How to Provide Clients with a Luxury Online Experience

Making your clients feel like celebrities should always be your ultimate goal. Whether you are focusing on face-to-face interaction or online shopping, giving clients a luxury experience will keep them coming back to your business.

If you’re a small business like a salon, start by upgrading your software to a sleek management system your clients will interact with to make appointments. Then, turn your attention to your website and socials and glam them up with a new luxury look.

Stuck on how to make it happen? We’ve created this thorough guide on how to make your online customers feel like superstars.

What Does Luxury Mean?

A luxury experience is about more than a flashy and chic storefront. Luxury is about making your clients feel special and providing them with everything they might request.

Luxury is all about predicting what your customer’s needs are, and providing them with those needs before the thought even pops into their head. This means you need to be detailed and thoughtful when building your online business and always put the customer first.

Here are 7 few pro tips to make your clients feel more luxurious when they interact with your business.

1. Increase Your Attention to Detail

One way to impress your clients is to make their online shopping experience unique to them. Encourage them to sign up for an online account where you can gain insight into who they are as a shopper. This can be done by a simple survey of their personal style interests, likes, and dislikes.

Give your customers deals that feel exclusive to them. This can be as simple as a free item or a special discount on their birthday. Include an area on your website that has products tailored to their personal tastes. You can base this off of their survey as well as other products they have bought or added to a wish list.

2. Make Your Product Information Seem Exciting

It can be difficult to anticipate the needs of every individual client, but making sure that all your products sound luxurious is a great solution. By making your products sound enticing, you’re telling them what they didn’t even though they needed!

When listing products and services, go above and beyond with the details listed. For every product, make sure you have the following:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Ingredients
  • Directions
  • Uses
  • Price
  • Other products that can be used with the listed item

But descriptions shouldn’t end here. Make them pop with descriptive language that’s more fun to read. Put in the effort to come up with creative ways to describe the products – don’t just list the ingredients!  

3. Be There for Your Clients

Making people feel luxurious is how you appear luxurious – you want to give your clients a way to feel like you’re their friend. If you are able to, a 24/7 chat included in your website will allow your clients to get immediate answers to any questions they may have. Bonus points if your chat is bilingual! This makes clients feel like they can reach out to you, and you’ll answer.

If you are not able to include a chat feature, make sure you provide an email or phone number that customers can contact. Be extremely prompt with your replies to clients. The longer they wait for an answer to their questions, the more likely they are to seek their product elsewhere.

4. Email the Right Way

You do not want to bombard your clients with constant emails, but using emails in the right circumstances can help keep customers coming back to your site. If too many app notifications from you are annoying enough, aggressive emails are even more aggravating.

Make sure that your clients consent to receiving promotional emails from you when they sign up on your website. Send emails to your customers for specific reasons, such as:

  • Deals on wish list items
  • Exclusive online discounts and deals for holidays
  • Exciting news about your brand
  • Out-of-stock notifications
  • Purchase confirmation
  • Shipping and tracking information

But it’s not enough to just send this info out and hope for results – you have to make the material luxurious! Hire a professional marketing company or designer to spruce up your emails and make customers feel like they need to be a part of what you’re putting out there.

5. Add Exclusive Memberships

Rewarding your most loyal customers will make them feel even more special. Adding a membership to your brand and offering members exclusive deals and discounts will add to the luxury aspect of your site. “Members Only” promotions will make those clients feel special, and will make other clients want to feel a part of that exclusivity.

6. Layout Is Everything

The layout of your website should be easy for your clients to navigate. Luxury brands are known for sleek, minimalistic designs that are focused on the product. Do not attack your customers with an overload of information and promotional deals on your homepage. Your webpage should be client-centered and showcase your products.

Make sure product images are high quality and give your clients the full view of the product. Everything about your online store should be clear and easy to view. Think about your customer and your brand when designing your website’s layout and build around those ideas.

7. Add Easy Searching and Filtering

Online shopping should make it easier for your customers to find exactly what they are looking for. Make sure that your products and services are categorized in a way that makes them easy to search for. You should also include filters so that clients can filter out options that they are not interested in. Filters should include:

  • Color
  • Price
  • Product Type
  • Size
  • Brand

Filters are another way that online shopping is made customizable for a customer. Imagine if you could snap your fingers in the middle of a store to make every product you don’t want disappear. These are the main functions of a filter. It simplifies the shopping experience, and gives them what they are looking for fast. What’s more luxurious than fast, sleek service?

To win yourself repeat clients, your service needs to treat them like kings and queens; both in and out of your parlor. Give them the same VIP attention online as you do when they visit you for an appointment and you’re bound to have them coming back.

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