Mindbody vs Vagaro vs GlossGenius: Which Is Best in 2023?

When it comes to managing a salon or spa business, you need the best tools for the job – and not just the hair dryers, salon chairs, and other equipment. Having the right salon software to manage bookings, collect payments, and provide great client service will set you apart from the competition.

You might already be familiar with Mindbody and Vagaro, but there’s a third option you might not have considered: GlossGenius. In this article, we compare Mindbody vs. Vagaro vs. GlossGenius so you can choose the salon software that will work best for your needs.

Who Is Mindbody Best For? 


Mindbody is an online booking system with integrated POS (point of sale) capabilities. It’s designed specifically for spas, salons, fitness centers, and other wellness businesses that have a higher volume of clients. The software allows you to book and schedule clients, manage your team, sell merchandise, and attract new clients from mobile and desktop versions of the app.

Mindbody has been in business for over two decades, and in that time, the company has dedicated itself to product innovation, research, and thought leadership in the salon software space. When you think of boutique wellness, Mindbody is likely one of the software tools you may think of. The name recognition and years of industry experience lend themselves well to serving large wellness businesses around the globe.

Advantages of Using Mindbody

For larger businesses that need access to a range of features, Mindbody is a solid solution. Mindbody provides training and support to get you up and running with their app and ensure a positive user and customer experience. You’re able to personalize the software with your own branding as well as list your business in Mindbody’s marketplace to increase brand exposure.

Mindbody also enables user reviews, loyalty programs, client acquisition, and retention of existing clients. The software integrates with popular tools to streamline your operations, including waivers and forms, financial and bookkeeping tools, and marketing tools such as Constant Contact.

With Mindbody’s user-friendly interface, it’s easy to get up and running and navigate the features. The system offers a wide range of tools, including payment processing, calendar management, membership renewals, real-time scheduling, mobile access, online booking, calendar syncing. 

Disadvantages of Using Mindbody

With growth comes growing pains when it comes to salon software companies, and Mindbody is no exception. Some users report experiencing technical issues such as slow loading times and software crashes.

Mindbody is also more expensive when you look at Mindbody vs. Vagaro vs. GlossGenius. Meanwhile, some users say customer support is limited, making it more difficult to troubleshoot on the spot. This can prove challenging when you’re trying to resolve an issue for a client quickly.

Mindbody Pricing

Pricing starts at $139 per month, depending on the features you need.

Who Is Vagaro Best For?


Launched in 2009, Vagaro started as a small, entrepreneurial endeavor among a few friends and family members. Its mission from the start has been to provide an affordable solution for businesses that need a better way to manage bookings other than pen and paper.

Since that time, Vagaro has grown to be a recognizable contender in the salon software space. Vagaro accommodates everyone from solo salon pros to large enterprises, with numerous options to promote their services and connect with their clientele. The B2C platform enables brands to create a profile, promote their brand and services, and allow clients to book appointments with their favorite providers.

Advantages of Using Vagaro

Vagaro is an easy-to-navigate, affordable option with a range of features for smaller businesses that don’t require multiple seats. With Vagaro, users can build a personalized website that’s managed and hosted by Vagaro and customize it with their menu of services, staff bios, brand photos and videos, and hours of operation. Clients can book appointments from the site or mobile app and receive email or text reminders about their bookings. 

Vagaro’s point of sale features also allow salons to sell gift certificates, packages, and products online and through mobile. Customers can also take advantage of Vagaro’s email marketing features to send promotional and informative communications to their clients. 

Disadvantages of Using Vagaro

Some Vagaro customers report having problems with payment processing such as a complicated checkout process. Glitches, slow load times, and downtime are not uncommon. Others mention a lack of customization on certain features, including appointment reminder SMS messages, reporting, and rewards programs.

Vagaro Pricing

Pricing starts at $25 per user per month with a free trial and free account available.

Who Is GlossGenius Best For?

GlossGenius online booking

GlossGenius is an all-in-one salon software app designed to help small salon owners and solo operators to drive more bookings. With its stylish user interface, GlossGenius is easy to navigate, helping you get started quickly and seamlessly. The app also allows you to build a stunning booking website infused with your brand’s unique style – helping to drive more bookings, boost revenue, and take your salon or spa further, faster.

Back-office business management is easy with GlossGenius, enabling you to manage payments, bookings, inventory, communications, and marketing from one simple dashboard. Since its launch in 2016, the app has grown to serve thousands of small businesses and oversees more than $40 billion in transaction activity per year.

Advantages of Using GlossGenius

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive for GlossGenius users, who mention excellent customer support and ease of use. Easy online booking, client management tools, beautiful branding, and notifications enhance the client experience with GlossGenius. Salon owners can take advantage of detailed reports and analytics to identify opportunities to improve, along with 24/7 support from real, caring agents. Some pros report a 90% rebooking rate and 30% growth within one year’s time. 

The free website builder feature alone is worth the minimal investment with GlossGenius. Pros can build a fully customized site that incorporates smooth online bookings, text and email marketing, client reminders, card-on-file storage, and stylish card readers that align with your brand. On top of that, the low pricing and processing fees, the ability to add unlimited employees, and unlimited email and SMS messaging helps to contain costs. You’re also able to manage your team and define roles and permissions, keeping everyone on the same page.

Disadvantages of Using GlossGenius

While ideal for smaller businesses, GlossGenius may prove to be more limiting for larger enterprises (at the moment). Salons with multiple employees and locations might find team management to be more challenging. But, most small salons and independent professionals are relieved to see they can simply plug into GlossGenius’ features and start scaling faster than they’ve been able to do on their own.

GlossGenius Pricing

Pricing starts at an industry-low $24 per month and low, flat-rate payment processing fees, with no additional costs to add employees onto the platform. 

Which Is Better for Appointments?


Clients can book appointments online or through the app, with advanced scheduling functionality available for booking events, workshops, and more. Features include an activity dashboard, alerts, appointment scheduling, attendance management and tracking, billing, invoicing, subscriptions, CRM, and booking management software.


Vagaro allows salons to display available booking slots for the day, week, or month, so customers can book a time that works for them through the app or website. The app also allows you to send SMS and email notifications to confirm clients’ appointments and remind them of upcoming bookings. 


At just $24 per month for all features, regardless of the size of your team, GlossGenius is the booking app of choice for salon professionals. Not only are bookings quick and easy from the app or desktop, but pros can also sync their phone contacts with the app. This is a handy feature for anyone who typically books appointments with clients via SMS.

Which Has a Better POS System?


Mindbody POS systems allows clients to purchase retail items, memberships, gift cards, services, and more from the app or website. Client profiles store purchase history for easy reference.


Vagaro provides an integrated POS feature to enable the sales of gift certificates, products, and packages through the app and website. Services are currently available to users in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.


Compared with Mindbody vs. Vagaro, GlossGenius offers the same POS features and then some. With a combination of both brains and beauty, GlossGenius’ POS system has a gorgeous user interface, intuitive navigation, and seamless online booking. Aside from POS payments, GlossGenius can help with other aspects of the checkout process, including contactless payments and inventory management.

The low 2.6% processing fee also makes payments affordable for small salon owners, and you get access to fast, same-day transfers for free. Meanwhile, integrated payment processing, quick checkouts, and a beautiful card reader set GlossGenius apart as the POS system of choice for salon professionals.

Which Is Best for Client Management?

  • Mindbody’s starter plan only allows for text notifications and reminders – the higher-tier packages allow for more advanced client management tools like building email campaigns, managing leads, automating emails and texts, and creating two-way, conversational SMS messages.
  • Vagaro allows users to build a customer database by importing contacts via an Excel or CSV file, or by pulling contacts from a mobile device. Salon pros can also keep track of customer information, previous visits, and preferred services.    
  • GlossGenius offers an automated assistant that responds to clients’ texts, saving you time and improving the client experience. View your clients’ history, pronouns, analytics, notes, and more, and increase rebookings over time. With the ability to manage clients from a single dashboard, whether on the mobile app or desktop version, GlossGenius makes client management quick and easy – and it’s a clear winner compared with the competition. You’ll create the positive experience your clients desire, while elevating your business to new levels.

Which Is Best for Marketing Your Business?

When you consider the marketing features of Mindbody vs. Vagaro vs. GlossGenius, GlossGenius is a great option for individual and smaller salon owners. Not only do you get a gorgeous website packed with features, but you also have unlimited email and texting to keep you engaged with your audience.

GlossGenius also helps you create engaging follow-up messages to encourage more connection around your brand. Plus, aside from reminders about rebookings, GlossGenius also encourages clients to share their experiences on social media, helping to increase bookings by up to 35% – giving you everything you need to stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

Conclusion: Who’s the Winner?

As a salon owner, you have numerous responsibilities, from managing appointments, sending reminders, marketing to new and current clients, collecting payments, completing your taxes, and growing your business. On top of that, you need to keep your clients happy and engaged. Given the weight on your shoulders, it’s imperative that you have the right salon software tools to help you simplify the process of managing and growing your business. 

Based on our research outlined above, GlossGenius is the best all around tool for salon and spa business owners. While you might be comparing Mindbody vs. Vagaro, we think you’ll want to add GlossGenius to your list of contenders when considering the right salon software for your business. Not only will your administrative and operational tasks be less of a headache, but you’ll have the support of a team that’s fully invested in seeing you succeed, one booking and one client at a time.

Think of it this way: It’s true that many salon software programs (including GlossGenius) provide the basics of booking clients, processing payments, and managing clients. However, not all of them provide a system that creates an exceptional client experience that’s reflective of your brand. Considering the industry that you’re in, where it’s all about style, finesse, and being on-trend, your salon software should complement your brand’s overall aesthetic. GlossGenius gives your business the glow-up it needs to make people not only like your brand but love the way they interact with it – encouraging repeat bookings, referrals, and loyal clients.

To see the power of GlossGenius in action and start thrilling your clients right away, begin your free trial! You get 14 days to try out all of the features, with no credit card required.

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