7 Reasons Why Stylists LOVE GlossGenius

As you know, working in the beauty industry is hard. Hairdressing superstar Ted Gibson confessed to Salon Digest that he wishes he’d been told that before he ever took the plunge. He learned early on that “the business of beauty is cutthroat and you have to have thick skin to be in this business...it’s not only about the hair…” It involves creativity, diligence, and skills ranging from techniques to building relationships. In short, people like you are pretty amazing, but when you throw in having to manage the business side of it all, too, you need more time to focus on your art and clients.
With the GlossGenius app, you can!

This one-of-a-kind platform has won over stylists and top salon suites by storm. For people who own and manage a salon, work at one, or rent a booth, this all-in-one app has changed their lives. Whether it’s helping them make thousands of dollars, spice up their social media presence, or ensure no-shows are at all-time lows, this app has it all! Just hear about what these #MomBosses had to say to Modern Salon about how much better balancing their love for work and family was after transitioning to the GlossGenius system for their salon suite.

Don’t just take our word for it! In this article, we’ll lay out what users, reviewers, and others have found to be the seven best aspects of GlossGenius. Based on feedback and comments, here are the features that have made beauty professionals the world over happier every day...

1. The Most Incredible Customer Service

While most apps these days have a support team, there are few as supportive as the one at GlossGenius! Not only are real people available to answer questions, but for new users, they’ll transfer all of your data for you. Yup, you read that right. Whether you’re transitioning from an old software solution or even good old pen and paper, GlossGenius’s White Glove Service handle sits all. They’ll personally transfer client notes, client formulas, client contact info, and everything else to get you ready to use the app!

2. Made By & For the Beauty Industry

Created specifically for stylists, barbers, and beauty professionals, GlossGenius is for people with a special eye for what looks good. It’s made for beauty. That’s why its developers have designed sleek booking websites for you to customize. You can show off your best services and fill your schedule, all while keeping your brand and image your own. Outshining your nearby competitors has never been easier! Add: processing time, online booking controls, advanced notice requirements, cancellation windows, and a color coding schedule, just to name a few.

3. Hands Down the Most Affordable Solution

Don’t you hate it when something seems like a deal but really isn’t? Everyone we heard from does, too. That’s why GlossGenius offers its premium service for only $24/month with no hidden fees! Taking credit and debit payments through GlossGenius has saved salon owners and private professionals hundreds of dollars on payment processing fees. With the industry’s lowest processing rate at a flat 2.6%, free same-day transfers, and chargeback protection, GlossGenius definitely leads the pack when it comes to putting you first.

If that doesn’t seem fantastic enough, their new referral program offers $30 visa cards for every friend you start on the service. Whether you use that money to pay for your own subscription or a little fun, it no doubt beats what the competitors have to offer.

4. Marketing. That. Works.

Staying up-to-date in the high-tech world of today is exhausting. That’s why GlossGenius takes the burden off your shoulders. Giving you access to the marketing tools that big companies use to reach millions of people, GlossGenius puts at your fingertips mass text blasts, email campaigns, social media templates, and so much more. You can turn those Insta followers into insta-clients with just a few taps!

5. Easy-To-Read Reports

Staying on top of your earnings, expenditures, and everything to do with numbers is intuitive and easy with analytics powered by GlossGenius. The app takes the most important numbers for your business and makes them easy to understand. You can break down and view your earnings and sales, purchases, appointments, sales taxes, and marketing campaigns easier than ever!

6. Keeps Track of All the Details

We all know how important it is to build and maintain positive client relationships. A big part of that is making every client feel special and every visit precious. GlossGenius helps you “wow” clients through note sections, birthday texts, client portfolios with photos of previous visits, appointment reminders, and reviews.

7. So Much More... All in the Palm of Your Hand

You’re on your feet almost all day, which is why GlossGenius puts everything you need to run your business at your fingertips. Loaded with so many other features and even more on the way, GlossGenius is designed with your needs, your clients, and your business in mind.

On the Whole...

Whether you do hair, makeup, skin, or nails, we know that there is so much to think about when it comes to your business and everything that happens behind the scenes. Make more time to do what you love, and we’ll take care of the rest.

So, what are you waiting for? Create an account, and stay on the cutting edge of beauty by signing up for GlossGenius now!



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