How to Publish a Stunning Booking Site in 90 Seconds

If you’re running a business in the 21st century, you’ve got to have a website. Even as much as we love social media and as great as it is to be listed on Google, those platforms alone aren’t enough to give your business the trifecta of branding, information, and instant bookability needed to thrive in this digital era. A website is often the first thing both potential and existing clients seek out, but even beyond first impressions, having your own site has a host of business-building benefits. Let’s take a closer look at a few.  

A booking website:

  • Drives SEO by giving search engines a legitimate place to find your business information. 
  • Helps manage existing clients because they know they have a place to go to check for the latest list of services and salon policies. 
  • Supports your work-life balance by handling admin duties that can be answered by your About section. 
  • Shows off your brand (and your staff) by giving you a platform to put all of your best work and details in one place. 
  • Builds a curated clientele by attracting clients who vibe with your brand. 

Set Up Your Booking Site 

Gone are the days when it took a team of trained designers, copywriters, and coders to build a website. Now, it’s just a matter of minutes before you can be up and running with a stunning, custom website that your clients will love. The best part? It’s included in your GlossGenius membership. To get started, open your app, head to Settings > Website, and be sure to enable permissions. From there, follow these tips to create a professional and personalized site that’ll give your digital presence a full-blown makeover.

Align Your Design

Make a grand entrance with a cover image that represents your brand, and then easily upload it to the GlossGenius app. Still fleshing out your marketing assets? GlossGenius has you covered with a library of optimized images you can use that are bound to match your vibe. Pro tip: Update your cover image during the holidays, over the summer, or during a sale or promo to keep things fresh. 

GlossGenius Gold members can also take advantage of different Website Themes, including custom color palettes, fonts, and accent colors. Choose from our Classic, Play, and Organic themes. Customize the look and feel of your digital presence and give your booking website a full face lift in just seconds.

Not ready to commit to your creation? Preview your site before hitting publish – so you can stay in full control of your brand at all times.

Show Off Your Work

From your stunning portfolio and specialized service menu to your beautiful team of providers, you’re in complete control of what you show off. When it comes to your portfolio, you can snap photos on the spot or quickly bring in some shots from your phone or tablet with the Add From Your Camera Roll option. The Services section is another place to give clients a preview of your work, though you can also choose a list format for a more detailed description. Both options are beautiful and easy for your clients to navigate. 

Give Clients A Way to Get in Touch

Whether clients have questions and concerns, or just want to tell you how awesome you are, your website should be their first avenue of access. Your about page can give them an idea of what to expect and with a contact form, you open the doors of communication making yourself more approachable to existing and future clients. (As an added bonus, this also lets you off the hook on sharing your email or cell phone number upfront.) And when you’re fully booked, clients don’t have to continuously follow up on potential openings—they can add themselves to your waitlist from your site and they’ll get an email notification that they’ve been successfully added to the queue. 

Protect Your Time & Money

No-shows and last-minute cancellations create stress and cut your profits, so it’s important to put those protective measures front and center. Your booking site gives you just the place to do so. As an extension of your About page, the GlossGenius template makes it easy to do the dirty work with a built-in placeholder for your policies on cancellations and taking deposits.

Member Sites We’re Swooning Over

The Branding Bosses

As soon as you hit the link for Polished by Neena’s salon, you immediately know that booking with this Indiana-based nail artist is about to be a good time. 

Polished by Neena booking site
Polished by Neena has great branding on her booking site.

Award-winning esthetician Lexie Choate-Bewley of Skin by Lexie has taken full advantage of the booking site customization GlossGenius offers. By tailoring her Accent Color and Website Theme, she's created a booking site that beautifully reflects her personal brand.

The About Section Aficionado

This isn’t just the spot for your hours and address, it’s the place where your client’s journey officially begins. Not only does Nautiwax give visitors a glimpse of the brand’s Brazilian inspiration, but the Yorktown, Virginia salon also lets clients know exactly how to prep for their appointments. 

Nautiwax about section
Nautiwax's booking site does a great job of setting client expectations.

The Portfolio Pros

Showcasing your work is a must, and Makeup By MC and Ana Melgar both have it down to a science. Loads of photos, clearly labeled work, and a wide variety of looks keep the services of this North Georgia artist speaking for themselves. 

Makeup by MC's comprehensive portfolio of makeup looks
Makeup by MC takes full advantage of the portfolio to show off great work for client inspo!
Ana Melgar showcases the full variety of services she offers.

The Cancellation Connoisseur 

Just because you’re laying down the law, doesn’t mean you can’t do it with kindness. The Skycandle Studio in Attleboro, Massachusetts found the sweet spot with a gentle reminder of why their policies are important.

Skycandle Stuido's cancellation policy, which is a 20% fee if the client cancels within 24 hours of their scheduled appointment
Skycandle Studio demonstrates how to protect and value both their and their clients' time.

The Service Specialist

Skin By Lexie, the California-based esthetician, has a service page that clearly outlines the treatment details, appointment length, pricing, and even suggestions for add-ons. The only thing left is for clients to smash that Select button. 

Skin by Lexie services list
Skin by Lexie has built out comprehensive services.

The Review Virtuoso 

Allyson Moore knows the power of social proof. From straight stars across the board to detailed accounts of her brow-beautifying prowess, over 140 stellar reviews don’t lie. 

5-star review from new client
Allyson Moore allows clients to share their feedback for her services.

The Team Titans

The squad at Edify Salon in Johnson City, Tennessee knows how to show off. The Our Team section lets you see all their pretty faces and impressive expertise while offering easy access to their social media and the services to boo. 

teams page for edify salon
Show off your stellar team members just like Edify Salon & Extension Bar

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