13+ Nail Salon Website Examples & Ideas To Inspire You

If you've been in the salon business for a while, chances are you know firsthand just how game-changing an effective nail salon website can be. Though it may seem basic, but your online presence is a make-or-break – especially in the beauty industry.

The struggles of tackling website design as a nail salon owner are all too common. You may have tried DIY solutions as a new entrepreneur with limited success, only to realize later that you needed real web development experts to convey your nail salon brand vision. But once you have that polished, professional site showcasing your distinctive service offerings, there's no doubt you noticed the difference in booking interest and retention.

Whether you're a fellow salon pro looking to step things up or just starting your entrepreneurial dreams, stick through this essential guide. We'll cover insider advice so you can avoid common website pitfalls. By the end, you’ll understand the core elements of creating a site that effectively communicates your unique brand vibe and offerings while compelling new clients to book.

And yes, getting your website right is challenging, but extremely rewarding when you start converting that growing traffic into real business results! Let's get into it.

What Makes A Great Hair Salon Website?

A hair salon's website serves as its online brochure and storefront. Given that most people search online to find local businesses like salons, having an effective website is critical for reaching new customers and showcasing what your salon offers. Here are some key elements that contribute to a great hair salon website:

  • Mobile Responsiveness: With the majority of web traffic coming from mobile devices, responsive design that adapts to phones and tablets is essential. Content should resize and stack properly on smaller screens.
  • Booking/Appointments: Online booking that integrates with your calendar and allows clients to conveniently schedule appointments can be a major perk. Consider tools like GlossGenius or Vagaro.
  • Stylist Bios/Portfolios: Allow visitors to get to know your stylists by featuring their experience, specialties, photo portfolios of their work, and more. This builds trust and relationships.
  • Service Menu: Clearly outline and describe all the services you provide, along with pricing. This transparency helps manage client expectations.
  • Blog: Fresh salon and styling content helps with SEO and shows your expertise. Share hair trends, tutorials, client transformation stories, and product reviews.
  • Visuals: High-quality photos and videos of your salon, stylists, clients, and hair creations make a huge visual impact. Help visitors visualize what you offer.
  • Promotions: Special offers, first-time discounts, loyalty programs, or holiday sales can compel visitors to book appointments.

Creating an informative yet visually engaging website that reflects your brand personality is key for attracting your ideal clients online. Focus on showcasing what makes your hair salon unique. Now, let's take a look at a few examples to help you spark some inspiration.

13+ Best Nail Salon Websites for 2024

Here are our top picks for the best nail salon websites:

  1. PaintBox
  2. LvNails Studio
  3. Nail Garden
  4. Sugarcoat Beauty
  5. The Nail Studio
  6. AKIKO Nails
  7. JINsoon
  8. QueenD Nails
  9. The Best Nails Miami
  10. Local Honey
  11. Lush Nail Lounge
  12. Exclusive Spa
  13. Nailbox

Alright, let's take a look at each nail salon website design.

1. PaintBox

PaintBox nails
  • Built with: Shopify
  • Location: New York City, NY

Paintbox's sleek and stylish website perfectly mirrors the high-design ethos of their New York City-based nail art studio. The site opens with a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate layout, inviting visitors to explore their offerings, like press-on nails, nail polish, and nail care products.

The website also highlights their in-studio services, encouraging visitors to book a manicure and experience Paintbox's unique approach to nail art, seen on runways and in high fashion circles. They also have a 'Journal' section for nail art inspiration and trends and a user-friendly ecommerce section for easy online shopping.

The integration of social media links, particularly to their Instagram and Pinterest accounts, helps visitors learn more about them in a visually appealing way. The website's overall design is clean and modern and reflects the brand's focus on creativity and high-quality nail artistry.

2. LvNails Studio

LvNails Studio
  • Built with: GlossGenius
  • Location: Queens, NY

LvNails Studio's website, hosted on GlossGenius, exemplifies a modern and user-friendly approach to showcasing nail salon services online. The website features a clean and elegant design, with easy-to-navigate sections including "About," "Team," "Services," "Portfolio," "Contact," and a prominent "Book" option.

The "Services" section is particularly informative, providing clear details about the various offerings and pricing, which helps potential clients understand their options before booking. The "Portfolio" section displays a gallery of beautifully done nails, highlighting the salon's skill and creativity in nail art. Additionally, the "Contact" section offers a straightforward way for clients to contact the salon. Overall, the LvNails Studio website offers a great blend of aesthetics and functionality, reflecting the professionalism and style of the salon itself.

3. Nail Garden

Nail Garden
  • Built with: Squarespace
  • Location: Multiple locations

Nail Garden's website presents a sleek and welcoming hero section, showcasing their full-service boutique nail and waxing salon. The site greets visitors with an inviting mantra: "Be Happy. Be Beautiful. Be You," reflecting their commitment to customer self-care and beauty.

It provides a comprehensive view of their services, focusing on cleanliness, treatment, and styling for hands and feet. Notably, the website features a user-friendly layout with easy navigation to essential sections like services, locations, and booking options.

Nail Garden also highlights customer testimonials, reinforcing their quality service and client satisfaction. The inclusion of a mobile app for easy appointment booking and the option for mobile services caters to the convenience of their clients. Nail Garden's online presence is enhanced by vibrant imagery and clear, concise information, making it an excellent example for those seeking inspiration for their nail salon websites.

4. Sugarcoat Beauty

Sugarcoat Beauty
  • Built with: WordPress
  • Location: Multiple locations in Atlanta, GA

Sugarcoat Beauty's website presents a modern and inviting online destination for its nail and beauty services. The website welcomes visitors with a clean, elegant design that reflects the brand's commitment to providing an "honest, healthy, and clean beauty experience." It is well-organized, offering easy navigation to essential sections like Services, Locations, and the option to Make Appointments online.

Each service category, including hands and feet, waxing, and lash extensions, is clearly outlined, providing potential customers with detailed information. The website also showcases multiple locations in Atlanta, each with its contact information and the convenience of online booking. Additionally, the site highlights Sugarcoat Beauty's accolades and press mentions, reinforcing its reputation in the beauty industry. Overall, the website's design is user-friendly and visually appealing and effectively communicates the upscale and professional nature of Sugarcoat Beauty's services.

5. The Nail Studio by Shannon Scalise

The Nail Studio by Shannon Scalise
  • Built with: GlossGenius
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA

Shannon Scalise's Nail Studio, hosted on GlossGenius, is simple yet user-friendly – ideal for a modern nail salon. The website's clean layout and easy navigation make it simple for clients to find information. Key features include a clear display of services offered, pricing, and the convenience of online booking. The design, characterized by its minimalist aesthetic and soothing color palette, reflects the salon's professional and welcoming atmosphere.

The site also includes essential contact information, making sure clients can easily get in touch. This website demonstrates how effective web design can enhance a salon's online presence, making it appealing and accessible to potential customers.

6. AKIKO Nails

AKIKO nails
  • Built with: Squarespace
  • Location: New York City, NY

AKIKO Nails, located in the Lower East Side of New York City, offers a unique and hip concept in nail art, drawing upon specialized Japanese techniques. Their website reflects the salon's innovative approach with a sleek, modern design emphasizing their artistic expertise. The site provides an easy-to-navigate interface, featuring sections for booking appointments, exploring services, and viewing a lookbook of their stunning nail art creations.

AKIKO Nails also prides itself on its ability to create hundreds of design combinations, including custom art tailored to individual preferences. The website also showcases their press features and a shop section, offering a comprehensive view of their offerings and expertise in the nail art world. With its blend of style and functionality, AKIKO Nails' website effectively captures the essence of its brand and the creativity of its nail artistry.

7. JINsoon

JINsoon website
  • Built with: Shopify
  • Location: Multiple locations in NYC

The JINsoon website is special because it is a hybrid of a booking website and ecommerce website. It offers a wide range of nail services, including award-winning collections and trios, emphasizing a commitment to clean beauty with its 21-free nail polish formula.

The site also features a dedicated section for nail care, offering products like cuticle oil and hand creams, infused with nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil, rosemary oil, and vitamin E. JINsoon also provides nail decor options, such as individual appliqués and zodiac series, catering to personalized nail art preferences. The website's layout is clean and easy to navigate, with clear categorization of products and an engaging visual presentation. It also includes a spa section for booking appointments and a blog offering tips and insights into nail care and trends.

Overall, JINsoon stands out for its combination of high-quality nail products, a commitment to healthy ingredients, and a sleek design that enhances the shopping experience.

8. QueenD Nails

QueenD nails
  • Built with: GlossGenius
  • Location: Westchester, IL

QueenD Nails presents a clean and straightforward website with a personal touch. The about page greets visitors with a warm message from Destiny, the salon owner, fostering a sense of personal connection and inviting clients into her chair. The website's user-friendly design emphasizes essential information such as business hours, which highlight the salon's availability from Wednesday to Thursday, and a clear cancellation policy emphasizing the importance of deposits and outlining the terms for rescheduling. This straightforward approach makes sure clients are well-informed about the salon's policies.

Although the website is simple in design, it effectively communicates the necessary details, reflecting the salon's professional yet welcoming ethos. The inclusion of a physical address and accepted payment methods further enhances the practicality of the website, making it easier for clients to plan their visits.

9. The Best Nails Miami

The Best Nails Miami nail salon
  • Built with: Webflow
  • Location: Miami, FL

The Best Nails Miami is a nail salon based in Miami, Florida. Their website is a perfect showcase of their salon's luxury and quality. The salon boasts a serene and upscale environment, designed with Italian flair. It features organic and vegan materials, offering specialized services like the European E-FILE technique for clean cuticles and natural-looking gel nails that last up to six weeks.

The site also clearly highlights their services, including organic sculptured gel extensions and gel strengthening overlays, perfect for nail biters or those looking to grow their nails naturally. Emphasizing customer convenience, the site includes an easy booking system and a gallery of past nail designs for inspiration.

10. Local Honey

Local Honey nail salon in Brooklyn, NY
  • Built with: Wix
  • Location: Brooklyn, NY

Local Honey, a nail salon based in Brooklyn, NY, perfectly blends style, simplicity, and functionality. Its clean and user-friendly layout showcases the salon's services and special offers in an easily navigable format. The homepage immediately draws attention with its contemporary design and inviting images, giving a glimpse into the unique experiences offered, like the "Mercury Retrograde Protection Pedi," highlighting their creative and thematic approach to nail care.

The site effectively utilizes its space to promote package deals, encouraging visitors to explore cost-saving options. Essential information like location, contact details, and opening hours are conveniently displayed, ensuring that potential customers have everything they need at a glance. Integrating social media platforms, specifically Instagram, adds a dynamic and interactive element to the site, allowing visitors to engage with the salon's latest styles and updates.

Overall, Local Honey's website reflects its commitment to providing a unique, high-quality beauty experience while prioritizing customer convenience and engagement.

11. Lush Nail Lounge El Paso

Lush Nail Lounge El Paso
  • Built with: Custom made
  • Location: El Paso, TX

Lush Nail Lounge in El Paso, Texas, offers a captivating online presence through its website. The website stands out with its elegant design, showcasing the salon's extensive range of services, including manicures, pedicures, nail enhancements, eyelash services, and waxing. It emphasizes the salon's commitment to luxury and relaxation, with features like noiseless and pipeless pedicure chairs and a private nail service room, enhancing the customer experience.

The site also highlights Lush Nail Lounge's focus on safety and hygiene, noting its adherence to the highest industry standards in sanitization. The website also offers convenient online booking and gift card options, making it easy for clients to access and enjoy their services. Overall, Lush Nail Lounge’s website effectively conveys its brand's essence of professional, luxurious, and high-quality nail care services.

12. Exclusive Spa

Exclusive Spa in Santa Rosa, CA
  • Built with: WordPress
  • Location: Santa Rosa, CA

The Exclusive Spa's nail salon website presents a polished and professional online presence, ideal for attracting clients seeking manicures and pedicures. The website emphasizes the importance of nails as a fashion accessory and a means of self-expression. It invites visitors to enjoy a professional nail treatment in their serene, relaxed spa environment.

The page is straightforward, listing their nail services, including manicures, pedicures, and a la carte options. The site also includes practical information such as contact details, hours of operation, and the spa's location, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Overall, the Exclusive Spa's webpage effectively conveys the luxury and quality of its nail services, promising an exceptional experience for its clientele.

13. Nailbox

Nailbox LA
  • Built with: Squarespace
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA

Nailbox LA presents a sleek and modern website that embodies the essence of their trendy and upscale nail salon services. The website features a clean, minimalistic design with easy navigation, allowing visitors to effortlessly access essential information like their service menu, pricing, and online booking options. High-quality images showcase various stylish nail art, reflecting the salon's focus on creativity and fashion-forward designs.

The site also includes an "About Us" section, providing insight into their philosophy and commitment to customer satisfaction. Contact information, operational hours, and links to their active social media accounts are prominently displayed, facilitating easy communication and client engagement. Overall, Nailbox LA's website combines aesthetics with functionality, offering a user-friendly and visually appealing online experience that mirrors the sophistication of their salon services.


Running a successful modern nail salon goes beyond just having a great physical space and talented technicians – having an effective online presence is key for reaching new clients and growing your business. As we've covered, a well-designed salon website serves multiple important purposes, from showcasing your services to enabling easy online booking.

When creating or revamping your nail salon's website, use other good examples in this article for inspiration on elements to include, like a photo gallery, service menu, promotion offers, and seamless appointment scheduling. You'll want to accurately reflect what makes your salon and its niche services unique while maintaining a consistent brand image across all platforms.

An especially useful tool to build a professional website for your salon easily is GlossGenius, an all-in-one salon management software. Their user-friendly website builder comes with pre-made salon website templates that allow you to customize the design and easily add key details like your salon description, services, prices, photos, and more. GlossGenius also integrates directly with your booking calendar and enables clients to conveniently schedule appointments online 24/7.

So, if you're looking to take your nail salon's online presence to the next level, leverage the power of the GlossGenius website builder today to showcase your brand, attract new clients, and grow your business. Start your free trial now!

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