Salon Business Features: Top 3 Essentials

“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…” and we hope you’re feeling good! We’re always excited to see more salon businesses thrive. As the world begins to step back outside, we’re challenged to continue to meet our clients’ needs. We need reliable salon and spa booking, easy payment options and the right tools to get your business out in front. Let’s look at the top 3 essentials for your salon business to thrive.

1. Salon Appointment Software

Pen and paper can only carry you so far and you deserve technology that will do the work for you! With the right tools, scheduling and managing your calendar can be automated all at your control and clients can book 24/7 which means you make money while you sleep. Clients appreciate the flexibility of having access to your schedule at any time of day and they will LOVE your GlossGenius custom-branded booking site.

Salon software, like GlossGenius, can be your personal assistant that takes care of your custom-branded booking site, appointment confirmations, cancellation policies, expenses, and more. 

Also, salon software can help you stay close with your clients by keeping track of the details like your clients’ favorite products, birthdays and drink of choice! GlossGenius can help you keep track of all of this and more so you can remember your clients’ faves every single time.

It is important to find an all-in-one payment and booking system that stands out above the clunky, inefficient systems out there. GlossGenius gives you that edge. 

2. Payment Processing

Your services are 5-star and your checkout process should be too! A professional salon POS (point-of-sale)device like a card reader can help you take payments quickly, easily and help protect your business against chargebacks. 

When you have a card-reader, everything should be all-in-one and GlossGenius keeps payment processing all in one place so checking out clients is easy and fast. With GlossGenius, you’ll save money with low payment processing fees. At 2.6%, no other hidden fees, you’ll have access to the best rates in the industry. 

Learn more about GlossGenius' stunning card readers! 

3. Promote Your Salon and Spa

Do you need to communicate with your clients with targeted messaging through SMS and email? How nice would it be to follow up with a list of customers you haven’t seen in over 6 months? Can beauty marketing get any easier?

GlossGenius has put together a suite of marketing tools to let you focus more on what you love. With easy access to salon email marketing, templates for your social media, and other beauty salon marketing tools, you’ll have everything you need to get noticed and increase sales.

Here are some ideas to boost sales with promotions and giveaways!

We only see more money, easier booking, and happy clients ahead of you and we know you can make that happen with the right tools in your hands. 

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