Introducing GlossGenius Themes: Organic

Introducing the easiest way to take control of your branding: GlossGenius’ Organic Website Theme. Customize the look and feel of your booking site in seconds by switching your Website Theme. Organic is a dynamic theme that gives off a serene energy, with rounded borders, soft, neutral color palettes, and curvy shapes. You and your clients will love this new look!

To access this theme, head to the GlossGenius app, tap More > Website, and select Organic

Continue to customize your website settings, content, cover image, and accent color to make Organic your own. Within minutes, carry over all your existing services, information and customizations, but with a whole new look and feel! Customizing your digital presence has never been so easy.

It’s also really easy to return to the Classic website theme. Simply go to More > Website and select Classic, and voila, it's back the way it was before!

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