6 Steps to Hit 6-Figure Sales: How to Grow Your Income Like a Boss as a Salon or Spa Professional

Long hours. Back-tweaking work. Talent, education, and a let’s-do-this attitude.

We see you. We value you. And we’re here to help you get on the road to a six-figure sales with these tips.

1. Know Your Worth

The first step to getting paid what you’re worth: Knowing you’re worth it.

Own that confidence by reminding yourself of all that you bring to the table (or chair), honing your skills, practicing self-care, and nurturing relationships built on kindness and respect.

Looking for been-there-earned-that inspiration? Read about Christine Le of Houston, who makes an impressive $600,000 per year, and Alex Pardoe, who garners a cool $280,000.

2. Do the Math

To make $100,000 in sales per year, you’ll need to bring in $2,000 per week. That equates to 20 services at $100 per service – which split over five days is just four services a day. Of course you’ll need to factor in your expenses to calculate your income but breaking down goals to how many high ticket services you need to book a day can make hitting that $100K in sales feel a little less intimidating.

Use GlossGenius’ analytics to determine your average service price and how many services you book per week. Then work to increase them, along with other streams of income.

3. Boost Your Bottom Line

Ready to reach that average ticket price of $100? Expand services with heftier price tags, as well as service add-ons.

Think big ticket: Promote services with higher price points, such as balayage, ombre, keratin treatments, microshading, microdermabrasion, and laser hair removal. Also consider raising your prices to make sure that you’re being compensated for your time, talent, and hard work.

Be extra: Suggest luxe extras/add-ons like hair glosses, deep conditioning treatments, specialty masks, and more. This pampers your clients and your bank account.

Hook ‘em and book ‘em: Offer new clients a free add-on, then encourage them to continue that add-on (for a fee) on return visits.

Roll out the red carpet: Reward VIP clients by offering discounts for add-on services. For example: “Buy two volumizing treatments, get the third free.”

Speaking of volumizing: You can also make more by increasing your service volume. If you booked just two more $100 services per week, you’d make an extra $10,000 per year. $100,000 just got closer.

Check out these ideas for more ways to expand your beauty empire.

4. Grow Revenue With Other Income Streams

You can also level-up your income by cultivating these income streams:

Increase tips: Display a suggested tip percentage at checkout to consistently collect larger tips.

Promote products: Sell more products by making them easy to purchase with GlossGenius’ product inventory and purchasing feature.

Effortlessly rebook: Display a QR code with your GlossGenius booking link at your station, ask clients to book their next appointment at checkout, and automate invitations to come back via text and email. And PS: Pros who use GlossGenius have a 90% rebooking rate.

Get rave reviews: Rack up those five-star reviews by including an automatic, post-checkout prompt to share the love. GlossGenius automatically does this for you, and helps you showcase your talents to new clients!

Capitalize on busy days: Learn when your clients are available and try to create a schedule that matches. After all, maximizing bookings means maximizing earnings.

5. Offer Enriching Experiences

You make your clients look and feel like a million bucks. Elevate the experience to underscore the value that you offer.

Dress to impress: Look as professional as you are.

Stay connected: Make your clients feel valued by touching base with them through professional follow-ups. GlossGenius’ automated follow-ups and notifications do this for you while providing the very best client experience.

Break out the good stuff: Use high-quality salon equipment, tools, and products, plus offer clients perks, such as a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or something to nosh on while their color is processing or between services.

Make it personal: Nurture relationships by keeping client notes to ensure that they feel heard and valued. GlossGenius makes it easy with reminders to add notes and pre-appointment nudges that help you remember important details about your next client (like their dog’s name or that they wanted to talk about a lash lift).

6. Do Your Homework

Bigger earning power begins with investing in the most important aspect of your business: You!

  • Increase your knowledge base: Take continuing education classes and learn about new services, current beauty trends, and the latest buzz in self-care.
  • Get the word out: Market yourself like a boss with a custom booking website, robust social media presence (both your own profile and in groups), positive client reviews, and ongoing referrals.
  • Prepare to slay: Plan yearly goals, brainstorm income boosters, and set yourself up for that often-elusive work-life balance with the business management app that has your back.

Ready to get on the road to six-figure earnings? Get growing with the #1 business management app for beauty professionals. Try it free for 14 days.

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