s more than that. From its seamless booking process to automated reminders for clients, running your day-to-day operations has never been this smooth.

Apart from functionality, there's an aesthetic aspect too – customizable website templates make sure your online presence shines as much as the services you offer in person.

GlossGenius Pricing

If we talk dollars and cents (and who doesn't?), GlossGenius offers transparent pricing with no hidden fees. It gives unlimited access to all features for a starting monthly flat rate of only $24. You can check out what’s included in the pricing plans here.

GlossGenius Reviews

You don’t have to take our word on how good it is, the reviews speak volumes. Users rave about the great customer service support they get when they need help most. The ease-of-use often gets praised because let's face it, who wants tech troubles while trying to provide stellar beauty treatments?

2. Vagaro


Meet Vagaro, your salon's new best friend. It’s a web-based solution crafted to serve salons, spas, and fitness businesses alike. But what sets Vagaro apart is its user-friendly interface that can streamline all your day-to-day operations.

This dynamic tool is equipped with features like online booking, email marketing capabilities, and POS systems. Using Vagaro can help take your business to the next stage of success.

Benefits of Vagaro

One benefit of using Vagaro? Your clients will thank you. Just like with GlossGenius, they'll get automated reminders for their upcoming appointments so they won't miss a beat (or a cut or color).

The platform also provides custom forms for intakes and waivers which help reduce paper waste – now that’s beauty meets eco-friendliness.

Vagaro Pricing

Varying price options make sure there's something suitable for every budget size. Monthly subscriptions start at $25 per month for solo users but can accommodate larger teams as well.

Vagaro Reviews

Browsing through reviews shows us one thing – customers love Vagaro. From praises on how easy it is to use to compliments on customer service quality – it seems they’ve got quite the fan club going on here.

3. Rosy Salon Software

Rosy Salon Software

As a salon owner, you need software that can help streamline your daily operations. Rosy Salon Software could be the perfect fit for you. It's an easy-to-use solution specifically designed for salons and spas.

This comprehensive tool offers features like online client scheduling, inventory management, email marketing, and more. So let’s dive into what makes Rosy so unique.

Benefits of Rosy

The beauty of using Rosy lies in its simplicity combined with powerful functionality. You'll find it easy to manage appointments while also tracking customer preferences – a great way to offer personalized services.

A big plus is their product reservation system which helps keep your inventory in check without any headaches. Plus, the integrated POS feature ensures seamless transactions every time.

Rosy Pricing

If cost is on your mind when choosing salon software, then worry no more. With flexible pricing plans starting as low as $29 per month based on user numbers and add-ons chosen; affordability meets quality with Rosy.

Rosy Reviews

Taking real-life experiences into account can make all the difference when selecting software solutions. Customers love how intuitive yet effective this platform is according to reviews found online – many cite excellent customer service and continuous updates as standout points.

4. Square Appointments

Square Appointments

For beauty professionals seeking a robust and user-friendly alternative to Phorest, Square Appointments stands out. This comprehensive salon management tool is designed to streamline your operations while enhancing client experience.

Square Appointments provides a comprehensive platform to cover scheduling, POS, and payment processing needs. It also helps manage online bookings, reducing no-shows with automated reminders.

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Benefits of Square

The major advantage of using Square lies in its integrated POS system which simplifies transactions. Its seamless integration with the booking software lets you keep track of appointments without hassle.

In addition, it boasts impressive marketing features such as email campaigns and loyalty programs which help boost customer engagement and retention rates.

Square Pricing

A notable feature about Square is its flexible pricing model. The basic plan comes free for individuals making it perfect for independent stylists or small salons just starting off their business journey. But they offer more extensive plans tailored for larger businesses too.

You only need to pay transaction fees when you accept cards through the POS system – there are no hidden charges.

Square Reviews

User reviews highlight how easy-to-use this salon management software is due to its intuitive interface. Salon owners love how efficient their operations have become after switching over from traditional methods thanks to Square's functionality.

Few users had some issues initially but mentioned that customer service was quick in resolving them – showing strong commitment towards ensuring user satisfaction.

5. Mindbody


At the heart of salon management, we find Mindbody. Mindbody is the ultimate solution for salon owners, providing an all-in-one platform to simplify and streamline their business. It's like having your very own personal assistant that never sleeps.

From booking appointments to managing staff schedules and processing payments, Mindbody takes care of it all. Imagine having more time on your hands because you've got an efficient system in place.

Benefits of Mindbody

The real beauty lies within its benefits. Think about those times when you had to manually keep track of bookings or chase clients for payments; now they're things of the past. With MindBody, everything is automated so nothing slips through the cracks.

This powerhouse not only helps with administrative tasks but also assists in marketing your services. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

Mindbody Pricing

Mindbody does run on the more premium side when it comes to pricing – with their entry plan coming in at $129 per month. If you’re looking for something a bit more budget friendly with very similar features, it’s worth looking into an alternative.

Note: Be sure to check out their website directly as prices may vary over time and between regions.

Mindbody Reviews

We can sing praises about this software all day long but let’s hear from actual users instead – reviews paint quite a rosy picture. But don't just take our word for it. Go ahead and read some firsthand experiences yourself.

Please note: Like any tool, individual experience will differ based on specific use cases.

6. Fresha


As a salon owner, finding the right tools to streamline your business operations is crucial. Fresha, formerly known as Shedul, could be what you need. This comprehensive Salon and Spa POS system helps manage appointments while also taking care of point-of-sale transactions.

The platform is user-friendly and provides real-time online booking features. But there's more to Fresha than just that. Let's dive into its benefits, pricing structure, and customer reviews.

Benefits of Fresha

With Fresha at your disposal, scheduling becomes a breeze because it lets clients book services 24/7 from any device. It even sends automated reminders reducing no-shows significantly.

You'll find running marketing campaigns easier with built-in tools for promotions and gift cards sales. And if you're worried about managing inventory, don't be. Fresh makes sure everything stays organized without extra effort on your part.

Fresh Pricing

Pricing matters when choosing software solutions for your business. Luckily, one surprising aspect of Fresh is that its basic version comes free of charge.

This includes unlimited staff members usage and access to all core features like bookings management or product retailing capabilities making it ideal even for smaller salons or spas on tight budgets.

Fresh Reviews

If we turn our attention towards users' feedback about this solution; things look pretty positive too. Many praise how easy-to-use the interface is along with its robust feature set which can make day-to-day salon operations smoother than ever before.

In conclusion, not only does fresh offer powerful functionalities but also does so in an intuitive manner appealing to both tech-savvy and less technically inclined salon owners.

7. Booksy


If you're a salon owner searching for an all-in-one platform, look no further than Booksy. This robust software simplifies managing appointments and growing your client base. With Booksy's intuitive interface, you'll feel like a pro from the get-go.

The power of Booksy is in its adaptability – it fits perfectly into businesses big or small. From hair salons to tattoo parlors, it caters to every beauty service provider out there.

Benefits of Booksy

One standout feature that puts Booksy ahead of others is its built-in marketing tools. These help drive more bookings and keep clients coming back.

This includes automated email campaigns and smart recommendations based on customer behavior patterns. Plus, who wouldn't love social media integrations that let them show off their best work?

Booksy Pricing

We know pricing can make or break a decision. Booksy’s pricing starts at $29.99 per month. But, the price can go up quickly depending on what use cases you need. To learn more about what costs could look like for you specifically, be sure to check out their pricing page.

Booksy Reviews

User reviews have mixed feelings about Booksy. For the most part, it’s praised for ease-of-use as well as being packed with features perfect for streamlining operations at any size salon – no wonder users have rated it highly across various review platforms. But, some have complaints on G2 about its POS system. So, if that’s a key feature you’re looking for, you may want to look for an alternative.

8. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling

Say hello to Acuity Scheduling, a software that's ready to become your salon's new best friend. It’s more than just an appointment scheduler; it’s like having your own personal assistant.

Whether you’re dealing with haircuts, manicures, or massages, Acuity takes the stress out of managing appointments so you can focus on what really matters: making clients feel beautiful and relaxed.

Benefits of Acuity Scheduling

The first thing that sets Acuity apart is its 24/7 online scheduling. Clients can book their own appointments at any time, which means fewer interruptions for you during business hours.

A key feature is automated reminders via email or text message. This helps reduce no-shows and keeps your schedule running smoothly.

Acuity Scheduling Pricing

If budgeting has been a concern in the past, breathe easy because Acuity offers multiple plans tailored to different needs and budgets. The options range from $20 per month up to $61 per month for larger businesses looking for maximum features and benefits.

Acuity Scheduling Reviews

In terms of customer satisfaction, users often rave about how much time they save with this system in place. Many also mention the ease-of-use as a standout quality compared to other scheduling tools on the market.

9. Mangomint


Looking for a user-friendly salon and spa POS system? Look no further than Mangomint. It's designed to streamline your operations, making it easier to manage appointments, inventory, and client relations.

Not only does Mangomint make the daily grind less daunting, but it also lets you dive deep into business analytics. With Mangomint, you can easily make informed decisions based on data.

Benefits of Mangomint

The beauty of Mangomint lies in its simplicity – managing your salon doesn't need to be rocket science. From appointment scheduling to reporting tools, everything is just a click away. You'll find yourself spending less time wrestling with software and more time focusing on what truly matters: your clients.

Beyond functionality though, one can’t overlook how responsive their customer service team is. Need help? They've got you covered.

Mangomint Pricing

Mangomint does run on the more premium side when it comes to pricing. It offers flexible pricing options that cater specifically to businesses of different sizes so everyone gets exactly what they need without breaking the bank. But, their entry price comes in at $165 per month. So, if budget is a concern, you might want to consider an alternative.

Mangomint Reviews

If there’s anything that speaks volumes about any product or service – it’s reviews from real users who have experienced firsthand what works (and sometimes doesn’t). Take some time browsing through Mangomint reviews on Capterra.

You’ll find the majority are overwhelmingly positive, further cementing Mangomint as a top choice for salon and spa POS systems.

10. Meevo


If you're on the hunt for a Phorest alternative, don't overlook Meevo. It's more than just your average salon and spa POS system; it’s an intuitive platform designed to help streamline daily operations.

Meevo provides comprehensive business management tools while also enhancing customer experience. Its focus? Boosting productivity and profitability in one go.

Benefits of Meevo

Making life easier is at the core of what Meevo does. With its customizable Smart Center dashboard, managing appointments, sales reports, and inventory tracking becomes a breeze. But that's not all.

Their online booking feature lets clients schedule their own appointments anytime they want – convenience redefined.

Meevo Pricing

Just like Mangmint, Meevo also runs on the pricer side – with their entry plans starting at $139 per month. Thankfully with Meevo, there are no surprises lurking around corners. They offer straightforward pricing plans tailored to fit different needs and budgets.

Meevo Reviews

Meevo has some mixed reviews online. But, overall, users have plenty of positive things to say about their experiences with this platform – saying how it helps them manage staff schedules efficiently and handle client bookings smoothly.


Choosing the right management system for your salon & spa is more than just about booking appointments and handling day-to-day operations. It's about finding a platform that aligns with the unique rhythm of your salon business, supports your growth in the wellness industry, and simplifies employee management.

Each of the alternatives to Phorest we've discussed brings something special to the table, whether it's an intuitive salon booking interface, robust employee management tools, or an exceptional support team ready to assist you.

Remember, the best choice for your salon or spa hinges on your specific needs. Do you prioritize comprehensive wellness features, seamless integration capabilities, or a support team that feels like an extension of your own staff? The answer lies in understanding the unique dynamics of your salon business and the goals you aim to achieve.

Overall, the heart of a successful salon & spa management system lies in its ability to synchronize with your business's pulse – enhancing efficiency, streamlining operations, and ensuring your clients leave happier after every visit. Take the time to explore these options, weigh their features against your needs, and choose a system that promises to elevate your salon to new heights of success and client satisfaction.

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