Gift Ideas for Salon Clients: Great Budget Friendly Ideas

Giving gifts to your clients isn't limited to just holiday shopping season. In fact, showing your clients you appreciate them is a great way to improve your overall client experience and increase your rebooking rates. As a salon owner, showing appreciation to your clients is crucial. They are not only your loyal customers, but also the backbone of your business. With holidays and special occasions around the corner, it’s the perfect time to show your gratitude with a thoughtful and personalized gift. From gift cards to hair and product bundles, there are many options to choose from.

Read on for some of the best gift ideas that will leave a lasting impression on your salon clients.

5 Great Gift Ideas for Salon Clients

Here are five gift ideas your salon clients will love:

1. Product Bundles

product bundles

If you have excess product (first, take a look at our recent post on inventory management and you’ll thank us later!), then use this as an opportunity to quickly offload items that are taking up storage space or that aren’t moving as fast as you’d like. Offering these bundled products also creates a moment for you to upsell your retail at an attractive price for your clients and get them (or their friends or family) in the habit of coming to you for their favorite beauty or wellness products.

2. At-Home Maintenance Kits

Creating maintenance kits is the perfect opportunity for clients to give the glamorous friends in their lives a little something for those in-between appointment times. Think lash brushes, travel size products, or accessories that complement the services you offer on your menu.

3. Free Samples

Free samples

You can tease free samples with any next service or entice customers to snatch up any extra openings you may have by adding on these complimentary treats when they book. Encourage them to use these for sharing with friends or family (or keep for their own holiday pampering) – either way, consider the stockings stuffed.

4. E-Gift Cards 

This is the quickest, easiest, and most versatile gifting option you can offer your clients. The ultimate last-minute savior, e-gift cards can be purchased by clients on any day at any hour and they don’t have to come into your salon to pick up a physical card or certificate. E-gift cards can be purchased right from your custom GlossGenius website. Share your unique link with clients and they’ll be able to enter their desired gift card amount, their purchasing info, the recipient's email address, and just like that, you’ve got yourself a win-win situation – simple gifting for them, new clientele for you.

5. Collaborative Packages

More than gifts, let’s not forget that the holidays are about connection and community. Take advantage of this time of year and connect with your neighborhood business owners or nearby industry colleagues to collaborate on special packages that will support local businesses. If you’re a nail tech, hit up your nearby makeup artist and create a holiday glam promotion ahead of the party season. Or if you’re an esthetician, team up with a local nutritionist for an inside/out post-holiday detox package. The possibilities are endless when you start getting other #GlossBosses in your squad.

Promoting Client Gift Packages

Once you’ve nailed down all of the glitzy gifts you’ll have available for your last-minute shoppers, make the most of the marketing tools you have at hand and be sure to spread the word. Emailers and text blasts will come in handy to reach the masses and the clients you may not have seen in a while, while social media campaigns will remind your loyal followers that they can come to you to shop and get styled at the same time.

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