How to Quickly Customize Your Booking Site

Your brand deserves to stand out! With a GlossGenius booking site, we make it really easy to share your vibe and keep your books full. Your booking website is not only a place for sharing your most updated availability but also a place for clients to be wowed by your work and get to know more about you. Showcase your client reviews, your stunning portfolio, and all that makes you, you – it’s all in your control.

You can set up your GlossGenius booking site in minutes and below we’ll walk you through every single step! Open up your GlossGenius app and get started!

Customize Your Look

1. Choose a stunning cover photo

First impressions are everything and in our industry, your branding image is make or break. Add in an image that inspires you or is a piece of work that you are proud of. We suggest using a square or landscape photo for this or here are some gorgeous photos you can use if you can’t find one you like. 

How to:  Settings (top right gear) > Website > Upload Cover Image > Add From Your Camera Roll > Choose from Library > Pick your photo! > Back > Preview Website.

2. Customize your URL (the link you send clients)

We automatically make your booking URL your first name and last name, but you can change it to the name of your beauty business or something else memorable. If you change it, let clients know so they can still find it! 

How to: Settings > Website > Change Website URL > Save.

Booking site optimization

3. Display your services

Keep it sleek with a list of services or help clients see what they are booking by showing off your services visually.

How to: Settings > Website > Display my services visually (turn it on to show pictures and off for a list format).

salon services

4. Design your portfolio

Show off your incredible work with clients in a portfolio on your site. If you’re still working on building your portfolio, you can turn your portfolio setting to OFF! 

How to: Settings > Website > Show Portfolio Gallery > toggle Make Portfolio Live ON or OFF > Add From Your Camera Roll.

Salon portafolio

5. Choose an accent color that matches your style

booking site colors

Choose from 16 designer-approved color gradients for a customized booking experience that matches your personal brand and style! Your new colors will be reflected on your site’s buttons, booking selections, and client flow.

How to: in Settings, tap Website > Choose Accent Color > Pick your color! > Refresh Website and you're done!

6. Take control of online booking

Prefer that clients call you to book? Only want existing clients to be able to book online? You can change your online booking settings quickly and easily in your app. If you disable online booking, you’ll still have a website, but when clients click "Book Now" it will give them your phone number to call.

How to: Settings > Booking Controls & Notifications > Online Booking SettingsSelect your preference.

Prefer to walk through the process with a member of our team? Call or text our support team at 1.888.979.7864 and we will walk through the setup steps with you.

Share Info About Your Beauty Business

1. Tell people about yourself

On your About page clients can learn more about you. If you have a story to share, say it here, or keep it short and sweet! You can share your experience, training, certifications and anything else you’re proud of.

How to: Settings > Website > About > type your bio! > Save.

2. Share your social links

Take your client relationships to the next level by becoming friends on social. Add in your social media links so clients know where else they can keep up with you. They’ll be able to find these at the top of your booking website.

How to: Settings > Website > Connect Social Accounts > Add links to your social accounts.

Add Your Business Info

1. Change your business name

You’ve made a name for yourself, show it off! We automatically make this your first and last name, but you can change it to your beauty business name if you’d like. Clients can also see your business name in the middle of your website and in any email and text communications they receive from you (appointment confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups). 

How to: Settings > Business Details > Business Name > Change your name > Save 

2. Set your schedule

Time is money and clients can easily find your business hours in the About section of your site. They’ll also see your updated availability when booking an appointment with you.

How to: Settings > Business Details > Business Hours > tap each day to change the hours or to turn off the days you take off. 

3. Add your location

Let clients know where to find you and your creative space! If you take house calls, you can also turn the House Call Location toggle to ON so you know where to show up! 

How to: Settings > Business Details > Location > Add your location or turn House Call Location on or do both! 

4. Update your booking settings

Stay in control and decide if you’d like to auto-approve appointments or not. If you choose to not auto-approve appointments, you’ll get a text and email each time someone wants to book you (just reply “Yes” and it is approved!). 

How to: Settings > Booking Controls & Notifications > Online Booking Settings > select your Auto-Approve Appointments preference.

5. Update your cancellation policy

Your time is valuable so make sure that clients know. To automatically enforce your cancellation policy, turn on the option to require a card on file at booking and they will only be charged at the time of appointment at your control. You can also optionally require clients to acknowledge your cancellation policy when they book, to protect against no-shows and chargebacks.

How to: Settings >  Booking Controls & Notifications > Require Card choose whether you want clients to add their card at booking> Back > Cancellation Fee to change the percentage > Save > Back > Cancellation Policy > add your policy and Save > then toggle ON Cancellation Policy Required.

Inspiration &.  Resources

Looking for booking website inspiration or more setup details? Check out the links below for some of our favorite booking sites and more detailed information on how to get started.

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