Best Scheduling App to Sync Multiple Calendars

Growing your team is an exciting part of building your business, but expanding an empire can come with complications if you don’t have the right technology on your side. As an independent salon owner, managing more people means tracking and managing their time, as well as your own; to stay sane while doing so, the best bet is to use a streamlined, smart scheduling app.

What do you look for in a scheduling app? Read on as we explore some of the key features to seek when keeping your schedule straight.

Calendar Sync

When it comes to our lives, we’re often living by two timelines – one for work and one for our personal life. With the right app, you can balance both and easily access the commitments on your salon’s schedule and your social calendar without having to flip back and forth between apps or planners.

First, look for an app where you can sync calendar events from your personal calendar. This is ultra-convenient when scheduling clients because it brings in other events from your life so you see them in one place. That way, you can avoid booking times that you had pre-existing commitments for.

Second, you’ll want the ability to sync calendar events from your salon schedule to your personal calendar – this means that your work-related appointments will show up on Outlook, Google Calendar, or iCal. This is a great option for sharing your busy schedule with others – like family or staff members, etc. to make coordinating life outside the salon easier.

Teams Feature

In order to easily manage multiple calendars, you’ll need access to add team members and manage combined calendars in a few clicks. Be on the lookout for filtering options that will enable you to view your schedule, view the schedules of other team members, or get a bird’s eye view of your whole salon’s schedule – giving you full visibility of who’s available on any given day.

With deeply customizable permissions, you can also allow different levels of access to your time for each member of your team. With GlossGenius, there are three tiers of accessibility that can be toggled on or off for each individual member of your team:

View & Edit: Enables the ability to view and edit their own calendar and others. 

View Only: Only able to view calendars. 

None: Cannot view or edit calendars (appointments or unavailability).

These options can be applied to your team's access to your calendar as well.

Client Scheduling Options

With a streamlined scheduling app, you can also offer more options to your salon’s clientele. You should be able to quickly access or activate who is available for walk-in appointments and give clients more flexibility when booking ahead online.

With GlossGenius, clients will have the option to book by stylist and easily confirm their favorite service provider based on their availability, or book by service and conveniently lock in their appointment with whoever is qualified and available at the client’s desired time. 

Enabling all of these calendar features is easy with GlossGenius and you can get synced up in a matter of minutes.

To set up calendar syncing: Settings > Personal > My Preferences > Two-Way Calendar Sync

To set up shared calendars: Settings > My Squad > Manage Team and Permissions > select team member> Change Roles & Permissions > Calendar

If you’re looking for a one-stop solution to get your team on the same page, sign up here for a free 14-day trial of GlossGenius today.

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