8 Reports You Can Easily Run with GlossGenius

Our goal at GlossGenius is to make your behind-the-scenes business run as smoothly as possible, so you can focus on what’s in front of you – your clients. Let your creativity soar and leave the rest to us with these eight reports easily generated with our all-in-one booking, payment, and reporting solution.

In a matter of minutes, you’ll have access to deep insights about your salon that you can break down by individual team members or by your entire staff. We know this isn’t the fun part of being an independent beauty professional, but we’ve made it so easy you might just start to enjoy it.

Sales: A breakdown of your gross and net transactions

This report includes all of the top-line information you need for a digestible overview of your profits. Take a deeper dive into your service charges, retail sales, client-paid fees(convenience or processing), total gratuity, total cash amounts collected, taxes paid, refunds processed, and more. This information will be vital to the “P” half of your P&L.

Appointments: A detailed overview of your appointments to date

Whether you need a hard copy of your schedule for the upcoming week or want a rundown of what your most popular services are, tap away to print this report. This will give you an at-a-glance view of your past and upcoming appointments in a convenient spreadsheet format that you can sort by the client, date, service, and more.

Retail Sales: All the info you need about your retail sales

If you’re selling product, this is a must; this report tracks all the need-to-know info about your retail history. With this spreadsheet on hand you’ll have insight on who purchased what, when, and how often in a convenient format that allows you to sort by the metrics most important to you.

Sales Tax: Insightful information on your sales tax history

Sales tax isn’t sexy, but we can at least make it sleek in this easy-to-follow spreadsheet that includes all the pertinent information you should have access to about your sales tax history. When it comes to sales tax, you can quickly view who paid what, for what product, and when.

Inventory Management: An outline of your inventory sales and status

This makes inventory day a breeze! Not only can you easily access what you've sold, how much in sales you've made, what your cost was, you’ll also have all the deets on what needs restocking (based on your customized desired minimum), what your best sellers are, and what your profits are. Note: this list is only available when “All Staff” is selected.

Expenses: All of your outbound expenses in one place 

Understanding your business expenses is key to helping you run a profitable business. When you select “All Staff” with our Expenses Report, you can seamlessly track all of your salon’s expenses in one place. Categorize them, record receipts, and keep an eye on where you’re spending money, so you instantly know how profitable you are – no number crunching necessary!

Transaction Detail: Line items of all your transactions

For those of you who live for details, this one’s for you. You can deep dive into every single line item for every charge you've had over the time period you select. From gratuities, to sales tax, to service fees, if you want to further understand the breakdown of your transactions, this is the place.

Most Valuable Clients: A list of your top 10 clients

You and your team are the stars, but the real MVPs are the clients that keep you going. Understanding your clients better is a fail-proof play to building a winning business! In a couple of clicks, this report will show you who your most valuable clients are –broken down by most booked and highest spender – so you can finetune how to keep them coming back for more. 

To access Reports, navigate to the bottom right of the app tab bar, tap More > Reports >Select the report type > Choose the reporting period (you can choose from day, quarter, year, or a custom range) > Send. In seconds, you’ll have a detailed yet easy-to-read PDF or .CSV file sent directly to your email.

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