5 Best Spa Management Software for Small Businesses in 2023

Ever feel like managing a spa is as hectic as navigating through an endless maze? You're not alone. Imagine, then, a trusty guide that helps you stay on top of appointments, track client history, and manage payments – all with just a few clicks. That's what we call 'spa management software'.

In this article article, we'll shine light on options such as GlossGenius, Square, Acuity Scheduling, and more. And by the end, you should have a solid idea of what spa scheduling software makes the most sense for your business. Okay, let's get into it! But first...

What is Spa Management Software?

Spa management software, at its core, is a tool that lets spa owners and staff manage day-to-day operations more smoothly. This can include everything from appointment scheduling to customer relationship management.

A comprehensive solution should help you keep track of client appointments, services offered, employee schedules, inventory levels, and even marketing efforts. Think of it as your personal assistant – only digital. The goal here isn't just about organization; it's also about boosting efficiency and enhancing the overall client experience.

Scheduling Made Simple

Let's start with scheduling. With spa management software like GlossGenius, for example, clients can book their own appointments online - anytime they want. It eliminates the need for constant phone calls or emails back and forth trying to find a suitable time slot.

This means less stress on your front desk staff and more convenience for your customers - which makes them happy too.

In-Depth Client Management

Moving onto another important aspect: managing client records efficiently. Most solutions give you an easy way to record crucial information such as contact details, service history, or any special notes related to allergies or preferences.

The advantage? Your team has access to all this data right when they need it during consultations or treatments. Personalized service made simple.

Better Inventory Control

Last but not least, let’s talk about inventory control because running out of essential products mid-treatment is something no spa wants. A good system keeps tabs on product usage so you know exactly when you need restocking.

Not only does this prevent embarrassing circumstances, but it can also help to avoid the additional expenses associated with stocking too much. So, you see how a spa management software can truly be your best ally?

In Summary

Spa management software is all about making your spa run smoother and boosting the customer experience. It makes scheduling a breeze, keeps track of client records, and even helps with inventory control.

5 Best Spa Management Software To Run Your Business

Here are our top picks for the best spa management software right now:

  1. GlossGenius
  2. Square
  3. Acuity
  4. Vagaro
  5. Managomint

Okay, let's dive deeper into each one.

1. GlossGenius

GlossGenius spa software

Meet GlossGenius, the salon and spa management software that is transforming how beauty professionals run their businesses. A woman-founded company, GlossGenius helps thousands of spa owners manage and grow their clientele all in one platform. From appointment booking, payment card readers, reporting tools, client management features, and much more, GlossGenius is built from the ground up for spa owners.

Top Features of GlossGenius

The first thing you'll notice about GlossGenius is its seamless booking system. It lets clients schedule appointments at any time, reducing your administrative tasks so you can focus more on providing the best possible service for your clients.

Beyond bookings, GlossGenius offers robust client management capabilities. This feature helps you keep track of client histories, preferences, contact information, and much more – all vital for delivering personalized services that make customers feel special.

What's more? This software has marketing tools designed specifically for salons and spas. You get access to customizable templates for emails or text messages, which makes it simple to engage with your clientele effectively. So whether it’s announcing a new service or promoting a seasonal offer, communicating just got easier.

GlossGenius Pricing

GlossGeinus operates on a straightforward pricing model – no hidden fees or surprise charges here. For $24/monthly (billed annually), you get unlimited access to all features including appointment scheduling, marketing tools as well as 24/7 support. Check out full pricing details here.

If you're unsure about committing right away; don't sweat it. They offer an initial trial period free-of-charge. It's a perfect opportunity to test the waters and see if GlossGenius fits your business needs.

2. Square

Square for spas

Meet Square, a robust POS system (that can also be used for salons or spas) that aims to simplify the management of your business. It's not just about processing payments; it's much more.

Top Features of Square

What sets Square apart from the rest and makes it so appealing? Let's explore some key features.

The first thing to note is its inventory management capability. This lets you keep track of products, alerting you when stock levels are low so there won't be any last-minute scrambles for supplies. Next up is employee management which gives an insight into how your team performs by tracking sales by staff member.

Beyond this, Square has integrated online booking functionality allowing clients to book appointments 24/7 from anywhere they please. Plus, customer profiles help personalize each interaction with information on past purchases and preferences at hand.

Square Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Square offers several plans catering to various needs and budgets. The most basic plan starts free with transaction fees applied per payment processed while other packages come with monthly charges starting from $60 per month offering more advanced functionalities such as team performance reports or custom loyalty programs (check their website for full details). Remember though – no hidden fees here. You only pay for what you use.

3. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity for spas

Managing a spa can feel like juggling with one hand tied behind your back. But Acuity Scheduling lets you breathe easy by handling the booking chaos.

Top Features of Acuity

With Acuity, clients can book appointments 24/7, saving you from phone tag or double-booking disasters. No more sticky notes everywhere. Keep track of client information and history right within the system. Plus, intake forms are completed online before appointments, making check-in as smooth as butter on warm toast.

The app's capability to be integrated with other applications, like Google Calendar, QuickBooks, and MailChimp, ensures a unified system that can be managed from one location.

Acuity Pricing

The Basic Plan starts at $20/month for solo users, while the Powerhouse plan tops out at $61/month for large teams needing advanced features like text reminders and package selling options.Check out their pricing page for full details.

4. Vagaro

Vagaro Pro for spas

For spa management, Vagaro stands as a popular choice. This software is built to cater for all the needs of your spa business.

Top Features of Vagaro

The strength of Vagaro lies in its marketplace. It gives you access to website services, client databases, and marketing tools that help streamline operations. The calendar function allows spas to easily manage appointments and reduce no-shows with automated reminders. And with digital intake forms, it's easy for clients to fill out their details before they arrive at the spa – saving time and reducing contact points.

Vagaro Pricing

Varying pricing options are offered by Vagaro based on user count. For solo professionals starting at $25/month and $85/month for up-to 7 users – making it accessible across different sizes of businesses. Here's more about their pricing structure.

Remember, not every software will fit perfectly into each salon or spa setup, so make sure you know what specific requirements your business has before committing. But overall, if comprehensive scheduling capabilities combined with strong marketing features appeal, then give Vagaro a try.

5. Mangomint

Mangomint for spas

If you're seeking an elegant solution to manage your spa, Mangomint might be the answer. It's designed with beauty and wellness businesses in mind.

Top Features of Mangomint

Mangomint provides a suite of tools to make managing operations easier. First off, it boasts an intuitive scheduling system. This lets you keep track of appointments without breaking a sweat.

Beyond just booking, this software gives you client management capabilities as well. You can maintain detailed customer profiles to offer more personalized services. Plus, the retail functionality makes selling products straightforward and efficient.

In addition, Mangomint also comes equipped with powerful reporting features. With these at your disposal, understanding business performance becomes easier than ever before.

Mangomint Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Mangomint is transparent and flexible, but it can be on the more expensive side.

Their Essentials plan costs $165 per month, which gives you access to all essential features, such as appointment scheduling and client management, among others. From simple bookings through product sales and client management to comprehensive reports – Mangomint seems to have it all covered. But, if you're looking for similar features at a more budget-friendly price, you might want to look at an alternative on this list.

What is the best scheduling software for spa?

If you're running a spa, you know that juggling appointments can get overwhelming. But with the proper tools, it's a piece of cake. The secret? A top-notch salon and spa management software.

We may sound biased, by GlossGenius stands out from the crowd because of its ability to serve both individual professional small business owners and larger teams in spas. Let's dive into why GlossGenius has won over many professionals in this industry.

The Charm of GlossGenius

GlossGenius boasts an intuitive design that lets you manage your bookings effortlessly. With features such as automated reminders, there’s no need to worry about missed appointments anymore.

Its versatility shines when dealing with different-sized businesses. For solo practitioners or smaller teams, GlossGenius' pricing starts at $24/month. This gives access to all core functionalities, including point-of-sale (POS) system integration and 24/7 support. It truly makes managing a beauty venture less daunting.


Unlocking the maze of spa management is simpler than you think, especially when armed with the right spa management software. GlossGenius, Square, Acuity Scheduling – each has unique offerings that cater to different needs. Vagaro and Mangomint aren't far behind either.

The key is to understand your business requirements well. This way, picking a tool becomes less about popularity and more about practicality! Remember: It's not just scheduling or payment tracking. A robust system lets you enhance client satisfaction too. That's real growth! If you're ready for this journey towards seamless operations, give GlossGenius a try with our 14-day free trial (no credit card required)!

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