How to Evaluate a Payroll Tool For Your Business

The struggle is real when it comes to juggling multiple programs and platforms to keep things running smoothly in your salon. As a business owner, you don’t have time for the never-ending cycle of login credentials and data transfers as you jump from your booking platform to your payment processor to your payroll solution and back again. Luckily, the solution is simple: an all-in-one system that's as flexible as your business needs. 

The days of one-size-fits-all payroll providers are behind us. Modern salons like yours need the flexibility to pay their teams in a multitude of ways, sometimes all on the same day, and your tech should reflect that. 

It's not just about making sure your crew gets what they’re due on time – it's about creating an employee experience that’s smoother than a freshly laminated brow. Ahead, we're diving into all the need-to-know info on picking the perfect payroll system for you and your squad with all the right questions to ask along the way.

Does Your Payroll System Meet Your Professional Needs?

When considering a payroll tool for your business, it's essential that it aligns with your professional requirements. All businesses are not created equally, and salon service industries have specific needs to consider when searching for a new system – from different employee contracts to a variety of commission tiers. Here are some questions to ask as you begin the hunt:

  • Can the payroll system accommodate different compensation structures, such as commissions, hourly wages, and tips?
  • Can it handle deductions and bonuses specific to the beauty industry?

How Does Payroll Integrate With Your Business?

Generic payroll tools don't understand how a salon works. Commission? Tips? Hourly? Salaried? Different pay rates and schedules? A well-integrated payroll system can streamline various aspects of your salon operations. An even better system knows exactly what you need as a beauty pro. These questions can help you evaluate integration capabilities for your services:

  • Does the payroll system integrate with your salon's scheduling software to link hours worked with appointments and shifts?
  • Can it automatically calculate taxes and other deductions, reducing the risk of errors in financial reporting?
  • Does it integrate with accounting and bookkeeping software to simplify financial management?

GlossGenius makes payroll management simple by breaking down compensation the way salon owners understand, with inputs for commission types, tips, and more. You can confidently say buh-bye to one-size-fits-all payroll products, and manage everything under a single login where your payroll is done in just three simple steps.

How Will Your Team Get Paid?

Ensuring that your team gets paid accurately and promptly is a must, but there’s more than one way to get the money into their hands. Here are the questions to consider when it comes to how your salon team will get paid:

  • How often does the payroll system process payments? Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly?
  • Can the system accommodate different payment methods, such as direct deposit or checks?
  • Does it offer the flexibility to adjust payment schedules if needed for holidays or unforeseen circumstances?

How Will Your Payroll Process Elevate The Employee Experience?

As a good boss, you want your team to feel empowered and in control of their income, and a seamless payroll process can significantly enhance the employee experience in that way. Here’s what to ask as you evaluate different tools:

  • Does the system provide employees with a self-service portal to view pay stubs, and tax forms, and manage their personal information?
  • Can employees easily access historical payroll data and tax-related documents?
  • Is there a mobile app or a user-friendly interface that simplifies payroll inquiries for your team?

How Will Your Payroll Solution Make Tax Time Easier?

Without the right tools, managing your team's compensation while ensuring your business stays compliant with tax regulations is one of the less glamorous parts of the industry. Tax time can be challenging enough, and your payroll system should help simplify the process. Questions to ask:

  • Can the system automatically calculate and withhold taxes, including federal, state, and local taxes?
  • Does it generate tax forms such as W-2s and 1099s and assist in e-filing with government agencies?
  • Are there features that help you stay updated on changing tax laws and compliance requirements?

For a truly one-and-done solution, GlossGenius’s booking, payment, and payroll platform not only calculates your taxes, but we go the extra mile by taking care of the filing process for you. 

Our tax support extends to federal, state, and local tax obligations, handling all the essential forms, including Form W-2, Form 1099, Form 940, and Form 941. With less attention spent on tax time, you can direct your focus where it belongs: on managing your salon.

How Much Do Payroll Processing Solutions Cost?

Cost is an important factor in any business decision. When evaluating the cost of a payroll processing solution, consider these questions:

  • What is the pricing structure of the payroll system? Monthly subscription, per employee, or transaction-based?
  • Are there any hidden fees or additional costs for support, updates, or extra features?
  • Can the system scale with your business's growth without a substantial increase in costs?

Most payroll solutions cost between $40 and $100 per month, plus additional fees per employee enrolled in payroll. On the lower end, expect to pay $6-$8 per head, with costs increasing as your team does. Additionally, some solutions charge different amounts in different states, or increase their per-employee cost as you add features you want or need.

GlossGenius Payroll costs $40 per month, plus $6 for each team member using payroll – that’s it! There are no hidden fees, no add-on features, and no contracts.

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