Stunning Card Readers: An Ultra-Professional Point of Sale to Express Your Unique Style

Since we’re all in the beauty business here, we know you understand how important it is to build and maintain your brand. But when it comes to salon point of sale systems, you’re often stuck with a “choice” between boring black or plain white – everybody has the same one. 

GlossGenius offers the only card readers that come in vibrant patterns and beautiful designs, so you can offer a checkout experience customized to your brand, with fun and flair that delights you and your clients.

In 2022, members who used GlossGenius card readers processed an average of ~80% more in payments than businesses without.

If you haven’t had a chance to fall in love with our beautiful card readers yet, read on to learn why you should use them at checkout and the numerous benefits of accepting payments with GlossGenius.

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GlossGenius Point of Sale Card Reader – Get Rich or Dye Tryin'

Why Use a Card Reader at Your Salon

The checkout process is your moment to make a final impression on your clients before they walk out the door. It also precedes two important opportunities that boost your business confidence – clients leaving a tip and your chance to rebook them for their next appointment.

Instead of settling for the cookie-cutter, black or white card readers your clients encounter everywhere, why not make every effort to create an ultra-professional checkout experience that matches the level of your services?

With GlossGenius’ point of sale solutions, you can check clients out in style and seamlessly accept all major payment types with a flat fee of 2.6% (no hidden fees, ever). Clients can dip or tap any form of payment, so you can accept chip cards, contactless (NFC) cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay – any time, anywhere.

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The GlossGenius card reader is fully EMV-compliant, so it can protect your business against chargebacks and fraud, saving you time and money by reducing payments disputes.

GlossGenius Point of Sale Card Reader – Hear Me Roar

You want your salon experience to look and feel professional from start to finish. Start strong with a free custom booking site and end on a high note with the only card reader that gives your salon a completely polished, fully customized look and feel that will wow your clients.

Choose from a range of designer-approved patterns, beautiful designs, and vibrant colors.

GlossGenius Point of Sale Card Reader – Make it Rain(bow)

The Benefits of Checking Clients Out with GlossGenius

Once you realize you need a card reader, it's time to decide which one is right for you. Our stunning card readers are exclusive to GlossGenius users and fully integrate with our all-in-one booking and payments system – providing beauty pros and teams with a complete toolkit for salon management success.

In addition to all of the reasons you’ll love using GlossGenius, when you combine it with these payment processing features, you’ll never look back:

Lowest fees: Transparency is key and we never hit you with hidden fees. GlossGenius’ payment processing fee is one of the lowest in the market – that’s 2.6% across all payment methods, whether you’re using your card reader or Tap to Pay on iPhone, accessing a card on file, or processing a keyed-in transaction.

Seamless checkout experience: Accept all major payment types, quickly and easily, without having to hassle with key-in or manual entry. Further, when you check clients out through GlossGenius, our platform automates two key touchpoints in the process: After selecting their form of payment, clients are prompted to tip you and then quickly directed to the rebooking option as part of the checkout flow.

Fully integrated features: With GlossGenius, you don’t need separate systems to run your salon or spa. Accept bookings, process payments, control your calendar, market your business, track key metrics, and manage your inventory all from your phone.

Effortless taxes: Processing payments through GlossGenius makes tax time a breeze, seriously. We simply send you a 1099 tax form based on what you've checked out through the app. Then you’ll have the option to send that and/or your income and expense reports directly to your tax professional. It's really that easy.

Simplified analytics: Our built-in analytics make tracking your growth effortless. When you use our integrated booking and payments system, you also have access to a number of easy-to-read salon business reports that you can pull in seconds.

Easy expansion: When you’re ready to grow, you can add your staff as additional users. You can have all payments sent directly to your bank account and our Team Member reports keep track of their service and product sales to make payday seamless.

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