How Much Does Salon Booking Software Cost?

Salon booking software is used by hundreds of thousands of beauty professionals every day. They help entrepreneurs book appointments with customers, stay organized, and even market their services. Most salon booking software costs between $24 and $50 a month, with additional and sometimes hidden fees.

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The Six Pricing Components of Salon Booking Apps

When you pay for a salon booking app, you’re typically paying a monthly fee to access the service, store your data, and receive updates. Additional fees are added by some salon booking app providers for payment processing, hardware, add-on features, and marketing support.

Monthly Fees

Monthly fees for salon booking apps start as low as $24, and can climb to upwards of $50. Some booking apps charge these fees annually, while others charge monthly with no commitment.

Payment Processing Fees

For booking apps that accept payments, payment processing fees are typically charged in addition to the monthly fee. These fees cover the cost the app pays the credit card company to process the transaction. Processing fees are usually charged as a percentage of each transaction, with some apps adding an additional denomination to the percentage.

You can expect to pay between2.6% and 2.75% for transactions, with additional fees up to 30 cents per charge.

Card reader fees

Some booking apps offer card readers or POS hardware with which to accept payments. These fees are usually one-time expenses and run from $49 to $75.

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Text and email marketing

Some apps allow you to take advantage of the phone numbers and emails you collect with built-in text and email marketing features. Some will charge an additional fee between $15 and$20, while GlossGenius includes these for free.

Additional employees

Depending on the app, you may be purchasing different subscription levels for different amounts of seats. Adding multiple employees can significantly increase your monthly price, doubling or tripling your monthly fee. With GlossGenius, you can add unlimited employees without increasing your subscription fee.

Add-on features

Some apps offer a variety of add-ons like custom website building, automated client reminders, copying over prior address books, and custom permissions for employees. Some are offered free, while others are offered as a part of premium offerings for higher monthly rates. Features like custom website design can run you from $10 to $12 with additional implementation fees, while copying over books can run you in excess of $150.

How Much Does Gloss Genius Cost?

GlossGenius is the only salon booking app on the market that gives you best-in-class features for an unbeatable price. For $24 a month, you have access to the booking software that professionals and customers love to use with features like:

  • Automated client reminders
  • Copying over prior books
  • Email and text marketing
  • A custom-designed website
  • Unlimited employee accounts
  • And so much more

With a payment processing fee of 2.6%, one of the lowest on the market, GlossGenius gives professionals like you all the tools and features you need to build your empire without breaking the bank on the essentials.

To find out how GlossGenius can help you level up your Salon, start your free trial today.

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