Building on 2022 Wins to Succeed in 2023

The new year offers an opportunity to look forward to new goals and achievements, and we’ve been putting together some incredible plans to make GlossGenius even better in 2023. But our best path forward is to look at what we’ve already accomplished together and build on it. So join us as we revisit how you, our fearless community, have helped us build the booking and payments app that makes beauty and wellness pros successful.

You Protected Yourself from No-Shows and Cancellations

You put your heart and soul into making your clients feel special and look fabulous, so last-minute cancellations and no-shows are super frustrating. They’re also costly. Some estimates indicate as many as 10% of appointments are missed – meaning beauty and wellness pros lose an average of $6,000 or more in potential profits each year.

But not you, Boss!

This year you took back control of your books and leveraged some key new features from GlossGenius to protect your time and your money.

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You protected your profits with deposits

You deserve a clientele that takes your business seriously, and requiring deposits is one of the first, and most important, steps toward curating a clientele that cares. When we released our Deposits feature this summer, we loved watching thousands of you add deposits to your services, and together we celebrated the beginning of a new era: No more no-shows!

customer reaction to deposits

After the thrill of the new Deposits feature had settled, a few members reached out with suggestions to make deposits even better.

customer feedback for deposits

So what did we do? We took your feedback and gave you what you asked for – you can now customize your services so only new clients will be required to pay a deposit at booking!

This experience really gets at the spirit of our work: GlossGenius was built by beauty professionals, for beauty professionals. Beauty is in our DNA, and that’s why we will always take every opportunity to listen to your feedback, your challenges, and your wishlist – and do our level best to deliver a platform you can be proud of.

Waitlists helped you stay booked and busy

When a client cancels their appointment, it can throw a pretty big wrench in your schedule. Gaps between clients can be a waste of your time and cost you some take-home pay you would have had if you could have filled that gap quickly. Keeping a written backlog of clients on a waitlist can help fill these unexpected schedule gaps, but it can be a lot to maintain on top of all your other tasks… so we built it into the booking experience!

customer reaction to waitlists feature

You put your cancellation policy front and center

We love that you value and protect your time with a cancellation policy, and we want to make sure your clients respect it – and that starts with a simple acknowledgement. You can now optionally require that your clients acknowledge and accept your cancellation policy when they book appointments on your booking site. No more “Oh, I didn’t see it.” excuses in your salon!

customer reaction to cancellation policy feature

You Grew Your Community With Referrals

Gone are the bad ol’ days of catty co-workers and salon wars. Collaboration wins over competition, and there’s no better way to help a fellow beauty pro than sharing tech that helps them run and grow their business.

You deserve major kudos – on top of juggling your job and all of your clients, you managed to share GlossGenius with other pros and grow your community by more than 16,000 members!

customer referrals post

We love to see it, and that’s why we rewarded you and your referrals with free processing on $1,000 of payments for every activated referral! Get your bag, Boss!

You Made Client Checkouts Even Easier

Your time is valuable, and so is your clients’ time! Once you’ve completed a service, we know you want to provide an efficient and enjoyable checkout experience to wrap up their appointment. This year, we introduced a few new features to make your client checkouts faster and easier than ever.

You accepted contactless payments with Tap to Pay on iPhone

Our community loves being on-trend, and we took that to the next level this summer when we became the first booking and payments system in the industry to support contactless payments. Members across the country started taking client payments straight from their phones with Tap to Pay on iPhone with GlossGenius.

You stepped up your game with beautiful card readers

Since we’re all in the beauty business here, we know you understand how important it is to build and maintain your brand. But when it comes to salon point-of-sale hardware, most beauty pros are stuck using boring black or plain white card readers.

But we’ve got your back! Our community asked for sleek, stunning card readers that could integrate directly with the GlossGenius app, and we were happy to oblige. We’re now your exclusive source for beautiful, vibrant card readers that come in a variety of patterns and designs, so you can customize your checkouts to your brand.

Look, how pretty!

customer reaction to new glossgenius card reader

You gave your loyal clients discounts

You love providing discounts to your most valuable clients, but doing math at checkout? Who’s got time for that?! You asked us to make discounts quicker and less taxing, so we’ve upgraded them! Now you have total control – toggle between a dollar discount or a percentage discount!

customer reaction to dollar discounts feature

You Took Control of Your Schedule with Gap Time

Being a beauty or wellness pro can sometimes take a physical toll on you – you spend most of your days standing or running around a salon or studio, and a packed client book means you may not have a moment between appointments to reset, eat, or even use the restroom.

That doesn’t fly with us!

We wanted to make sure you’re taking care of yourself so you can be the best you for your clients. That’s why we gave you our new Gap Time feature.

You can customize the length of gaps between your appointments to allow you time between services. The best part? Gap time isn’t visible to your clients when they’re booking an appointment, so their appointment time will show just the time they’ll spend in the chair.

We loved seeing our GlossBosses leverage this new feature to protect their time and energy, and deliver a better experience for their clients, while managing their expectations, too.

You Got Creative with New Accent Colors

This spring, we released 16 designer-approved accent colors to beautify your booking sites. We hoped some of these new colors would jive with your unique personalities and brands, and we were blown away by your reaction. We also loved seeing your updated booking sites, customized with your own personal flair!

customer reaction to accent color feature

Having control over your brand aesthetic and presence online is important! So in 2023 you can expect to see some brand-new accent colors to choose from.

We Met on Social…

In February, we posted our first-ever TikTok. Since then, more than 500 of you have followed us – if you don’t yet, make sure you check out our fun videos and give us a follow!

We also grew our Instagram community this year by 13,000 beauty and wellness pros. We have you to thank for 60,000 followers!

More importantly, we love how engaged and helpful our growing community is, and are excited to bring more pros to the party!

… And We Met IRL

In October, the GlossGenius team behind the app convened, and we hosted an inspirational panel of GlossBosses: Nykia, Claudia, Nicole, and Gina!

It was eye-opening to hear the stories of beauty pros who are doing it all and then some with GlossGenius, every single day. We came away from that panel with so many ideas for ways to make it even easier, more effective, and more enjoyable for our customers to achieve their dreams.

One of our all-time favorite memories of 2022, however, was getting to meet so many of you at our first-ever IRL event in Miami! We enjoyed mingling with other beauty pros, posing for some fresh headshots, and absorbing all the insights we gained from our panel of GlossGenius Ambassadors sharing their experience and expertise.

We can’t wait to host more events in 2023 and meet more of you!

2022 was special, but that doesn’t mean we’re letting up on the momentum we’ve built. The progress we make, and the feedback, requests, and support you provide all help to inform our path forward, and pave the way for more fantastic features and magic moments to come.

Let's do this!

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