4 Tips for Easily Switching to an Online Booking Platform

Especially for those still using a paper book, switching to GlossGenius or another online platform can seem daunting. You may be thinking...will I lose control over my book? We’ve spoken to thousands of beauty professionals just like you and listened to their major concerns. And here’s what we have to say in response to their top fears:

1. Stay in Control of Client Booking

We understand that you want complete control over your schedule. That’s why GlossGenius offers numerous settings that give you even more control with online bookings:

You choose where clients book you: 

Choose whether or not you want clients to be able to book online: GlossGenius allows professionals to choose whether or not you accept online bookings, so you have complete control over your clients’ ability to add appointments themselves from your website!

You choose when clients book you: 

  • Set your availability for booking through business hours. Clients will automatically be unable to book you outside of business hours you set!
  • Control your booking window to require enough advance notice from clients when they book online. Even control when clients book you -- on the hour, half hour, every 15 minutes? You can even add processing time to services and be available during your processing time if you want to double book clients to maximize your efficiency! All within a few taps!
  • Blocking personal time during your normal business hours is easy. This will ensure that no client can book you during that time!

You choose which clients book you: 

If you want to make sure you can choose which clients are booked with you, no problem! GlossGenius has a setting in which you can approve or deny every appointment request that comes in! We also allow you to customize whether or not you want to ‘require card on file’ when clients come to book you.

2. Maintain Client Relationships

We know your relationship with your clients are everything. We give you customization over what notifications you want to send to clients. And because relationships are everything, our system can actually help you further your relationships and make sure no client falls in the cracks.  On top of that, we have a few tricks that’ll help you increase your bookings like a #boss.

Choose to send clients email, text messages or both from you. We’ve done the dirty work at GlossGenius and worked with linguists on optimal language for different types of notifications that you can send out via email or text.

We give you the option of sending out notifications about:

  • Confirmations: text/email clients 72 hrs before a scheduled appointment asking them to confirm appointments. Great for reducing no-shows and last minute cancellations!
  • Reminders: text/email clients 24 hrs before a scheduled appointment reminding them of the appointment. Great for stepping up the professionalism of your business with a timely reminder for clients!
  • Follow-ups: email clients a pretty thank you note with your letterhead after appointments. Great for showing clients you care with that extra special touch.
  • Cancellations: email/text clients if you cancel an appointment with them.

With these, you’ll decrease the amount of time that you sit around waiting for a no-show client again and increase the amount of time that you spend making clients look GORGEOUS. (Just for fun: You know how Starbucks gives customers free drinks on their birthdays...why not do the same? GlossGenius keeps track of all of your client’s birthdays and can automatically wish your clients Happy Birthday and offer them a promo if you turn on the birthday notification option.) 

You will learn a few tricks to keep your clients coming back again and again. Here's a taste.

3. Learn to Use a Salon Management Platform

Switching services will ultimately save you so much time. We make running a business faster and easier, letting you spend your time doing what you love to do: making people look and feel beautiful.

  • Spend ZERO time trying to find a better service to process client payments: Our app makes managing payments SO easy. Not only do we have the lowest processing payment fees in the industry, but we also allow you to accept any payment without any additional hardware and receive automatic same day transfers!
  • Spend ZERO time transferring client info: Our white glove service makes it easy to switch services. At your request, we can transfer all of your previous client info for you, even if you're using pen & paper!
  • Spend ZERO time worrying about marketing yourself: Create and control effective marketing and promos for your clients with the only text-message marketing service in the industry. You can reach out to clients and get them to book appointments way faster. Read more about how one GlossGenius stylist got $1500+ worth of bookings in less than an hour with our feature for text message marketing.

4. Invest in Your Business

We know money is super important. That’s why GG makes it a priority to provide professionals with tools so they can best understand all of their financial data. 

  • On the dashboard, we show you your $ amount booked today, revenue earned today, revenue YTD, and ticket average right at your fingertips in the application dashboard.
  • For even more information about your financials, GG can send you detailed reports of your gross and net transactions, your appointment history, your retail sales history, and your sales tax history for any time period.
  • The amount of time you’ll save and the boost in your business’s branding and professionalism will grow your client base with organic referrals. In addition, GlossGenius offers marketing tools that can fuel your business growth.

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