How to Increase Your Gratuities as a Beauty Pro

As an independent beauty pro, we know you’re aware of the importance of setting financial goals for your business, and it’s likely you do so based on metrics such as retail sales or average ticket number, but what about setting goals for gratuities? Not only do tips boost your bottom line, but they are also an important unit of measure for client satisfaction that you can strategically aim to increase. 

Let’s be honest, most clients tip the minimum as an obligation dictated by social norms, but you have the power to max out your gratuities with tactics that will remind clients how much they truly appreciate you. Ahead, we give you the scoop on five ways to increase your tips and create an even stronger bond with your loyal followers.

Personalize Every Appointment

Everyone appreciates feeling seen and being heard. When a client sees that you remember the preferences they have about their services or hears you ask about their daughter's recent dance recital, they take note. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with a steel-trap memory, but with a few inside tricks you’ll be able to replicate the kind of recall that will make clients happy to be more generous with their dollars. 

The Client Notes feature in our GlossGenius app is your salon superpower. Clients will be dazzled by your attention to detail and your impressive “memory” when you reference moments from your past appointment. You can save these important points by text message or tap into a client’s page and add notes yourself.

To save notes on clients by text message, go to Settings > My Preferences > Client Notes and you’ll receive a text after each appointment to record notes. Respond to that message and your text will automatically be saved under that client. To add notes manually, navigate to Clients, choose who you want to add a recap for, select Notes then Tap for New Note. Type away, press the Save button, and you’re set to impress. 

You won’t even have to remember to check your entries because when you toggle on Send Me Client Notes, you’ll receive a reminder before every appointment to refresh your memory. And, with Capture Client Notes from Me turned on, you’ll also get a notification after every appointment to capture your thoughts while the details are fresh in your mind.

Provide Valuable Education

When you create a sense of added value, clients will feel like they’ve unlocked some bonus content during their appointment. Ask clients about their maintenance routines at home and find opportunities to give them tips they can incorporate into their regimen that will help them care for their look or add an extra layer of self-care to their day. When you learn something new from a masterclass or spot new trends at a trade event, share those tidbits with the people in your chair so they feel like they have access to the inside track when it comes to their style or needs. Clients will begin to see you not only as a stylist, but as a valuable resource for the information and education they need to feel their best. And with that, you’ve given them something extra to feel generous about.

Build in Moments of Surprise and Delight

Find ways to spark more joy during your salon experience in order to give your customers something beyond your services to look forward to. Maybe it’s a pop-up Prosecco bar on the weekends or a complimentary hand massage before they check out – choose something that complements your services and speaks directly to your target market. Even something as simple as sharing free samples of your favorite product (or a product you know clients would appreciate) can encourage clientele to leave a little extra at the end.

You can also find ways to accommodate your clients in a manner that goes beyond the surprise-and-delight effect – you can treat them to something useful that they didn’t know they needed. For example, if you’ve checked the forecast that morning and it looks like rain all day, having waterproof bonnets or disposable ponchos on hand will be much appreciated as patrons leave your hair studio. Or, when it's a sweltering day outside your massage spa, sweaty clients will be thrilled when welcomed by chilled towels or some cold lemonade as they arrive for their service. 

Create a Vibe

Your brand experience is not just about the service, it’s also about the space. More often than not, the time your clients spend in your salon may be the only moment of reprieve from their busy day. For some, it might be a time they look forward to because of the confidence boost that follows or because it’s an important element of their self-care practice. Set the scene in your salon by creating an overall ambiance that clients will feel good about while they’re there. Think about your target demographic and what kind of atmosphere will make them feel best. When clients feel better, they tip better! So, set the lights, the music, the furniture, and overall flow in a way that will make everyone feel comfy and you may see their appreciation reflected at your salon POS.

Be Your Best Self

At the end of the day, the thing you have the most control over is how you show up. Be personable, be real, and be yourself, and your clients will appreciate your authenticity. While you're embracing your beautiful self, remember that we all have areas for improvement, so it's a good practice to consistently monitor your client reviews. Doing so will be a pleasant reminder of everything you’re doing right and a gentle push for setting new goals as needed. If you have Notify Me of New Reviews turned on in your GlossGenius app, you’ll receive a notification every time a new review comes in, so you can stay on top of your feedback and celebrate every 5-star comment. 

When it comes time for clients to think about what to tip, loving you is easy, but thinking about the math might not be for everyone. Make things super simple by setting up a default gratuity so no one needs to calculate a thing. When using GlossGenius and one of our sleek and stylish card readers, tipping options appear right above the signature line with a default tip amount highlighted that you can set. Other percentages and a custom option will also be available for the client to choose from, so they always have the choice to pick what feels right to them – it makes checkout less awkward for them and so much more profitable for you!

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