How Many Client Texts & Emails Should You Send?

What makes a message feel like spam? Why do you open some emails but trash others? Some find communicating with clients to be tough, since they never want to “spam” them.  When you’re trying to establish a genuine relationship with your clients, it is so important to communicate effectively with them. So how do you send messages that clients will actually open?

At the most fundamental level, it’s all about the relevance of the message. Another way to think about what relevance means is if it’s something someone will care about. Every client will think when they see an email, text, or ad: how relevant is this message to me?

You ALWAYS want to make sure that you’re sending messages to clients that are highly relevant to them. So how can you do this?

We’ve split client notifications into two types: core business notifications and marketing notifications.

Core Business Notifications

There are certain core, appointment-related notifications that you should never hesitate to send.

For example, GlossGenius streamlines these core notifications:

  • Confirmations
  • Reminders
  • Follow-ups
  • Rescheduling
  • Cancellations
  • Thank You Notes

Clients are never annoyed when professionals send these types of messages to them because the information is incredibly relevant for them. They care about the time of their appointment, what they’re getting done, where to go, etc. No one likes to be late or not know where they’re going.

Marketing Notifications

Marketing messages are effective when you can identify what’s relevant to clients. You’ll want to send marketing messages that clients will care about.

Not all clients should be getting the same messages. After all, if a client exclusively sees you for color, will they really want to get an email about your waxing services? If a client just visited your studio yesterday, should you be sending texts asking them to book an appointment for next week?

Here are three tips and tricks to make sure that your marketing messages are not only easy to send, but also relevant to clients:

1. Find the Right Target Client For Your Message:

Use filters to find the clients that your marketing message will be most relevant to. For example, GlossGenius’s GlossUp feature lets professionals easily filter which of their contacts they’d like to send texts to. Some filtering options include:

  • Clients that you’ve seen or not seen in the last X months
  • Clients who’ve had X appointments or more
  • Clients who’ve paid $X total or more
  • Clients who’ve paid for certain services or made certain retail item purchases
  • See how one GlossGenius user used text message marketing to get $1500+ in appointment bookings in less than hour!

2. Send Unique, Personalized Messages

Sending personalized marketing messages is so important, because it lets the client know that you’re thinking of them specifically. For example, GlossGenius automatically sends notes to clients on their birthdays. In addition to letting clients know that they care, professionals can also use these emails to add discounts and promos for their salon.

3. Keep Up A Steady Frequency

Even if you’re sending incredibly relevant and useful messages to the right target audience, no one wants to be receiving marketing messages every day. Generally speaking, try and send the average client no more than one or two marketing messages a month.

If they haven’t visited in a few months however, it’s a good idea to increase your outreach to three or even four marketing messages a month. Remind them that you’re there for them!

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