How These Beauty Pros Made Hundreds With the GlossGenius Referral Program

Are you looking for ways to make some extra cash for yourself or your business? GlossGenius’s referral program not only rewards you in GlossGenius credit, but also gives you the opportunity to build community in beauty! With every GlossGenius professional you refer, you’ll get $30 cash to your account and so will they!

Some of you have asked us about how to refer other professionals, so we chatted with four GlossGenius salon owners who shared some super helpful tips on how to make referring easy, simple, and fun. 

1. Connect With Your Professional Neighbors

Whether you are in a booth rental or your own salon suite, you can connect with other beauty professionals around you about your experience with GlossGenius. Many members love sharing how GlossGenius features have impacted their businesses. Ashley, an independent hairstylist who’s earned $690 with the GlossGenius Referral Program in the past year, says she usually uses a very casual approach to her colleagues in the break room and that a simple question such as “Have you tried GlossGenius yet? It does all the work for you!” usually sparks interest. Also, she notes that posting consistently about GlossGenius features on her Instagram stories is also very helpful with making referrals. Her advice is to talk to other professionals just as you would with a friend!

“I told my colleagues that GlossGenius is your assistant, your receptionist, all wrapped in one!” –Ashley White

2. Talk About It & Share It in Facebook Groups

Whitney, who’s made $900 with the GlossGenius referral program in 3 months alone, joined GlossGenius through the referral program herself and now uses Facebook Groups to make referrals and has made many through them! She joined Facebook groups for independent hairstylists and beauty professionals in salon suites and has a template for posts and comments she uses to talk with members so she can refer professionals in just a few taps. Whitney shares her referral code whenever professionals ask about software and has her copy and paste process set in place for easy referring! If sharing online is easier and more convenient for you, start by joining Facebook Groups that are related to your industry!

“I just set aside 10 minutes of my time every morning, uploaded posts, and made comments with my referral code! It was honestly super easy!” – Whitney Burkhart

3. Lead a Facebook Group Yourself!

There is also the option of creating and running a community group yourself! Angela, who’s made $810 with the GlossGenius referral program, started her career as a spray tan artist after an early retirement and is not only a member of different Facebook groups but runs two groups herself.

As a member and admin, Angela is able to share what she loves about GlossGenius in different posts, comment threads, and conversations with an engaged group of professionals in minutes. She keeps her referral link on her phone (and in the GlossGenius app!) to send to whoever asks about what booking software she uses to keep track of her business. And even if the question might not be related to booking apps, she tries to expand the conversation so she can make the outreach. Angela’s making an impact on other professionals and is helping them with their biggest business concerns, so members of the Facebook groups are always appreciative of that!

“If you’re online, toss your referral link out there... In conversations, I figure out what that professional needs on top of bookings and payments. There’s something for everyone within the GlossGenius app!” –Angela Cain

4. Create a Video to Share

Making a video is easy with your smartphone and it’s a great way to share what you love about GlossGenius with other professionals. The benefit of making a video is that you can record it once then share it with an infinite number of people! This can save all the time and effort that you would need to make to make a referral in-person.

Paige, a barber based in Atlanta who’s made $530 with the GlossGenius referral program, decided to make a YouTube review for GlossGenius to reach out to her beauty community. She shares the referral program and also how she uses the GlossGenius app to keep her beauty business organized for herself and her clients. She included her referral code in the caption and was able to make many referrals through those who watched her video. She also shares this with other professionals when they ask her about GlossGenius!

“If you are a GlossBoss who is in an environment where you work with other beauty professionals, have them all get on the app. Say ‘This is how we move together.’” –Paige Ramble

We hope you found these tips helpful for sharing your love for GlossGenius and growing your community! Remember that every time you refer another beauty pro, they’ll get $30 cash and so will you when they officially become a member!

To easily start referring right inside of the app you can head to More > Referrals > Send Invites to Earn! If you have any questions on how to do this, feel free to reach out to our customer service team at or1-888-979-7864.

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