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As a beauty and wellness professional, you know that the client intake process is a crucial part of providing exceptional service. However, creating and managing forms for each of your services can be time-consuming and frustrating. Traditional form builders are clunky, and require hours of copying, pasting, and finagling to get everything just right.

At GlossGenius, we know you don’t have hours to spend messing with forms, and you shouldn’t have to waste time copying things over just to provide a seamless client experience. 

That’s why we’re proud to introduce Genius Form – a smart form builder that makes it quicker and easier than ever to streamline client booking.

Why Use Client Forms in a Salon?

The value of using intake forms in your salon, spa, or parlor is that it can speed along a client’s service appointment. If a client fills out a form when they book their service, it can save precious minutes debriefing with that client during their appointment. The type of information included on a form will usually depend upon the specialty, and even the service.

  • Estheticians may need to know about their client's skin concerns, current routine, and any allergies. That way, the specialist can recommend the right products, create a customized treatment plan, and help the client achieve their skincare goals.
  • Hairstylists may need to know about their client's hair quality, previous treatments, and color history. This information helps the stylist understand what products to use, what techniques to apply, and how to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Makeup artists need to know about their client's skin type, any allergies, and preferred makeup style. It helps the artist choose the right products, ensure that the client is comfortable throughout the appointment, and create a look that aligns with their client's preferences.
  • Nail technicians should know about their client's nail health and preferred nail shape and color, so that the technician can create a look that the client loves.

When clients provide this information before their appointment, it means the service provider can adequately and accurately prepare, and when the client arrives, the service can begin right away.

Gathering this important information before a service appointment can also protect your business from mishaps or accidents with clients – if a client discloses allergies or conditions before their appointment, it gives beauty professionals plenty of time to adapt their service. If a client fails to disclose an allergy or condition, the form acts as a record of that.

In addition to forms, beauty and wellness professionals can protect themselves and their businesses by requiring clients to acknowledge waivers before the service appointments.

The Problem With (Traditional) Forms

Despite this value, most traditional form builders take tons of time to set up, and are a huge headache to keep updated. Here are the biggest problems we’ve identified with form builders in the beauty industry:

  • Time-Consuming: Creating a form from scratch for each service takes a lot of time – plus, beauty professionals need to consider the right questions to ask, how to organize them, and ensure that they're gathering all the information they need from clients.
  • Lack of Customization: Some form builders provide pre-built templates that you can customize, however, they’re usually not specific to your specialty, so you’ll likely need to spend even more time customizing them to fit your needs.
  • Inconsistent Questions: If you're using multiple forms, it can be a headache to make sure the questions are consistent across all the forms. This can create confusion for clients who book multiple services, and make it harder for you to provide a seamless experience.
  • Disconnected: If your form builder isn't integrated with your booking system, you may need to manage forms across multiple platforms (or even organize hard-copy, paper forms!), which can be frustrating and time-consuming.
  • Lack of Organization: Without a centralized system for managing forms, you may end up with a quagmire of forms that’s a challenge to keep organized.

A Smarter Form Builder

Beauty and wellness professionals want a better system for building, customizing, and managing their client forms. Enter Genius Form: GlossGenius's powerful form builder that streamlines the client booking process and helps beauty professionals work smarter, not harder. Rather than building unique forms for each service, Genius Form dynamically tailors questions to specific services – so clients receive the right questions, at the right time.

Questions Based on Specialty or Specialties

To set up forms, GlossGenius members simply tell Genius Form their specialty (or specialties, if they have more than one), and watch as relevant questions are populated for them. Have a specific question that’s missing? Add your own custom questions in just seconds.

All the Control, None of the Repetition

No need to copy and paste the same questions across endless forms for different services. Genius Form makes it easy to add the same questions to one, a few, or all of your services. You can even control how frequently clients should be prompted to complete their forms – all from the same screen.

How does it work? When you tell Genius Form which questions to apply to each service, it will automatically build a form that includes all the relevant questions you selected. Then, your client will only see the relevant questions for the service/services they booked.

For instance, if one client books a massage and a facial, they’ll receive different questions at booking than a client who is booking a chemical peel. A client booking a balayage may receive different questions from one who is booking just a haircut. On your end, there’s no need to manage these different forms or questions – Genius Form does it all for you!

Your Clients Deserve the Best – And So Do You

Stop paying for (and sending your clients to) a third-party form builder. With Genius Form, everything you need is in one place. Set your clients up for success with custom forms that are built right into the booking process. 

In the beauty industry, providing exceptional service starts with the client intake process. Genius Form makes it easy for beauty professionals to streamline this process and provide a better experience for their clients. With Genius Form by GlossGenius, you can save time and ensure that you're collecting all the information you need to provide exceptional service.

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