Salon Business Reports That Can Help You Track Your Growth

There are a variety of different salon business reports you can run through GlossGenius to gut check your salon’s vitals and identify aspects of your business to improve or optimize. With these reports, you can arm yourself with the data you need to make effective decisions for your business and your clients. Let’s break down what reports you can run and how they can help you prepare for growth and tax time:

1. Sales

With the Sales report, you can get a total breakdown of your gross and net transactions, including:

  • Service charges
  • Retail sales
  • Client-paid fees
  • Total gratuity
  • Total cash collected
  • Taxes paid
  • Refunds processed
  • And more

Benefits: With this information, you can dig deeper into your profits to understand how you’re making money, what services account for the bulk of your sales, and what can be improved.

2. Appointments

This report gives you an overview of your past and upcoming appointments in a sortable spreadsheet, so you can filter by service, type, date, client name, and more.

Benefits: This report can help you identify which types of services are most (and least) commonly booked, your busiest days and times of the week, and more. You can understand your peak hours and most popular services, and prepare yourself and your staff accordingly for next year. 

3. Retail Sales

The retail sales report shows you everything you need to know about products you’ve sold. This spreadsheet shows what products were sold to whom, at what price, and when.

Benefits: You can use this report to understand which products are your best and worst sellers, who your recurring customers are, and whether you can adjust pricing for demand.

4. Sales tax

This report gives you detailed metrics about your sales tax paid in an easy-to-use spreadsheet.

Benefits: This report is especially helpful during tax season, but it can also help you get a better view into your product pricing.

5. Inventory management

Inventory management brings together several different metrics into one report to make inventory tracking a breeze. With this report, you can quickly assess what’s been sold, how much it’s sold for, your total sales and costs, as well as inventory levels.

Benefits: Whether or not you’re selling products, inventory management helps you track inventory usage alongside sales to see how much profit you’re making – and whether you need to adjust product prices. It also helps you stay on top of reordering so you’re never caught short.

6. Expenses

This report gives you all of your outbound salon expenses in one place. You can find rent, wages, hair care products, and even decorative candles all in one place, so you can see what you’re spending money on. Paired with your sales report, you can pull together a P&L readout in seconds.

Benefits: Homing in on your expenses can help make sure you’re running a profitable salon at sustainable levels. You can quickly see what costs can be cut, reined in, or better accounted for.

7. Transaction detail

With this report, you can dive as deep as you want into every transaction made in your salon, including gratuities, sales tax, services fees, and more.

Benefits: If you’re the type of person who needs all of the details, this report is your best friend. You can precisely identify which expenses come from where, and dig into your cost percentages.

8. MVP clients

Salons are a people business: this report shows you who your salon’s best clients are, broken down by most booked and highest spenders. Combined with the appointments report, you can see exactly which clients are booking your most popular services, and how much they’re contributing to your profits.

Benefits: Identifying your best clients can help you identify what you’re doing well and how you can do it better. You can use this info to build loyalty programs, consider new services, and create loyal clients for years to come.

How To Use GlossGenius Reports

GlossGenius reports can give you tons of different views into the health of your salon. There are a few places you can start when thinking about tracking metrics and growing your business:

1. Set benchmarks and reach for new goals

With your sales, appointments, expenses, and inventory reports, you can set benchmarks for yearly performance around appointments booked, products sold, and total sales. From there, you can do a bit of dreaming and set some tangible goals for your business based on your performance and projections.

2. Identify areas to improve

Through your GlossGenius reports, you can quickly identify your biggest expenses and missed opportunities. If expenses are too high, prices are too low, or rebookings aren’t quite what you expected, you can make plans to turn those numbers around – and track them as you go.

Now you can use your GrowthGenius report to grow your business! As a GlossGenius member, you’ll receive personalized business insights to your email inbox every Monday morning. You can expect to see:

  • Week-over-week projected income based on booked appointments
  • A summary of any no-shows and cancellations
  • How your projected weekly performance compares to your average 
  • Lightbulb suggestions to get more insights
sample of what GrowthGenius reports look like

3. See what works and build momentum

As you do your best to reach or exceed your goals, your GlossGenius reports can show you just how far you’ve come. You can see what’s working in terms of appointments, most valuable clients, and even the most popular products you’ve sold – and find new ways to keep up the good work. You might even be surprised by what your biggest needle movers have been.

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