Keep an Efficient Schedule and Avoid Burnout with Gap Time

Ever need a break in between a ton of client appointments but don't want to keep your next client waiting? Blocking transition time in between client appointments is a common tactic for beauty pros to balance their workload, but doing this can be really tricky.

If you bake it into the client’s service time, they might expect their appointment to take up the full time and feel disappointed when their appointment is shorter than scheduled. On the other hand, not blocking transition time can leave you scrambling to clean your station, put away equipment, eat lunch, or even run to the restroom while your next client waits.

That’s why GlossGenius is launching a new Gap Time capability, to help you manage your schedule and keep your clients happy. With gap time built in, you can now customize the length of gaps between your appointments to allow you time to reset and reorganize between services. We know your time is valuable – your time is literally money! – and gap time helps you stay on track to deliver the best client experience.

Time to Reset Between Clients

Depending on the service you provide and your working style, you may need clean-up time in between sessions or buffer time in case appointments run over – we want to help you work best however you work!

  • Use GlossGenius’ Gap Time feature to set 10 minutes after a wax appointment so you can sanitize the room and prep fresh supplies for the next client.
  • Give yourself 20 minutes after a full highlight, cut, and style appointment so you can sweep up your station, put supplies away, or even rest your legs for a minute.
  • You could even set enough time after a large tattoo session to grab some food and run an errand before your next session!

The amount of time you set is customizable by the service you’re offering – so you can make your gap time a universal amount between every appointment, or give yourself a longer break after a longer service.

When you have time to reorganize and relax a bit between your client appointments, you’ll feel more energized for your next appointments, and clients will be thrilled that they don’t have to wait for you to finish cleaning up, or get started in a messy work station.

How to Use Gap Time

Gap time couldn’t be easier to enable for your services. Here’s how you turn on gap time to start reaping the benefits immediately:

  • Go to Settings > Services 
  • Select the service you’d like to add gap time for 
  • Tap Total Duration and toggle on Block Time After
  • Tap Time After Appointment and choose your desired gap time
  • Hit Back twice and save your service!

Gap time is completely customizable for each of your features, available in increments of five minutes up to two hours.

Gap Time vs. Processing Time

You may have already used GlossGenius’ Processing Time feature to get a better handle of your schedule – gap time is similar in the way you set it up, but it’s different in a couple of ways. Processing time gets baked into the total duration of your appointment, so it will count towards the service time that gets blocked on your calendar and your client will see the total duration time in their appointment confirmation and reminders.

Gap time, on the other hand, reflects separately in your calendar only, so the client won’t see it – this will avoid any confusion about the duration of the appointment – but other clients won’t be able to book you during that time!

Take Control of Your Schedule

Being a beauty and wellness pro typically means you’re working long hours to make yourself available to all of your clients at their convenience. But working long hours doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a break to rest and reset, clean up and prep, or take care of any errands that need doing over the course of the day. Use our new Gap Time feature to take more control over your schedule, prevent burnout, improve your work-life balance, and ultimately, provide a better experience for your clients!

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