Setting Goals for a Successful 2023 at Your Salon

After all the holiday parties, family dinners, and gift giving have passed, you might finally find yourself with a moment alone to think about what the year ahead has in store for you. When you sit down to start reflecting on or writing out your New Year’s resolutions, don't forget to add a section for your business to the list.

As you form your ideas for what's ahead, start with your “why” and consider what’s important for you to focus on as you continue building your empire. Then, get ready to set yourself up for success in 2023 with a clear set of goals – here are a few to get you started.

Streamline Your Operations

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been doing this for years, there’s always room to tighten up your business management practices. It doesn’t matter if you’re a team of one or ten, efficiency is the key to keeping your salon running smoothly (and keeping your mental health in check, too).

If streamlining your business operations is your goal, try:

  • Moving all your business planning from paper to a digital platform.
  • Making a point to really nail your checkout process with a solid salon POS that offers a variety of payment options.
  • Getting everyone on the same page once and for all with shared schedules and calendar syncing.

Enhance Your Client Experience

Take your salon to a new level next year by building up your brand with purpose. Do a full audit of your service menu, portfolio, salon aesthetic, and visual assets to determine exactly how you’re presenting your business to the world.

Most importantly, make sure every client is getting the exceptional experience they deserve, but also take special note of your MVCs (Most Valuable Clients) – it never hurts to give a little extra love to those who consistently support your business.

If enhancing your client experience is your goal, try:

  • Using GlossGenius to easily pull reports on who your top clients are by who books most frequently and who spends the most. Offer them an exclusive discount on their next service or give them a complimentary product at the end of the year.
  • Taking more client notes. Every person wants to feel seen. Keeping a log of what products and formulas you used so you can check in or noting what you talked about so you can ask follow-up questions goes a long way.
  • Asking for more reviews. The feedback will be invaluable when it comes to upgrading your salon experience or continuing to do what you do best, and having plenty of 5-star reviews on your booking site is a surefire way to attract new clients!

Level Up Your Marketing Game

As with any relationship, communication is key. While a sense of individual connection with every client is certainly at the center of a successful salon, the marketing magic happens in mass communication. This is the time to really think back on how often your brand was in front of your clients when they weren’t in the chair.

Ask yourself: What kind of presence do you have outside of the salon? Is your brand popping up on their social feeds and in their inbox? If it’s not where you want it to be, there’s an easy fix for that and it doesn’t involve bringing on a pricey marketing agency.

If your goal is to level up your marketing game, try:

  • Giving your website a refresh. Add or improve your “About” section, link your social media platforms, or add fresh photos of your best work on a portfolio page.
  • Sending more SMS and email campaigns. GlossGenius makes it so simple with free campaigns and access to easy-to-customize templates.
  • Posting more on social media. Pick your favorite platform and go for it! Share more before and afters, promote your go-to products, and announce flash sales or last-minute openings. There are dozens of stunning, on-trend templates to choose from on the GlossGenius app that make it too easy not to share!

Boost Your Bottom Line

If this is the year to give yourself a raise (psst – every year is the year to give yourself a raise when you’re the boss), start by reviewing your salon numbers so you can set realistic and attainable financial goals for the quarters ahead. You’ll also want to consider how to protect your money (and time) and how to maximize your savings for the future.

If your goal is to boost your bottom line, try:

  • Protecting yourself from no-shows and last-minute cancellations – these unpleasant and unpredictable occurrences can give your wallet (and morale) a serious hit.
  • Paying more attention to what you can expense and managing your taxes like a boss.
  • Creating a contingency plan that will prepare you and protect your business in the face of a possible recession.
  • Setting yourself up for a comfy future by making this the year you start contributing to an IRA (Individual Retirement Arrangement). As an independent professional, a 401k won’t be an option, so start doing your homework and setting aside the funds you need to retire in style!

If you want to take a deeper dive into 2023 goal setting, keep the momentum going with our Salon Success Worksheets and you’ll be well on your way to a very Happy New Year.

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