Building Your Brand: Shannon McCarthy

A beautifully designed  personal booking website goes a long way. It’s one of the first impressions that potential clients have of you. That’s why we designed an elegant, professional booking site to help you impress clients. Professionals customize their site with creative content like a background picture, photos of their work, a personal bio, info about their business, etc.

We’ve seen so many STUNNING booking sites that GlossGenius professionals have created to step up their business brand and we’re featuring them so we can share them with you.

Our Personal Site of this Week is Shannon McCarthy’s.

Shannon is a hair design genius. Her keen eye for balance, color, and style is rooted in her theatrical design degree from the University of Wisconsin and extensive experience as a photographer, jewelry maker, body painter, and costumer. She’s the owner and stylist of Studio Flourish, and prides in giving each client modern cuts and colors that are unique to their own lives and personal styles. Shannon’s creative and inclusive approach to beauty is what makes her a natural #GlossBoss.

Here’s why Shannon McCarthy’s website is fantastic:

1. Harmonious Front Page Photo

It’s captivating: The colors and symmetry in the flowers are stunning, just like Shannon’s designs.

It’s consistent: The flowers in the photo are thriving beautifully, reflecting the name of Shannon’s salon: Studio Flourish

2. Sleek & Organized Services

Shannon divided her extensive list of services into three categories: Haircut, color, and styling. Classifying her services gives her clients a streamlined way to find the ones they want when booking an appointment.

Shannon’s chosen not to include images for services, focusing on revealing the harmonious background image beneath it.

3. Cancellation Policy Up Front

Shannon has displayed her cancellation policy clearly on her site, so that there’s no confusion over payments if a client needs to cancel.

4. In-Depth “About” Page

Shannon knows that hairstyles are a personal investment, so she’s made sure clients get a chance to know her through the detailed “About” section of her website. This way, she’s able to make a great introduction directly through her website!

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