Give $30 and Get $30 with GlossGenius Referrals!

Becoming a beauty pro is about so much more than servicing clients and selling products that make people feel good. It’s about becoming part of a community that supports its members and thrives on collective success. As a GlossBoss, we know you love the GlossGenius app, but more than that, we know you love to see fellow professionals embrace being their own boss.

You know firsthand how much easier GlossGenius makes your life as an entrepreneur, so why not tell everyone you know about GlossGenius and earn financial, educational, and product perks for doing so? We’ve recently upgraded our referral program with exciting new incentives that aim to bring you even more rewards and help you invest back into your business. In classic GlossGenius fashion, you’re only a few taps away!

Here are the basics of our upgraded referral program:

  1. First, share your referral link or code via text, email, or social media with any fellow beauty and wellness pros who should use GlossGenius for their business – all of them, right?
  2. For each friend who becomes a GlossGenius subscriber after their free trial, you’ll receive $30 credit towards your subscription … and so will they!
  3. After three of your referrals activate, and if you’ve used GlossGenius for at least three months, you’ll qualify for an invite to our GlossGenius Community, with exclusive access to VIP perks, networking opportunities, and more.

Still have questions? Check out the answers below and you’ll be a referral pro in no time.

How Do I Invite My Fellow Industry Friends to GlossGenius?

We’re in the business of making business easy, and our referral system is as simple as it gets. We’ve provided four easy ways to invite your friends and fellow beauty professionals to GlossGenius, so there’s always an option to suit your style or situation.

  1. Copy your sharing link. When you copy your sharing link, you can paste it into any conversation or text that works for you – shoot it to your friends in the chat over a Zoom happy hour or slide into your friends' DMs. To get your custom referral link inside of the app, head to More > Referrals and copy your link.
  2. Share on social media. Spread the love to all of your industry followers when you use our pre-populated templates. It’s easier than ever to share GlossGenius with your social communities, whether posting an Instagram Story or sharing your referral code within a Facebook group of fellow beauty and wellness professionals. Have a look at our blog post for a peek at some of the social templates available to share your referral code with your community.
  3. Share by text. Many of us spend our days communicating via text, and it’s a great way to make an easy and informal referral. In the GlossGenius app, head to More > Referrals > Send Invites to Earn > Share via Text and select your contact. This will open a pre-written text message with your sharing link that you can customize or send as is.
  4. Share by email. If you know someone whose to-do list is glued to their inbox, keep it profesh and share your referral code by email so you know they won’t miss it. Our “Share by Email” feature populates a turn-key message in your drafts so all you have to do is hit send. To check it out, visit More > Referrals > Send Invites to Earn > Share via Email in the app.

Who Should I Invite & Why?

A big part of being a beauty boss is creating a sense of community. It’s important to your growth and your position as a leader to support other small business owners in their journey – even those outside of the beauty and wellness industries. Sharing GlossGenius means empowering other service-oriented professionals with the tools to become an entrepreneur, so invite anyone and everyone who’s looking to take the next step in building their own empire.

A few common invitees might include other professionals in your salon suite, connections within beauty or wellness-related networking groups you’ve joined, and folks looking to make the switch from other software or – gasp! – pen and paper. And don’t forget the beauty pros that you visit as a client. Next time you’re in the pedicure chair or on the massage table with your favorite tech or therapist, share the gift of GlossGenius with them as a bonus gratuity.

If you’re just getting started and haven’t yet built up your own circle of industry friends, you don’t have to feel like you don’t know anyone to refer to. As business owners in a creative industry like beauty, we invite you to think outside the box and expand the scope of who your network might include. While GlossGenius was created with beauty and wellness in mind, entrepreneurs across a variety of industries have jumped onboard, from tattoo artists to dog groomers.

In addition to encouraging you to build community, we’re also looking out for your bottom line. As you expand your network of referrals, you’re essentially investing back into your business because with each referral who makes the switch, you’ll save more money – and so will they.

Tips for Referring Other Beauty Pros

When you’re chatting with industry friends, it’s likely that the challenges of everyday life as a business owner inevitably arise. It’s also common to rave about products, tricks, and techniques that you’ve recently discovered, right?

When suggesting a friend try GlossGenius, remind yourself that you’re simply sharing something you love in the hopes that it will make the life of yet another beauty boss a lot easier. If it helps, think about a specific issue your peers have vented about in the past and use it as an opportunity to let them know you were thinking of them. Strike up a conversation that feels natural and authentic to you and your friends.

For example, if tax time is around the corner and your beauty biz BFF has told you how much they dread doing their taxes, reach out with a simple text saying:

“Hey! I remember you mentioned you were having a tough time keeping your biz reports organized and I thought of you today while I was reviewing my expense report. GlossGenius has made tax time such a breeze for me, it’s life-changing. You have to check it out!”

Don't forget to mention they can try GlossGenius with a free trial (no credit card required) and get $30 when they use your referral code. It’s a win-win!

Remember, there are reasons YOU switched to GlossGenius and the strongest social proof you can share is your personal story. Share your own experiences about life before and after using the app and they’ll surely be persuaded. Plus, we’re confident in how we compare against competitors with every feature – from cost and functionality to usability and presentation – so if your story still doesn’t compel them, this will.

They Signed Up! Now What?

Once your invitee has signed up for the trial, make an effort to support them during and after the trial period. Offer to hop on the phone or meet up for coffee to walk your friend through the app. Take them through some of the common scenarios they might encounter on a day-to-day basis and share real-life experiences where GlossGenius has benefited your business. Be sure to show them all of your favorite features or some of the lesser-known hacks (like adding your accountant to Teams for an easier-than-ever tax season or taking inventory in seconds with the Products tracker).

Because we know how busy you are and that it's sometimes impossible to keep up with everything, we’ve also integrated a track-and-remind dashboard into our referral program. In the referrals section of the app (Referrals > Track My Earnings), you’ll be able to track your earnings from referrals, see how many referrals have activated their accounts, and see who it’s time to follow up with. You’ll also be able to send an auto-populated email or text to anyone you have referred to give them a friendly nudge to sign up for their GlossGenius free trial (no credit card required!)!

Get inspired by some creative ideas on how other GlossGenius members made $$$ from our referral program by reading this post and get ready to start racking in referral rewards that will help you grow your business!

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