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GlossGenius was made in collaboration with beauty professionals. We want to make sure that your experience with GlossGenius is as perfect as possible! Check out a few FAQ’s that other professionals have asked us about.

If your question isn’t on here, no worries! We have an even more comprehensive list of FAQs here and one of the best customer experience teams ever on call — they’re waiting and ready to answer any questions that you might have :) Shoot an email to

Getting Started

How long does it take to set up GlossGenius?

We’ve designed set up to be easy and intuitive. We can personally help you transfer your existing client and appointment information (no charge!) and we have one of the best customer experience teams on call that can help you one-on-one.

How does GlossGenius help me with my client relationships?

We help send automatic friendly client notifications that reduce no-shows and cancellations. We also help you to stay in touch and remember client details with client notes so you can rock your relationships. There are also new features coming soon like client pictures to help you keep track of clients!

How does GlossGenius help my business brand?

We step up everything you do, and we make you look good in front of clients. From a beautifully designed booking site that will wow clients and make the best first impression, to an easy-to-use experience for them, and from remembering client details, to automated and personalized appointment reminders, confirmations, and thank yous. We also increase the number of reviews you get with our technology so that clients know you’re the best!

Does GlossGenius help with marketing?

You can do all marketing right from your smartphone...that’s crazy! Including sending emails and the only offering of its kind, text message marketing…We give you 100 free marketing  text messages every month to help fuel your business marketing.

How can GlossGenius save me time?

You can reclaim more time for yourself, your family, and your life with a mobile-friendly platform so you’re never tied down to your computer. No need to juggle other apps since everything is all-in-one. We also have incredibly fast checkout and booking processes that will save you time on your busiest days.

How can GlossGenius save me money?

Compared to most platforms which are overly complicated and ugly, ours costs about 25-50% less. Plus, we offer low processing rates at 2.6% so you can start saving immediately.

How can I make more money using GlossGenius?

There’s so many ways we help you make more money! Our rebooking feature help you keep clients coming back. Or text message marketing campaign is awesome – one of our stylists earned $1500 in an hour with one text message campaign.

Is there a cancellation fee or am I entitled to cancel at any time?

Are there any other fees I am unaware of if I back out? If you don't want to use the service, you can cancel at any time and there is absolutely no cancellation fee. No fees for backing out. It's just that simple.

Booking Appointments

Scared of online booking, what do I do? How do I get more control? 

We totally get that – that’s why we offer so much customization and control over your online booking! If you don’t want clients to be able to book themselves online (and you want to schedule them yourself while still getting all of the benefits of the app), there’s a setting inside Settings > Website Info > Disable Online Booking that allows you to control this. What turning this setting ON does is: clients can still visit your booking site to get more information on your business, see your services and then when they want to book you, they’ll get a cute little pop-up that tells them to contact you at your number to schedule.  

Bookings you schedule yourself still get all of the app’s benefits – clients get automatic personalized appointment reminders, confirmations, thank-yous, and birthday messages so you can save a ton of time and stay on top of it. Plus, you can still check clients out and make use of all of the other valuable functionality like reporting, analytics, client notes and management, marketing features and more. If you decide in the future that you want to accept online bookings, all you have to do is tap that setting!  

In addition, we have so many other controls you can customize to fit your business needs, like setting business hours so clients don’t book you outside of business hours, requiring cards on file so clients are held accountable for no-shows, advance booking windows required, booking during processing time, booking increments and more! To get a sense of some of these settings, head into Settings > Business Info > Booking Controls!

Is there a place for us to post pictures of our styles and services?

You're able to post pictures of your services for the service items themselves! So, when clients are viewing your services, they can actually see an image attached to that one service as an example. In the future, we may have a "gallery" where you can post more pics! :)

Payment & Checkout

Is this payment processor secure?

Absolutely! We use the gold standard for payment processing and have partnered with one of the world's leading secure and 100% PCI compliant online payment processors (the same one that many other well-known companies like Facebook, Lyft, Twitter, SquareSpace, Shopify, Pinterest, Adidas, and so many more use for their payment processing needs). So you're in good hands!

How long does it take to send deposits?

Deposits are ultra-fast and will be transferred same business-day to your bank account for next day deposit. So that means when you check out a client before 7 PM EST, payments will be transferred at midnight. Payments after 7 PM EST will be grouped with the next day’s transfer at midnight. Payments taken on Thursday after 7 PM EST - Sunday will be transferred Sunday at midnight. Once you link your bank account inside Settings > Payments & Card Reader, you're enabled for fast direct deposits.

Do you accept chip cards? What about contactless (Apple Pay, Google Pay)? 

We accept all types of cards and all major brands, even contactless! (Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Discover, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc). Get the stunning GlossGenius card reader for a fast & flawless checkout experience. You can also accept cards by scan or key-in.

Does GlossGenius offer card readers? What other ways can I process payments?

We offer the easiest-to-use and most stylish card readers in the industry. See for yourself here! Not only does it look awesome but we also offer our professionals the lowest processing fee at 2.6% and the most affordable card readers. If you have another processor you'd like to use, you can still do that (just "Mark Appointments As Paid" which will remove appointments from your queue and help you keep track of appointments you've collected payment for). However, using the built-in GlossGenius payment experience has many perks: 

  1. We give you the ability to save client's cards on file for a super seamless checkout experience!
  2. We help you to keep all of your data integrated. No need to switch between apps and keep track of everything related to your business in one place.
  3. We provide the industry’s lowest credit card processing rate (2.6% for all cards, no hidden fees, no key-in fees, no transfer fees, etc) and a super affordable card reader ($50)
  4. We provide an easy, seamless and secure checkout experience that clients will love

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