Do These 11 Things and Watch Your Salon Profits Grow

As a beauty professional, your to-do list may seem like it never ends. But when you’re growing your empire, you need to know what’s going to have the maximum impact for minimum effort. We’ve compiled 11 things you can do to boost your profits – focus on these tactics to work smarter (not harder!) and make more money at your salon or spa.

Save Time to Save Money

It’s simple: Reduce the amount of time you spend waiting around for tardy clients, doing tedious administrative tasks, or trying to fill your book so you can spend more time making money!

1. Protect yourself from no-shows with deposits and waitlists

Protect your time (and your schedule) by requiring a deposit for lengthy or expensive services, and double down by implementing a penalty for last-minute cancellations or no-shows. Even better, start a client waitlist so you can fill any last-minute openings with a client who is grateful for that open appointment!

2. Streamline appointments with automatic Forms and Waivers

Plenty of beauty and wellness professionals require new or returning clients to fill out forms or acknowledge liability waivers before their service begins. But there’s a faster way to get these important documents completed – by sharing with clients well before their appointment. Adding custom forms and waivers to your booking process makes it easy for clients to provide necessary information and acknowledgements, without you having to chase them down or take up time during their appointment – and GlossGenius' unique Genius Form feature makes it easy to tailor forms to all your services in minutes!

3. Expand your client base

One way to attract new clients is to meet them where they are: Social media. An active social media presence helps prospective clients get to know you and your style a little better, and adding just one new client to your schedule each day can boost your annual take-home pay by thousands of dollars!

Already influencer-status on social media? Reach your fans directly with email and text message marketing. Send your VIPs special discounts for referring a friend, or remind clients about retail specials you offer to gift to their loved ones.

4. Safeguard against disputes and chargebacks

Pros who have been burned before know how important it is to protect their business and hard-earned income. Chargeback protection could save you hundreds every month against a potential dispute! GlossGenius Gold plan members enjoy 100% chargeback protection on eligible transactions processed using one of our stunning card readers or Tap to Pay on iPhone

5. Automate the admin work

Who has the time (or energy!) to go back and forth on the phone finding the right appointment time or sending endless client notifications and reminders? Automate all of your admin work with 24/7 online booking, free automated client appointment confirmations, and notes that get saved to the client’s profile when you reply to a text. These simple but effective shortcuts will allow you to do more of what you love: Helping your clients look and feel their best!

Perfect Your Profit Margin

When was the last time you took time to think strategically about your salon operations? It may be high time to revisit some of your regular practices – you may find that it boosts your bottom line!

6. Push your big-ticket services

You might think your longest and most expensive services are your high-earners, but have you double checked? Divide your service cost by the amount of time the service takes to find out your profits per hour. Try to encourage clients to book the services that earn you the most money for the least amount of hours worked!

7. Raise your prices

From the price of gas and eggs to the cost of salon and spa supplies, inflation has been hitting everyone's pocketbooks hard. Without increasing your prices, you could be losing up to 9% of your profits… but even without inflation, there are so many reasons to raise your prices. Whether it's because you've completed additional training, attracted sufficient demand for your services, or simply because you know you're worth more, your best clients won't even bat an eye!

8. Add retail to your repertoire

You work with beauty products every day and may even have a good relationship with your favorite brands. Why not monetize that relationship and sell quality retail products to your customers? Mastering the art of selling is so much easier when you know the product inside and out and have an attentive audience that trusts you – and in case you need convincing, selling retail can increase the amount of profit each client brings in by a whopping 25% or more!

9. Keep existing clients happy

We're sure you already know it’s easier and less expensive to keep an existing client than it is to go out and get a new one, but did you know returning clients spend 67% more on average than new clients?

Of course, GlossGenius' Client Ban feature makes it easy to deal with difficult clients who consistently cancel, no-show, or otherwise break your rules. For the loyal clients you love working with, check out our Free Client Retention Workbook.

Spend Less to Make More

It may seem a 'Like, duh!' thing to say, but as a business owner, it’s worth remembering that spending less money can bump up your bottom line! Running a beauty business is already expensive – consider these tactics to minimize costs and maximize profits!

10. Say No to hidden fees

If you’re using the wrong salon software, you could be kissing money goodbye. Many salon management apps eat into your profits by charging you fee after hidden fee. Prioritize your profits by switching to a salon management app like GlossGenius – which offers simple subscription pricing with no sneaky add-ons or hidden fees, so you always know what you're paying!

11. Opt for ultra-low payment processing rates

When your books are a mess because some clients pay in cash and others send you Venmo and CashApp payments, you’ve got to say enough is enough! Invest in a payment processing solution that:

Even better, GlossGenius' POS solution is built-in so you can start accepting payments in minutes, and all transactions are fully integrated with booking, checkout, inventory management, analytics, reporting, and more!

At GlossGenius, we believe you shouldn’t have to have a business degree to achieve your goals – that’s why our salon management app provides all the tools you need to succeed, without the hassle. But don’t just take our word for it: Try GlossGenius free for 14 days and thank us later!

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