7 Best Salon Scheduling Software For 2024 (Free + Paid)

As a salon grows, finding the best salon scheduling software becomes mission-critical. In the early days, most salon owners handle scheduling manually, taking calls, and managing walk-ins and no-shows. It doesn't take long for things to get overwhelmingly chaotic. Getting organized with an automated system becomes essential.

Salon management platforms have come a long way in capabilities. With today's on-the-go clients, easy online booking and streamlined scheduling can transform a hair or nail salon. The right software doesn't just tame the booking beast – it allows owners to focus on business growth, customer care, and marketing efforts.

Not all salon scheduling apps are equal. The wrong platform can actually inhibit productivity if the tools don't align with real-world needs. This guide shares the latest and most versatile scheduling systems on the market right now. Extensive research went into evaluating dozens of options based on toolsets, user experience, reputation, and overall value.

Whether rethinking an existing setup or diving into scheduling software for the first time, use this advice to make a wise investment. Taming the scheduling chaos is challenging but extremely rewarding in terms of daily sanity and revenue results!

What is Salon Scheduling Software?

Salon scheduling software, also known as salon management software, enables beauty salons and hair salons to manage online bookings and schedule appointments online seamlessly. This type of software is designed for the needs of the salon business. The features of salon scheduling software may include:

  • Online appointment booking: Clients can book, reschedule, or cancel salon appointments 24/7 through the salon's website. This allows salons to accept bookings after hours.
  • Point of sale capabilities: Process payments, track inventory, record customer purchase history, and manage payroll and finances.
  • Staff management tools: View staff availability, assign appointments based on skills and services, track commission and tips.
  • Automated confirmations: The software can send text or email confirmations and reminders to reduce no-shows.
  • Reporting and analytics: Understand visit frequency, popular services, and staff productivity through dashboards and reports. Identify opportunities.

With user-friendly and robust salon scheduling software, salon owners and staff can focus less on administrative tasks and more on delivering excellent client experiences. The automated system also provides insights to make smart business decisions.

What To Look For in Salon Scheduling Software

Picking the right salon scheduling software is like finding the perfect shade of lipstick. It should fit your business's style and make your day-to-day operations shine.

User-Friendly Interface

A cluttered interface can tangle up even the best hair stylist’s schedule faster than a windy day at the beach. You want something that’s as intuitive as brushing hair out of your face – quick, simple, and natural. An easy-to-navigate dashboard means less time clicking around and more time crafting those chic cuts.

Look for clean layouts with a drag-and-drop appointment setting – it's all about creating an effortless experience both for you and your clients.

Robust Client Management

Your client list is the heart of your salon, so you need a system that keeps it beating strong without missing a beat. A great booking system lets you store detailed client profiles – think preferences, past services, and product purchases – and uses this info to offer personalized service that’ll have them coming back for more. GlossGenius, for instance, excels in tailoring customer experiences through its savvy use of data.

This level of personalization breeds loyalty and sparks word-of-mouth buzz faster than gossip in a blow-dry bar.

Sophisticated Scheduling Capabilities

You wouldn’t cut corners on a haircut; don’t settle when it comes to managing appointments either. Advanced features such as online booking options provide flexibility while automated reminders save precious time by reducing no-shows – a game-changer akin to discovering dry shampoo on lazy days.

The ability to manage multiple stylists’ schedules simultaneously will keep everyone organized – it's like having an extra set of hands when there are too many heads needing highlights at once.

Mobility and Accessibility

In today’s world, where everything happens on the go, GlossGenius takes mobility seriously with its app-centric approach, allowing access from anywhere – the freedom feels just like letting down your hair after being cooped up all day. Whether you’re doing house calls or checking in from home after hours – you’ve got full control over bookings wherever life takes you.

7 Best Salon Scheduling Software Platforms of 2024

Here are our top picks for the best salon scheduling software:

  1. GlossGenius
  2. Acuity Scheduling
  3. Mangomint
  4. Vagaro
  5. Booksy
  6. Square
  7. Phorest

Alright, let's take a look at each platform.

1. GlossGenius

GlossGenius scheduling software

Picture this: a bustling salon, stylists snipping away, and customers walking out with smiles. But behind the scenes? Chaos reigns without proper scheduling software. That's where GlossGenius steps in. Think of it as your control center to manage everything in your salon business – from scheduling appointments, paying your staff, managing your finances, and more.

Notable Features

Sleek design meets functionality with GlossGenius. The platform offers an intuitive calendar management system, letting you book appointments faster than Cinderella fleeing at midnight – and far more elegantly too. With features like automated appointment reminders, clients are less likely to ghost you than ever before.

But wait, there’s more magic here. Inventory tracking is no longer a beastly chore; it’s all seamlessly integrated into the platform. You can also personalize those lovely follow-up messages because nothing says 'we care' quite like asking how that new balayage treats them.

GlossGenius Pricing

No need to break your piggy bank. GlossGenius has transparent pricing without any wicked surprises lurking around the corner. The standard plan starts at just $24 per month – making it the one of the most affordable (and feature-packed) platforms on our list.

GlossGenius Reviews

Here are what third-party review sites, from verified customers, say about GlossGenius:

2. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling software

If you're running a salon and still juggling phone calls, paper calendars, and manual reminders, honey, it's time to level up. Enter Acuity Scheduling – a digital maestro that orchestrates your appointments with the finesse of a symphony conductor.

Notable Features

You want features? Acuity’s got them in spades. Picture this: real-time availability that lets clients book their own appointments – no more back-and-forth emails or missed calls. It syncs like a dream with your existing calendar, so double-booking is as outdated as last season's nail polish colors.

But wait, there’s more. Customizable intake forms collect all the client info you need upfront; imagine knowing their favorite magazine or tea before they even enter your salon. And those "Did I have an appointment?" moments are banished thanks to friendly automatic text and email reminders.

Acuity Scheduling Pricing

Let's talk numbers. Acuity offers several pricing tiers tailored for businesses of any size – from solo stylists to multi-chair salons. Their entry-level plan starts at $20 per month. However, their most popular plan, which comes equipped with better features, starts at $34 per month.

Acuity Scheduling Reviews

Here are what third-party review sites, from verified customers, say about Acuity Scheduling:

3. Mangomint

Mangomint salon scheduling software

Imagine a salon where the buzz of blow dryers and the swish of shears are in perfect harmony with the click-clack of keyboards scheduling appointments. That's Mangomint for you, turning chaos into calm with its savvy scheduling software.

Notable Features

Say goodbye to appointment mishaps and hello to seamless bookings. Mangomint's calendar feature is like having a personal assistant who never takes a coffee break. It lets clients book their next trim or color whenever they get that urge, even if it's at midnight during a Netflix binge.

Beyond just setting dates, this system has smarts too. It keeps track of client preferences so you can roll out the red carpet whenever they visit. Plus, with automated reminders, no-shows will be as rare as an unfilled shampoo bottle on your busiest day.

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Mangomint Pricing

Mangomint does run on the more premium side compared to the other salon scheduling apps on this list. Their starter plan comes in at $165 per month and can go all the way up to $375 per month.

Mangomint Reviews

Here are what third-party review sites, from verified customers, say about Mangomint:

4. Vagaro

Vagaro scheduling software

Vagaro is a salon scheduling software very similar to that of GlossGenius and Mangomint. Just like most platforms on this list, it's equipped with more than just scheduling features.

Notable Features

Vagaro stands out in the crowded market with its ability to turn jumbled appointments into streamlined success stories. The software offers calendar synchronization, which lets stylists see their schedule at a glance and avoid the dreaded double-booking fiasco.

With Vagaro, managing client profiles is as easy as pie. You can track clients' appointment history, product purchases, and even their favorite magazine while waiting under the dryer. And let’s talk about inventory management – it helps keep shelves stocked so no one has to face the horror of running out of purple shampoo again.

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Vagaro Pricing

Vagaro has a pay-per-pricing model. Plans start at $25 per month for one individual user, and it scales as you add more staff to your team. Each extra team member will run you about $10 per month.

Vagaro Reviews

The word on the street (and online) is pretty clear: users adore Vagaro's intuitive interface and robust features. Here are what third-party review sites, from verified customers, say about Vagaro:

5. Booksy

Booksy scheduling software

Booksy is a popular salon scheduling and management software that allows salon owners to take bookings online, manage appointments, track client profiles, and handle billing/payments. Key features include online booking, point-of-sale, staff management tools, automated SMS and emails, reporting dashboards, and integration support.

Notable Features

Say goodbye to no-shows and scheduling mix-ups with Booksy, your new digital receptionist. Booksy offers real-time appointment booking, reminding clients of their pamper dates like a personal assistant might gently nudge you about your upcoming birthday party. Imagine managing appointments without the headache – that's what Booksy brings to the table.

This savvy tool isn't just about marking calendars. It also gives stylists a platform to showcase their work. A virtual portfolio if you will, enticing customers with glossy hair flips and perfectly painted nails before they even set foot in your salon.

Booksy Pricing

Booky's pricing is similar to Vagaro's (but slightly more expensive). It has a pay-per-seat business model that starts at $29.99 per month for an individual user. Each additional team member you add to your plan will cost you about $20 per month

Booksy Reviews

The proof is always in the pudding – or should we say polish? Here are what third-party review sites, from verified customers, say about Booksy:

6. Square

Square scheduling software

When it comes to salon scheduling software, Square Appointments stands out with a suite of features that makes booking a breeze for both the stylist and the client. It's like having a personal assistant who never takes a coffee break.

Notable Features

If you're swimming in sticky notes and missed calls, then you'll appreciate how Square Appointments streamlines your day. First off, online booking lets clients book their own appointments 24/7 – no more phone tag. And let's talk about no-shows; they can be as annoying as frizzy hair on a humid day. But with automated reminders from Square, those flaky moments are reduced.

The magic doesn't stop there. Imagine managing all your services, prices, and client info without breaking into stress-induced hives – that’s what seamless integration does for you. Plus, this system plays nice with Instagram and Google, so people can find you where they hang out most.

Square Pricing

Square has a flexible pricing model. Their starter plan is free to use, making it great for any beauty professional just starting out. However, you do pay a small percentage in fees for each transaction. So, if you're getting lots of clients scheduling with you, finding a better solution might be a good idea.

Square Reviews

We all know word-of-mouth is everything in beauty biz gossip circles – and reviews for Square Appointment are kind of like being voted prom queen – they sparkle. Here are what third-party review sites, from verified customers, say about Square:

7. Phorest

Phorest scheduling software

If you're knee-deep in the beauty biz, Phorest might just be your new BFF. This salon scheduling software is like having a personal assistant crushing it at organization, marketing, and customer service – all without taking a day off.

Notable Features

Phorest has features that'll make you want to break up with your old-school appointment book. Their booking system goes beyond simple appointments by optimizing schedules and filling last-minute gaps faster than you can say 'snip-snip'. Plus, their client management tools remember details better than your best friend from high school—hello custom color formulas. And let’s not forget about the loyalty program feature which turns casual clients into die-hards quicker than a fresh dye job.

And because no one likes no-shows or late cancellations, Phorest sends out automated reminders that gently nudge clients so they’re more punctual than ever. The result? Your chairs stay filled and your stylists stay happy.

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Phorest Pricing

We all know good help doesn’t come cheap – but don't sweat it too much. While Phorest keeps its pricing under wraps online (you gotta request a quote), word on the street says it's tailored to fit salons of different sizes and needs.

Phorest Reviews

The proof is always in the pudding – or should we say pomade? Salon pros have been dishing out some serious love for Phorest online saying this platform really helps them step up their game. Here are what third-party review sites, from verified customers, say about Phorest:


So you've seen the best salon management systems and scheduling software of 2024, from user-friendly booking software like Booksy to full-service salon POS systems like GlossGenius. As a salon owner, you're now set to pick an online booking system that fits just right for your beauty business' vibe and customer volume.

Remember this: features matter hugely, but workflow is will make or break your business. Find a salon software solution that not only shines with cool tools but also feels like second nature when you and staff use it daily.

Keep in mind pricing, because your salon's budget will thank you later. But don't forget to check out customer reviews either – they're gold dust from other beauty businesses who've used these salon scheduling apps and management platforms before you.

Let these salon marketing and appointment scheduling solutions transform chaos into calm and missed opportunities into growth. With the perfect salon management system and online booking software by your side, success is not just possible – it's planned out through data-driven insights.

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