These Are the Salon Numbers You Should Be Looking at Regularly

Life as a beauty pro can get pretty busy. Between servicing clients, managing employees, and generally running the show, we know admin tasks can get lost in the shuffle. That said, when was the last time you checked in on your salon reports and metrics? Last week? Last month? No judgment here – we know how busy the life of a boss can get, but consider this a gentle reminder that it's time to run your numbers.

If you aren’t reviewing your numbers on a regular basis you may be missing out on several opportunities to grow your brand and your bottom line. Ahead, we get into the salon reports you should be looking at over short periods of time and some questions to ask yourself that will make you a better businessperson and beauty pro in the long run.

Daily Sales

What’s in the report: Everything you need to get a snapshot of your profits by day, week, month, or quarter is right here. With this report, you’ll also be able to take a closer look at specific numbers including service charges, retail, client-paid fees, gratuity, and more.

Questions to ask: How much did I make today? How are my clients paying?

Why it matters: With this information, you can gain a greater understanding of how your profits break down. When you start getting close to tax time, this information will also be crucial to understanding your gross profits, otherwise known as the “P” half of your P&L report (which is also available through GlossGenius’s Expense Management feature). You’ll learn more about how you’re making money (are services or retail racking up the most sales?), where you’re losing money (is there a certain area you’re processing a lot of refunds?), and how your overall bottom line can be improved.

Booked Appointments

What’s in the report: By checking out your Appointments report, you’ll get an at-a-glance view of your booking history in a simple spreadsheet that you can filter and sort by the client, date, service, and more.

Questions to ask: How many appointments did I book today? What services were booked most? Which provider had the most bookings? 

Why it matters: In addition to your booking history, you’ll also be able to see what you have coming up for the period of time selected. Whether you want a hard copy of your salon’s schedule for the upcoming week or are curious about what your most popular services are of late, you’ll find what you need in this report. When you dive in, you can quickly identify the services that are most (and least) commonly booked, which may give you insight into what you want to keep or add to your menu. You’ll also be able to understand what your busiest times or days of the week are, which may help you prepare for high-volume periods in the future so you can schedule staff accordingly. And, if you’re working with a team, you can also get an idea of who your salon’s most popular service providers are so you can utilize their strengths and popularity in the best way possible.

Average Ticket

What’s in the report: You’ll find these stats under the Analytics feature. Here, you’ll be able to find out how much money you’re earning per client visit across services and retail purchases. 

Questions to ask: How much are clients spending with me? How can I increase this number?

Why it matters: Ultimately, your average ticket can help determine how on track you are to meet your desired salary. If you have a target income in mind, you should be thinking about that number divided by the hours you’re spending with each client, so you can better understand how the amount they’re spending stacks up to where your numbers need to be each day, week, or quarter without working overtime. If your average ticket numbers are too low, you could end up overcompensating by seeing more clients, which will only result in burnout. Instead, start to consider profitable add-ons or premium products that you can upsell during each appointment. Overall, keeping an eye on this number will contribute to growing your wealth and balancing your time.

Average Retail

What’s in the report: With these numbers on hand, you’ll have instant insight into who purchased what, when they purchased it, and how often. Presented in an easy-to-read CSV format, you’ll be able to sort by the metrics that matter most to you.

Questions to ask: What are my most popular products? What are my least popular products? How often are they selling?

Why it matters: If you’re selling products, reviewing your retail history is a must. With this report, you can quickly conclude which items are your best and worst sellers. When you have this information at hand, you can then determine whether you should adjust pricing based on demand, whether you should discontinue items that aren’t moving, or whether you need to motivate your team (or yourself) to move more product in a way that feels authentic to your salon vibe.

Most Valuable Clients

What’s in the report: With this, you’ll quickly know who your MVCs (most valuable clients) are. In a few taps, you’ll see who your top 10 regulars are broken down by those who booked the most and by those who spend the highest.

Questions to ask: Who are my VIPs? Who’s missing from that list (i.e. who needs a nudge to come in)? How does your MVCs’ spending compare to your average ticket?

Why it matters: You’re in the business of dealing with people, and really each client should be treated like a VIP, but understanding who your true top clients are is a fail-proof play to creating a winning business and a strong roster of regulars. Regular clients are more likely to spend more, so you’ll want to pour a little extra energy into guiding them to make the best product purchases or select add-ons that will be most valuable to them. In addition, your best clients can help you identify what you’re doing right, so you can translate that feedback into building better loyalty programs, considering new services, and ensuring loyal clients for the lifetime of your business.

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