10 Best Fresha Alternatives You Need to Check Out in 2023

Ever feel like you're stuck in a salon management rut? You know, when the same old tools just don't cut it anymore. Well, that's where many salon and spa owners find themselves from time to time. 

You may already be using Fresha, and love many of its features. But, maybe you’re craving more – something fresh and invigorating! So, guess what? We started exploring other options on the market.

We’re talking about alternatives to Fresha that offer dynamic functionalities and give your business the edge it needs. Whether it’s GlossGenius' simplicity or Mindbody's extensive capabilities – there’s so much to unpack here!

So buckle up as we dive into these exciting platforms. By the end of this article, you’ll have ten solid choices at your fingertips. Let’s get into it!

Top 10 Fresha Alternatives You Should Check Out

Here are our top picks for the best Fresha alternatives right now:

  1. GlossGenius
  2. Mindbody
  3. Square
  4. Booksy
  5. Vagaro
  6. StyleSeat
  7. Boulevard
  8. Zenoti
  9. Arketa
  10. Acuity

Let’s go over each one in detail.

1. GlossGenius


For salon owners seeking a smart, all-in–one solution, GlossGenius is worth considering. It's designed specifically for salon and spa owners to make taking care of everything from online bookings to paying your staff a breeze.

With GlossGenius, you also get a free website builder that allows you to showcase your salons unique brand and services – helping you attract and retain clients more easily.

Notable Benefits of GlossGenius

The platform offers an intuitive interface that even those less tech-savvy can navigate with ease. This means more time focusing on what matters – serving clients. Here are some notable features of GlossGenius:

  • 24/7 appointment scheduling features
  • Online payments and a credit card reader for in-person payments
  • Client management and notification features to keep in touch with clients
  • Integrated team management features to define roles, permissions, and payroll
  • SMS and email marketing features

GlossGenius Pricing

You'll appreciate GlossGenius for its transparent pricing structure too. Starting at a flat monthly fee of just $24 per month, you get access to all features you need to get started without any hidden costs or surprises down the line.

Clients' Viewpoint

Your customers will love it too. With easy online booking and text reminders, missed appointments become a thing of the past.

Downloadable from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store, this app puts your salon right in your, and your clients, pocket.

Fresha Comparison

In comparison to Fresha, GlossGenius gives users control over branding with customizable digital gift cards and client messages. While both platforms offer robust features, choosing between them may come down to personal preference or specific needs of your spa or salon operation.

2. Mindbody


When looking for Fresha alternatives, Mindbody stands out. This robust salon platform gives you the tools to manage your salon or spa effectively.

Functionalities and Advantages

The features of Mindbody go beyond basic online scheduling. They also include marketing help, client management, and point-of-sale options. Plus, it offers a branded app tailored to your business.

You can easily track sales and staff performance too. With its in-depth analytics feature, understanding what works best for your business is no sweat.

Potential Limitations

Mindbody's comprehensive features come with a learning curve though. Despite the learning curve, MindBody's customer support team will be available to assist you in navigating its comprehensive features. For pricing options, you’ll have to check their plans and ask for a quote.

Fresha Comparison

In comparison to Fresha, MindBody does have higher costs associated with its premium services – but don't let that deter you. The added value these bring could very well justify this cost difference.

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Note: Please do not forget that choosing between Fresha alternatives should always depend on what suits your needs as an owner most perfectly.

3. Square


If you’ve ever gone to a cafe or local mom and pop shop, you’ve probably come across a Square POS system. A handful of salons also use Square to manage their appointment bookings and payments.

Functionality and Advantages

Square offers powerful tools that help in managing appointments, payments, and customer relationships. It's not just a mere point of sale system – it provides comprehensive small business solutions.

The software is user-friendly, making it easy to schedule clients and accept various payment methods. Square also gives insightful sales reports so you can make data-driven decisions for your business growth.

Potential Limitations

While Square shines in many areas, there are some limitations to note. The transaction fees might be higher compared to other platforms when processing large amounts. Also, the hardware compatibility could limit its use on certain devices.

Square Versus Fresha

  • Fresha excels at providing free features while Square charges for premium ones.
  • Square stands out with its robust POS capabilities whereas Fresha focuses more on appointment management.

But, both have unique strengths depending on what you need from your Salon or Spa POS System. This analysis should give a clearer picture if Square fits into your business model as the right choice over Fresha.

4. Booksy


If you're looking for a robust Fresha alternative, Booksy is a salon management software worth considering. With Booksy, managing your salon or spa becomes easier.

Functionality and Advantages of Booksy

Booksy offers comprehensive features like online booking and calendar management that make it simple to schedule appointments. Besides these, it has marketing tools designed to promote your business effectively. These include customizable email campaigns and social media integration.

Potential Limitations of Booksy

Although feature-rich, some users find the user interface slightly complex at first. But with time and use, this initial complexity typically subsides as familiarity grows.

Booksy vs Fresha

In comparison to Fresha, both platforms offer similar core functionalities such as online booking and customer management. The difference lies in the details – while Fresha's free plan provides a broad set of features without cost but charges transaction fees on bookings made through its marketplace, Booksy starts at $29.99 per month but doesn't charge any additional per-booking fees.

This distinction might make one option more attractive than the other depending on your specific needs. For instance:

  • If avoiding extra costs associated with each booking appeals to you, consider going for Booksy.
  • If instead you prefer not having monthly expenses even if it means bearing transactional costs, perhaps Fresha would be a better fit..

Remember: The best choice will depend upon your unique business requirements and preferences.

5. Vagaro

Vagaro Pro

Looking for a fresh alternative to manage your salon or spa? Vagaro might be the one. With features designed specifically for beauty businesses, it stands tall among its peers.

Functionalities of Vagaro

This platform offers functionalities that make managing appointments a breeze. It enables you to organize, alter, and monitor bookings in real-time. Besides, inventory management is simplified with detailed reports on product sales and usage. The online booking feature allows clients to book their services anytime, anywhere.

The Pros of Using Vagaro

Vagaro's strengths lie in its comprehensive range of tools catering to every need of salon and spa owners. For instance, the integrated POS system simplifies transactions while keeping accurate records. You can also create personalized marketing campaigns using client data collected by this software. Notably, it supports multiple locations, making business expansion more manageable.

Potential Limitations

No solution is perfect though. Some users have reported challenges with customer service response times during peak hours. Also, navigating through some advanced settings may take time for newbies but once mastered offers immense value. (User reviews).

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Vs Fresha: How Does It Stack Up?

In comparison with Fresha, both platforms share similarities like easy appointment scheduling and inventory management capabilities. However, when it comes down to specifics, Vagaro offers more customization options in marketing campaigns and is known for its multi-location support.

6. StyleSeat


If you're searching for a cloud-based salon and spa POS system that packs a punch, StyleSeat is worth your attention. It's designed to make managing appointments smooth sailing.

This platform lets you effortlessly manage bookings, send reminders to clients, and handle payments in one place. But there's more than meets the eye with StyleSeat.

Functionality & Advantages

The true strength of StyleSeat lies in its marketing features. The built-in promotional tools can help grow your client base like never before. The 'Featured' option puts your business front-and-center on their website and app, helping attract new customers quickly.

Potential Limitations vs Fresha

All isn't rosy though. Some users find the lack of customization limiting compared to alternatives such as Fresha. Fresha allows salons more control over their booking process – an aspect missing from StyleSeat’s offering.

  • A deeper understanding and connection with your audience.
  • A goal-oriented move-the-needle mindset behind everything you do.
  • A plan for content creation and promotion that will make it easier.

This is not to say that StyleSeat falls short completely. In fact, if ease-of-use trumps personalization for you – this could be just what the doctor ordered.

7. Boulevard


As a salon or spa owner, you might be familiar with Boulevard. But let's delve deeper into what makes it shine.

Functionalities of Boulevard

This system is quite the multi-tasker. It offers online booking and scheduling that syncs to your calendar seamlessly. You can also manage client profiles for better personalization. A unique feature? The option to automate rebooking reminders. So clients are less likely to miss appointments, saving you time and stress.

Advantages of Using Boulevard

The first perk: efficiency. By automating tasks like appointment reminders, you're freeing up more time for pampering clients. An added bonus – their customer support has rave reviews from users who have experienced firsthand how responsive they are when help is needed.

Potential Limitations of Boulevard

No system is perfect though. Some users find the pricing steep compared to alternatives such as Fresha. Others wish there were more options for reporting and inventory management within the software itself.

8. Zenoti


When you're in the market for Fresha alternatives, Zenoti deserves some praise. This salon and spa booking software has some impressive features to offer.

Zenoti Features

Zenoti provides an all-in-one business management software that helps manage every aspect of a salon or spa business. Its comprehensive tools let you take care of appointments, staff management, billing, and even marketing efforts.

The software also offers useful integrations with popular payment processors. This means smooth transactions and happy customers.

Advantages of Zenoti

The primary advantage of using Zenoti is its extensive set of functionalities designed specifically for salons and spas. With this platform on board, it becomes easier to streamline operations while improving customer service.

Besides functionality benefits, customer testimonials speak volumes about how Zenoti has helped businesses grow by simplifying processes and boosting efficiency.

Potential Limitations

No product is perfect though. While Zenoti excels in many areas, there are potential limitations too – such as learning curve challenges due to the wide range of functions available.

But, when compared with Fresha, Zenoti still shines because it's not just about booking appointments but providing an overall seamless experience from start to finish. Remember these factors when choosing your ideal salon or spa software – practicality matters more than anything else.

9. Arketa


Arketa is a newer player on the block, with features that appeal to more than just salon or spas. With its range of features and user-friendly interface, it's certainly worth a look.

Functionalities of Arketa

A major selling point for Arketa is its simplicity. It lets salon owners manage bookings and client profiles with ease. The software also helps keep track of inventory levels so you'll never run out of your best-selling products.

Besides these functionalities, the platform allows beauty salons to sell gift cards online – a feature not all competitors offer – but one that can boost revenue significantly.

The Pros & Cons Compared to Fresha

When compared against Fresha, there are clear advantages in choosing Arketa but some drawbacks as well. A big plus is that it offers SMS reminders which help reduce no-shows at your spa or salon.

  • SMS Reminders: Help remind clients about their appointments reducing last-minute cancellations or forgotten bookings.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Makes navigating through different tasks effortless – even if technology isn't your strong suit.

The downside? Unlike Fresha, which has an integrated payment system, this service doesn’t come bundled with one – meaning businesses will need to find their own solution for this crucial part of operations. But despite this drawback, many business owners find that the pros far outweigh any cons when using Arketa.

10. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling

If you're looking for a salon management system that gives more than just scheduling, Acuity Scheduling might be the answer. But how does it compare to Fresha? Let's take a closer look.

Functionality and Features of Acuity

With features like online booking, appointment reminders, and payment processing, Acuity helps make managing your hair salon a breeze. It also offers customizable forms so you can get all the information you need from clients before their appointments.

The cherry on top of Acuity is its capacity to integrate with well-known applications like QuickBooks, MailChimp and Zoom, enabling your business to run more efficiently by unifying data across platforms. This lets your business run smoother by syncing data across platforms.

Potential Limitations of Acuity

No software is perfect though. Some users have noted limitations in terms of customization options for reports or marketing emails within Acuity itself.

Compared to Fresha

In comparison to Fresha which provides free usage for basic features but charges for premium ones, all of Acuity’s plans are paid. But, they do offer comprehensive functionality even at their lowest tiered plan.

  • Fresha focuses heavily on the beauty industry while Acuity works well across different industries including health & wellness along with beauty services too.
  • A major advantage that sets apart Acuity from Fresha when compared feature-to-feature lies in its capability as an integrative tool.
  • Last but not least, both come equipped with mobile app versions making them highly convenient solutions.


As you can see, there are lots of options for alternatives to Fresha. If you’ve made it to the end of this article, we’ve been able to navigate this search with grace. You now know the ropes, from GlossGenius' user-friendly approach to Mindbody's comprehensive toolkit.

Whether it’s Square's financial savvy or Booksy's focus on beauty services, there are options aplenty! Your salon management toolbox has grown, and so have your possibilities. Vagaro? StyleSeat? Boulevard? All in your grasp.

Zenoti's all-round capabilities, Arketa's targeted features and Acuity Scheduling’s flexibility – each is an option ready for consideration. You're armed with knowledge about these platforms, and that makes choosing one of them easier than ever before!

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