Set Yourself Up to Attract Clients Who Value Your Business

When you’re just getting started as a beauty pro, anyone who walks in the door is a new opportunity to practice your skill, show off your space, and most of all, make some money. But, before you get caught up with how big a roster you can rack up, let it be known that attracting individuals who value your brand is just as good for your sanity as it is for your bottom line.

Building a high-caliber clientele starts with understanding how you want to run your business and where you want to take it. Here’s how to ensure you’re landing quality over quantity when it comes to clients.

First, Consider Your Skillset

It’s always a good idea to reevaluate your service list every now and then, but when you’re thinking about who you want to attract to your salon, this is the best place to start. Think about the services you’re most skilled at and what you enjoy the most, then compare that to what clients are actually booking. You should also think about which of those services is most profitable. Are you getting a ton of clients that are only booking your most basic offering? Or are you offering fad-driven services that will only attract a very specific audience for a short amount of time? If so, it may be time to give your menu and your marketing strategy a makeover.

Updating your menu or marketing outreach couldn’t be easier with GlossGenius on your side. Our custom booking site lets you toggle specific services on or off at any moment, while turn-key (and free!) communications campaigns allow you to reach clients en masse with a simple text or email template. The idea is to focus on pulling in the clients who are most aligned both with your current skills and your long-term financial goals.

Next, Find Out Who Your Most Valuable Clients Are

After your menu is streamlined to your satisfaction, consider your current clientele and take note of who your top customers are. You might even go through your contacts line by line and think about your most memorable experiences with each person. Which clients show the most appreciation? Maybe these are your most generous tippers or the ones who always arrive with a gift during the holidays. Which clients consistently show you respect? The ones who are always punctual, genuinely polite, and rarely ever cancel might come to mind.

On the flip side, you’ll have to think about your biggest business pet peeves and the people who exhibit those behaviors the most. It's time to surround yourself with people who are both pleasant and profitable. By curating your clientele now, you’re working toward long-term benefits that will shape your salon’s future.

When you’re using GlossGenius, you can even run a report to show who your MVCs (most valuable clients) truly are. In a couple of clicks, this rundown will show you the stats on your top 10 most valuable clients – broken down by most booked and highest spender – so you can quickly identify who values you and strategize how to keep them on the roster.

To access your MVCs, go to More > Reports and select Most Valuable Clients. Choose the reporting period (you can choose from day, quarter, year, or a custom range) and tap Send. In seconds, you’ll have a detailed and easy-to-read PDF or CSV file sent directly to your email.

Then, Establish Policies That Protect Your Boundaries

As an independent beauty pro, you’re in complete control of your brand, and that includes who your clients are. Use that power to your advantage and start establishing policies that empower you and your team to feel good about every interaction that occurs in your business. You don’t have to put up with bad behaviors or people who don’t appreciate your time and your business. By putting a set of policies in place that curbs disrespect, you can cultivate a salon scene that radiates good vibes only.

Once you’ve got your ideal menu in place and decided who your dream clients are, all that’s left is to give yourself the confidence boost to communicate your beauty business boundaries in a positive and professional way (those text or email campaigns come in handy here, too). Whether you’re cracking down on no-shows or starting to take deposits on services booked, your best clients will be down to follow the rules and the ones who don’t like it, well, they likely aren’t your MVCs anyway.

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