Salon Loyalty Programs: How to Create One (With Examples)

Have you ever been given a free coffee after buying ten? Or gotten that VIP treatment because of your regular visits to a favorite store?

It's no secret, right? We all love feeling special. We enjoy those perks and rewards for our loyalty. Now imagine this: what if we could sprinkle some of that magic in the world of beauty salons too?

This isn't about turning pumpkins into carriages. But it's close enough! With salon loyalty programs, every haircut or spa service can become an opportunity for your customers to feel valued and keep coming back for more. Intrigued yet? Get ready as we unravel the secrets behind creating irresistible salon loyalty programs!

What is a Salon Loyalty Program?

Building strong relationships with clients is the aim of salon loyalty programs, which reward customers for their continued patronage. A loyalty program for salons is set up to show appreciation to customers who stay loyal.

They come in many shapes and sizes but have one common goal: making sure your clientele keeps coming back for more. According to Forbes, customer retention through loyalty programs can be far less costly than acquiring new ones. So, let's get into what makes them tick.

The Perks of Having a Salon Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs aren't just about giving away free stuff. They're strategic tools that salons use to encourage repeat business and boost client satisfaction levels. Let me give you some concrete reasons why they work wonders:

  • Cultivating Relationships: Rewarding regular visits helps strengthen bonds between your salon and its patrons.
  • Increase Sales: Regular rewards incentivize increased spending during each visit because everyone loves getting closer to earning their next treat.
  • Fostering Advocacy: Satisfied clients become brand advocates who refer friends and family – essentially doing marketing on behalf of your salon.

If used right, this little gem could become one of the most profitable parts of running your spa or salon.

Picking the Right Type of Loyalty Program for Your Salon

Now, you might be wondering what kind of salon loyalty program is right for your business. That's certainly a good query to ponder. After all, the beauty industry is diverse and so are its customers.

The key here is understanding your clientele. Are they more interested in discounts on services or do they love trying new products? Knowing their preferences will help you tailor an effective rewards system that resonates with them. But don't worry if this sounds overwhelming; we've got plenty of guidance to offer.

Make Your Salon Stand Out

Not only do loyalty programs attract clients to your salon, but they also keep them engaged with exclusive offerings – boosting your rebookings. This provides your salon with a distinct advantage over other businesses in the same industry.

4 Types of Salon Loyalty Programs

No two loyalty programs are alike; this allows you to customize the program to meet your specific needs and objectives. But that’s the beauty of it. You can tailor them to fit your unique clientele and business goals. Let's explore some popular types.

1. Points-Based System

A points-based system is as straightforward as it sounds: clients earn points for each dollar spent, which they can later redeem for services or products at your salon. This GlossGenius blog post discusses how rewarding clients with a point per dollar encourages more spending in each visit. This type doesn't require much setup time and keeps track of client transactions digitally so you won’t lose track.

2. Tiered Rewards Program

A tiered rewards program offers increasing perks based on customer spend levels over a certain period - think silver, gold, platinum tiers. The trick here is making sure the jump between tiers feels attainable yet exciting.

Clients enjoy this format because they get a taste of VIP treatment without having to commit fully from the start.

3. Punch Card System

The punch card system may be old school but don’t knock its effectiveness just yet. Clients receive punches (or stamps) on their cards for every visit or service availed. After collecting enough punches, they get rewarded – typically with free services or discounts.

  • You need minimal technology investment – all you need are physical cards and something to punch them with,
  • Clients have visual proof of progress towards their reward,

4. Social Rewards Program

For a modern twist, consider the social rewards program. It's all about encouraging clients to engage with your salon on social media platforms. This could be as simple as offering points for likes, shares, or even tagging friends.

  • Clients feel more engaged and connected to your brand,
  • You can boost your online presence and reach potential new customers.

How to Create a Salon Loyalty Program

Crafting a salon loyalty program isn't as complex as it seems. Crafting an effective loyalty program for your salon that will make clients feel appreciated and encourage them to come back can be achieved with the correct steps.

Step 1: Define Your Goals

Begin by inquiring to yourself what objectives you desire to attain with this scheme. Do you want more repeat bookings? Increased product sales? Referrals?

Your answers will guide your design process, ensuring that every element of your loyalty scheme aligns with these objectives.

Step 2: Select Your Rewards System

The next step is deciding on the type of rewards system. Popular choices include points-based systems where clients earn points for each dollar spent or tiered programs which offer escalating perks based on spending levels.

You could also consider punch cards or social rewards like offering bonus points for shares and likes on social media platforms. But remember, choose something manageable.

Step 3: Choose Meaningful Rewards

Pick incentives that appeal to your clientele but won't break the bank. This might be a free treatment after ten visits or VIP access to new products and services.

GlossGenius offers tips on selecting impactful rewards for salon loyalty programs.

A Pro Tip:

Rewards don’t always have to cost money. Think outside the box—offer priority booking slots during busy times, host exclusive events just for creative.

Step 4: Invest in Technology


Consider investing in a salon-specific POS system like GlossGenius. This will let you track your finances and know how to distribute rewards accordingly.

Step 5: Train Your Staff

Make sure your staff understand the details of this new program, as they'll be responsible for promoting it to customers. They're going to have a critical part in pitching it to clients, so make sure they fully grasp its ins and outs.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Salon Loyalty Program

A salon loyalty program can be a gold mine for client retention and revenue growth. But, even the best ideas can flop if not executed correctly. Let's delve into some common mistakes salons often make when launching their loyalty programs, and more importantly, how you can avoid them.

Mistake 1: Overcomplicating The Program

The beauty of a successful salon loyalty program lies in its simplicity. If clients need to jump through hoops or solve puzzles to get rewards, they'll likely lose interest fast.

To ensure customers remain engaged, keep the loyalty program straightforward and understandable by using simple terms such as "earn 1 point for every dollar spent" instead of complex equations. For instance, use clear terms like "earn 1 point for every dollar spent" rather than convoluted equations that might confuse customers.

Mistake 2: Lack of Promotion

Having an amazing loyalty program is useless if no one knows about it. Salons sometimes forget the importance of promoting their reward schemes effectively both online and offline.

To dodge this pitfall, let your clients know about your exciting new scheme during appointments, via email newsletters like these, on social media platforms or through signage at your premises. Remember, out of sight means out of mind.

Mistake 3: Not Offering Appealing Rewards

Your rewards should have a 'wow' factor that motivates clients to return again (and again.). Boring or irrelevant rewards won't entice customers back into the salon chair.

You can fix this by tailoring your offerings based on what matters most to them – be it exclusive services, discounts on favorite products or priority booking privileges. Use customer feedback and sales data to shape your reward offerings.

Mistake 4: Ignoring The Power of Technology

Using a paper punch card system in the digital age? That's so last century. Avoid difficulties by investing in an effective answer, but utilizing a paper punch card system nowadays can be awkward for customers and doesn't provide insight into their spending behaviors or preferences.


Salon loyalty programs are your golden ticket. The perks, rewards, and special treatments they offer keep customers coming back for more. They make every haircut or spa service an opportunity to feel valued.

You've got options: points-based systems, tiered rewards, and more. Choose what suits you best. Just remember the common pitfalls and how to sidestep them.

Creating salon loyalty programs isn't rocket science if you have the right tools and techniques at hand. Be patient as it grows because this can be a game-changer in keeping your business thriving! If there's one thing clear about running a successful beauty salon: loyalty is key. It all starts with giving value where it's due – rewarding those who stick by us through thick and thin.

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