GlossGenius Isn’t Just for Beauty and Wellness Professionals...

Don’t let the name fool you, at GlossGenius we believe in empowering small businesses across all industries. Beyond beauty, our all-in-one booking app and payment system has helped a variety of independent business owners expand their empires. We never want our users to limit themselves, so why would we limit our customers?

From catering and cleaning services to tattoo artists and tarot card readers, these are some of our favorite ways that GlossGenius has been used in real-life experiences within other niche industries to help build up any entrepreneur from basic business owner to full-blown Boss.

For Dog Grooming

In the realm of beauty, sometimes it's our four-legged friends that need a makeover every now and then. Stylists for all species deserve a customized booking site that can showcase all the services they offer and before and after photos– just like any beauty professional would. Syracuse-based groomer, Amanda Coyne, uses her site to outline services, feature photos, and promote gift cards for friends who want to share a treat with all the dog moms and dads out there.

For Food Catering and Meal Preparation

Client profiles and notes will come in handy for those in the F&B service industry with lots of dietary details to keep track of. With a streamlined client profile system, nutritionists and catering teams are able to easily access all of their client notes and preferences for future events or meal preparation services so they never forget a favorite meal or forbidden ingredient.

For Cleaning Services

A tidy way to keep services streamlined is a must for those in this industry, and while cleaning pros will appreciate the ultra-organized GlossGenius interface, clients will find the booking options a breeze. Homeowners can book by “stylist” (or in this case cleaner) or book by service, so they can welcome back a housekeeper who is familiar with their home or they can quickly book the next available cleaner for a last-minute tidy up after finding out the in-laws will be in town.

For Tattoo Artistry 

Tattoo artist, Ariel Fender, uses GlossGenius to share her stellar 5-star reviews and whimsical watercolor inkwork online. A strong portfolio is key for tattoo artists and a customizable website offers the perfect platform to show off masterpieces made of ink. With an emphasis on aesthetics, the ability to book directly through Instagram will be especially appealing to these artists and their audiences. And with automated emails or SMS messages, tattoo artists can also seamlessly follow up with clients to remind them of their pre- and post-care instructions.

For Photography

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this platform will be worth a million – to photographers at least. Built to exponentially grow businesses that are based on visual artistry, GlossGenius makes it simple for photographers to easily manage photo packages, send clients reminders of their session, and follow up with updates on when their final photos will be available. Saving so much time on the admin allows photographers to focus on their craft behind the camera.

For Chocolatiers

Chocolatiers and bakers of all mediums will find their sweet spot with GlossGenius’s easy-to-use product and inventory management. With the Products function, you’ll have at-a-glance access to the pieces you’ve sold, what your cost is to produce them, and how many you have in inventory before it’s time to order ingredients or make more.

For Tarot Reading

With spiritual readers, a sense of engagement with your clients is essential to building trust and keeping clients coming back for more of your infinite guidance. Create a deeper connection with your audience by utilizing GlossGenius’s social templates and the GlossUp communication features to share daily messages of inspiration or tailored recaps after each reading. 

For a Recording Studio

With the ability to deeply control calendars and create teams, recording studios can seamlessly book multiple sessions across various recording rooms to easily accommodate multiple sessions. Studio hours can be scheduled without a hitch with calendar syncing, team calendars, and custom hours.

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