How to Choose a Payment Processing Solution that Works for You

The best part of living the dream of owning your own beauty business is getting paid for doing what you love. If you’re just starting out, you’ve probably been thinking more about the idea of getting paid rather than the logistics behind it. And if you’ve been running a beauty business for a while, you might already have your own system in place – although we hate to break it to you, a filing cabinet full of receipts and a drawer of petty cash doesn’t quite cut it in today's digital-first world. 

When you start really thinking about what goes on behind the scenes of getting paid, you’ll soon discover you need a payment processing solution that keeps up with the times and knows how to work for you, a beauty and wellness professional. 

Here’s what to look for in a system that won’t break the bank while you’re trying to cash in, and questions you should ask when considering any payment processing provider.

How Will Your Point of Sale Meet Your Professional Needs?

Not all payment processing solutions are created equal. Though they might all get the basic job done (transferring money from your client’s wallet to your bank account) that’s not always enough. As a service professional, you need a system that does all that, while also helping you accept all forms of payment quickly, earn bigger tips, and highlight your best reviews. Bonus points if your payment processing solution is specifically engineered to meet the specific needs of working in the beauty industry. 

Questions to ask when considering a POS: 

  • How many different payment types does it accept? Is it compatible with chipped debit and credit cards, Tap to Pay, digital wallets, and keyed-in entries? 
  • Does it allow you to get paid anytime, anywhere with Instant Payouts?
  • Can clients check out with multiple forms of payment like two different cards or cash and card?
  • Does it provide the option for clients to leave a card on file – at booking or just to make client checkout as easy as: 'Charge my card and add 20%'?
  • Can you require deposits at booking and customize by service and whether a client is new or returning?
  • Does it calculate no-show and last-minute cancellation fees for you so you can protect your money and your time?
  • Is it portable so you can take it on the go or share it with other service providers that work under your brand?
  • Does it make tipping easy (and less awkward) with a post-service prompt and a customizable default tip amount?
  • Can clients quickly rebook their next beauty appointment during the check-out process?
  • How does it handle multiple different team members accepting payments?
  • Does it produce digital receipts that ask for reviews (and make it easy for your clients to leave a review via a link that's included automatically for you)?
  • Can you feature your best reviews on the About page of your free, customizable booking site so potential clients can see the value you provide?
  • Are you able to hide less-than-stellar reviews so you have the opportunity to handle any issues discreetly and protect your brand and business?

In addition to accepting all major payment types, GlossGenius gives you total control of your payment processing power. Collect more gratuities, allow clients to split payment across multiple payment methods, and send digital receipts for total ease and convenience for you and your clients.

How Soon Will You Get Paid?

Part of the allure of being your own boss is having complete control over your paycheck. Most merchant services will make your funds available in 24-48 hours (during business days), but many will upcharge you for that. You want to make sure you’re not waiting for days or putting up extra fees to get paid for a service you’ve already completed. 

Questions to ask: 

  • What’s the timeline for receiving money in your account? 
  • Are same-business-day transfers available for no extra fee?
  • Are Instant Payouts available so I can get my money even quicker?

GlossGenius transfers your money ASAP – including Instant Payouts that hit within 30 minutes, and free same-business-day transfers so you receive your money in your account on the next business day.

How Will Your Checkout Process Elevate the Client Experience? 

Just because we’re talking the business end of the client experience, doesn’t mean it shouldn't be on-brand. In addition to meeting your professional needs and getting you paid in a timely manner, it also helps if your POS system looks good. Forget boring black or white payment processing hardware – because let's be honest, they are entirely forgettable. Instead, get a stunning card reader that represents your brand, sparks conversations, and most importantly, that clients will remember.

Of course, beauty is beyond skin deep, and a truly impressive payment solution should be as easy for you and your clients to navigate as it is on the eyes.

Questions to ask: 

  • What does your POS hardware say about your brand and does it spark joy for your clients?
  • Is your payment processing hardware portable – or even built right into your iPhone – so you can accept payments anywhere in the salon or while on location?
  • When it comes to POS software, is it easy for clients to read and follow prompts, and does it provide a streamlined payment, gratuity, and rebooking experience?  
  • Can you buy a colorful card reader that comes in a variety of patterns so you can match it with your brand aesthetic, and make the accent colors on my booking site coordinate, too?

How Will Your Team Get Paid?

When it comes to a POS system, you don't just have to worry about client experience – your employees' experience matters too. Make sure your payment processing solution gives your team flexible and secure payout options, empowering your booth renters with their own financial independence.

Questions to ask:

  • How many team members can get access to payment processing tools?
  • Can my booth renters get paid out directly to their own bank accounts, while maintaining a collective team booking experience?

Is Your Payment Processing Solution Secure for You and Your Clients? 

You work hard to earn every penny and your POS system should be working just as hard to keep your earnings safe. Security is one of the most important aspects of a payment processing solution for you and your clients. 

You need to know your checkout process is armed with layers of protection against fraudulent activity, and that your clients can rest assured their credit card info is safe, too.

Questions to ask: 

How Will Your Payment Processing Solution Integrate with Your Beauty Business?

A basic POS system will get you paid, but the best salon payment processing solution will offer even more bang for your buck with additional features that make your beauty and wellness business easier to manage and grow!

More questions to ask: 

  • Does your POS have the capability to connect with your booking system? 
  • Are payments automatically reflected within your booking solution on your client’s appointment details and within your client’s profile? 
  • Does it have the ability to integrate with your inventory and track product quantities in connection with product sales so you know what's selling – and what's not – and when you need to restock? 
  • Can you set and apply commission fees for your staff that are customizable and automatically calculated to make it easy to know what to pay your team? 
  • Are you able to run detailed appointment, retail sales, inventory, expense reports and more on demand so you have the latest data on tap to help you run and grow your business?
  • When you need customer support, are you able to talk to real people who understand what it's like to run a beauty and wellness business, are available during the hours your business is open, and will handle any issues quickly and professionally so you can get back to serving your clients?

GlossGenius provides a powerful platform with built-in payment processing and smart, customizable features that are seamlessly integrated and designed so you can manage your business using a single, secure app – for ultimate peace of mind.

How Much Do Payment Processing Solutions Cost? 

Every payment platform, processing system, or POS is going to cost you something. It takes money to make money. The question is: Will it be worth it? Beyond the initial or ongoing cost of POS hardware, be on the lookout for complex payment processing fees, sneaky add-ons, or inflated rates. In other words, always read the fine print!

Questions to ask: 

  • Is there a monthly fee, and if so, what other services and features (if any) does that cover?
  • How is the transaction calculated – does your POS provider charge a low, flat rate so you always know what you're paying, or will they charge a rate that seems low until you add up what their per-transaction fees cost you every month?
  • Beyond the base rate that looks good, are there higher rates or additional fees for online purchases, keyed-in transactions, or payments made when a card is not present?
  • When you factor in transferring your books and hosting your website, client booking, scheduling, and management, and whether you need to pay for additional apps to handle things like forms and waivers, what is the total cost of getting all the features you need to run a successful beauty and wellness business efficiently?

From giving you the push you need to raise your prices, to making sure you’re getting paid on time, part of our mission at GlossGenius is always empowering you to secure the bag.

If you’re considering investing in a payment processing solution, make sure to ask the questions above so you know you're not being overcharged or shortchanged. And remember, you may think it's a small amount now, but fees add up week after week and month after month, and ultimately impact what you make this year and beyond.

With GlossGenius, you always know what you're paying – a simple subscription price each month and one low, flat rate for every transaction – and get a powerful booking, scheduling, and client management solution tailor-made for beauty and wellness pros.

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