17 Best Hair Salon Website Examples and Designs of 2024

As a hair salon owner, you have a lot on your plate. Maybe you’re just getting started, you have a tiny budget, and you’re super busy – so building a website might seem less important compared to the day-to-day operations of your business. However, hair salon websites are a critical component of getting people through your doors and into your salon chairs.

Having one makes you appear more professional, helps you attract local business, and gives you a chance to showcase your best work. Plus, today’s technologies have made it easier than ever to build a website in a matter of minutes, without hiring a costly web design provider.

To help inspire you to create a website of your own, we’ve put together our picks for the 17 best hair salon websites from around the web. But first, let’s talk about what makes a great hair salon website.

What Makes a Great Hair Salon Website?

Your website should be beautiful, easy to navigate, and built for conversions – so you can get more people to book appointments and return in the future. Here are a few of the elements of great hair salon website design to keep in mind.


It should be easy for potential clients to view client testimonials and images of previous client work, as well as check services and prices. If someone hasn’t been to your salon before and found you through a local search, they’ll want to know what kind of results to expect and how much it will cost.

Easy Appointment Scheduling

It should be easy for clients to book an appointment from your website without having to pick up the phone. With booking software like GlossGenius, hair salon owners can easily integrate appointment scheduling into their hair salon websites.

Mobile Responsiveness

People often search from their phones for local services, including hair salons. Therefore, your website should be responsive on mobile so people can view all of your information from any device. With GlossGenius, you can also create a mobile app for your salon business that puts the power of your website in users’ hands.

Great Photography

Hair salon websites should always have high-quality photos that show off the stylists and products in action. You want to be sure that anyone who visits your website can see the quality of your stylists’ work and the overall vibe of your salon. If they like what they see, they’ll book an appointment!

Easy Navigation

Consider it from the perspective of the client. You want to find the information you need as quickly as possible, without getting lost in the process. You might be tempted to make your site’s navigation complicated. But that can actually harm your bookings rates by making your site seem overwhelming or too technical.

Instead, focus on simplicity. You should always have a clear navigation bar with a booking link at the top of every page on your site, or at least have links to it clearly displayed somewhere on each page. If your clients can’t find their way around easily, they’ll quickly become frustrated and leave your website in favor of one that’s easier to use and navigate.

17 Best Hair Salon Website Examples for Design Inspiration

Here are our top picks for the best hair salon websites:

  1. thp hair
  2. Z-Hair Studio
  3. Heritage 1933
  4. The Do Cut and Color
  5. Albrecht’s
  6. The Clip Joint Salon
  7. Ginger & Maude
  8. Lavish Salon
  9. Hårimperiet
  11. Wise Men Barbers
  12. Verde Salon
  13. Jersey Cuts
  14. All Dolled Up
  15. Love, Dunette
  16. Mèche Salon
  17. Society

Alright, let's take a look at each one.

1. thp hair

thp hair

The neutral tones and simple aesthetic of thp hair’s website draw people in and encourage them to keep scrolling. A simple menu at the top includes information on services, details about the salon, and contact information. Meanwhile, a booking link takes website visitors to an appointment scheduling page where they can select their desired service, hair stylist, and date.

The site also includes client testimonials and pulls in images from the salon’s social media and Instagram page, where people can see more examples of stylists’ work. The site includes a call to action to join the mailing list, helping the salon continue their marketing efforts beyond the website.

2. Z-Hair Studio

Z hair studio

Powered by GlossGenius, Z-Hair Studio’s website features a simple black-and-white design with a prominent “Book Now” button front and center. When you tap on that button, you’ll see a menu of services that includes a consultation; haircut and beard sculpt; men’s haircut, shampoo, and style; and special occasion services – all with pricing.

At the top of the website, there’s a link to a portfolio that lets the stylists’ work speak for itself. The About page is compelling, with dozens of five-star reviews from happy clients, plus information on salon hours and the cancellation policy.

3. Heritage1933

Heritage1933 salon

Heritage1933 is an online shop aimed at redefining beauty standards by celebrating natural beauty and transforming lives in their local community. Every purchase supports hair care for women in children living in shelters in St. Louis, Missouri. From hair care and skincare to lifestyle products such as candles, Heritage1933 has a minimalist, easy-to-navigate online store.

The site also includes a monthly membership option that gives members access to exclusive perks and discounts. Any company that has invested in social responsibility, like Heritage1933, should browse this website for design inspiration. Pay special attention to the About page, where you’ll find an owner profile, a video, and details on the company’s mission and values.

4. The Do Cut and Color

The Do Cut and Color

Visit The Do Cut and Color’s website, and you’ll immediately see an eye-catching homepage slider menu with a call to action button to book an appointment right underneath. The easy-to-navigate design gets you wherever you need to be, whether you want to explore the beauty salon’s services, view client work, or view press mentions. The salon’s phone number, email address, and social links are at the top of every page, so no matter where you are on the website, you can get in touch.

5. Albrecht’s

Albrecht's salon

Albrecht’s is a family-owned business that’s been in operation for 40 years, and the website proudly displays the salon’s history. Nostalgic photos from the ’80s through the modern day hint at the decades of high-quality hair care.

The site’s prominent booking button and contact information make it easy to schedule an appointment; meanwhile, the services menu lists the range of services with prices. Simple yet effective, Albrecht’s earns its spot on our list of the best hair salon websites.

6. The Clip Joint Salon

The Clip Joint Salon

Modern, eclectic, and timeless – those are the three words you see at the top of The Clip Joint’s website, and they couldn’t be more apropos. Splashes of color mixed with easy navigation make the site a top contender on our list. The booking button at the top enables quick appointment setting, while the services menu with pricing clearly explains what to expect with each service. One of the most impressive sections of the site is the page featuring stylists. Stunning photography puts a face to the names and showcases the people behind the brand.

7. Ginger & Maude

Ginger & Maude salon

“We don’t just love hair – we love people” is the tagline on Ginger & Maude’s website, and the site certainly has a welcoming vibe. The brand focuses on supporting inclusion in a supportive environment where customers, employees, and the community as a whole can gather for all their hair beautifying needs.

The salon has four locations, which they’ve listed along with a booking button to help clients easily select their desired salon location, date, and time. As Ginger & Maude is also a franchise, the site includes information on becoming a salon owner and helping to carry on the brand’s mission and vision.

8. Lavish Salon

Lavish Salon

The first thing you’ll see on Lavish Salon’s website is a popup box inviting users to save 10% on their first hair care purchase when they join the email list. This is a smart way to capture users’ contact information for marketing purposes. The top navigation makes it easy for clients to get wherever they want to go, from booking appointments and exploring the Lookbook to shopping the online store. Not your average salon, Lavish Salon focuses on nontoxic hair care and recycling 95% of its waste. It’s a luxury experience with an eye toward sustainability, and the site makes the two worlds coexist.

9. Hårimperiet


The Hårimperiet hair salon website is written in Swedish, but you can also translate the site to English from your browser if you want to read its content. Otherwise, you can simply appreciate the site’s design aesthetic. Bold visuals and a front-and-center booking button encourage people to take action, while stylist profiles and easy navigation of services help you get a feel for the salon’s offerings. Another great feature of the site is the map included on the homepage, helping customers find the location with ease.


Studio 27 salon

“Great hair doesn’t happen by chance – it happens by appointment.” Enough said. Visit the STUDIO 27 SALON website, and you’ll easily find an online booking button to schedule your appointment for a hair trim, shampoo and blow dry, color treatment, braiding or other services. Clients trust the salon’s expert stylists with their precious locks, as the salon specializes in black hair care. The site’s simple black-and-white design and photos, along with clear top-bar navigation, make the site easy to get around.

11. Wise Men Barbers

Wise Men Barbers

Wise Men Barbers also has a prominent booking button on the homepage that lets users self-schedule. A clean-looking logo, simple text, and a services menu with pricing make it easy for visitors to see what the salon has to offer. The site invites people with all kinds of hair to book an appointment – making anyone feel prestigious and attractive. If you’re a barbershop looking to build a booking website, this is one you should definitely check out.

12. Verde Salon

Verde Salon

Verde Salon features its current promotions above the fold on its stunning website, with alluring photos and bold text that displays the salon’s philosophy. The salon focuses on ethically sourced products and continuing education for its team, allowing them to exceed guests’ expectations. Scroll through the homepage, and it feels like you’re there in the salon, enjoying a full range of hair care services. It’s easy to book an appointment from the top-bar navigation or the booking button, so clients can get in and get loved on by the Verde team.

13. Studio Uptown

Studio Uptown

Another GlossGenius website, Studio Uptown has a booking button above the fold that serves as the primary focus of the simple website. Tap on the Services link to view available services with prices for this individual stylist, Karyl Valdez, and link over to the main Studio Uptown website. This is a smart strategy for stylists who want to stand out from their salon’s primary website and build a brand for themselves.

GlossGenius makes it easy to build a site that showcases your work and helps you build your clientele. To learn more about this site, see our case study.

14. All Dolled Up

All dolled up

The All Dolled Up salon is a beauty and bridal boutique, and the website quickly draws in brides to be along with their bridal parties. When clients want to get beautiful for their special day, they turn to All Dolled Up for all their hair care needs, from cutting and coloring to up-do styles. The frequently asked questions are a nice touch, touching on common questions like “How much will it cost to lighten my hair?” and “Is it all one set price?” With lots of white space, gorgeous gallery photos, and clearly written content, All Dolled up is a natural fit for our list of the best hair salon websites.

15. Love, Dunette

love dunette

Love, Dunette is another hair salon website with beautiful photography and animations, bold fonts, and clear navigation. Its colorful booking button, services menu, and top-bar menu help clients easily navigate the site. We like the “new guests” page, where new clients get all the details on how to choose a stylist that will work for them. The site is clean and alluring – definitely worthy of a spot on our best hair salon websites list.

16. Mèche Salon

Meche Salon

Bold photography, large fonts, and a prominent booking button make the Mèche Salon website a winner. The slider menu of stylists on the homepage makes it easy for clients to view stylist profiles and choose a team member to suit their needs. The site also includes a blog, something any hair salon should consider incorporating to help with search engine optimization and establish itself as a thought leader. We also like the links over to social pages – a must for any hair salon.

17. Society


Society features client testimonials front and center, along with a booking button right that’s accessible from any page on the website. Simple, clean, black-and-white design with pops of photography brings the site to life. The site also includes a blog with engaging topics like “4 Ways to Ease the Transition to Gray Hair” and “Purple Shampoo: The Secret to Brass-Free Hair.” The navigation at both the top and bottom are great ways to ease the navigation process.


In this article, we’ve offered a quick look at 17 examples of excellent hair salon websites. By looking at the big picture and closely analyzing the individual website elements – including photography, typography, colors and fonts, navigation, cop, layout, functionality, and usability – you can create an effective hair salon website of your own.

And while keeping up with cutting-edge, mobile-friendly designs like these can be a challenge, GlossGenius is here to make things simpler. Luckily, you can use our solutions to create your own incredible online presence. With GlossGenius’ website builder and intuitive app, creating a trendy, functional beauty salon website has never been easier. With our help, you can increase bookings, improve the client experience, and take your hair salon business to new levels.

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