Gift Card Promo Ideas to Excite Clients for Your Salon or Barbershop

Selling gift cards at your salon or barbershop can be a great way to help you maintain client loyalty, have clients pre-pay for future appointments and make money while not in the salon. In this blog post, we share 10 gift card promo ideas to help you get clients excited about purchasing a gift card from you now!

1. % Off Their Next Salon or Barbershop Appointment

Offer clients a certain percentage off of their next appointment. We recommend doing no more than 25%so you still make a good amount of money when they see you.

Check out this post by Amanda Engstrom, Owner of Faces by Amanda where she offers 10% off with any gift card purchase.

2. Extra $10 With Every $100

Offer an extra amount of cash added to their gift card value with every certain amount. This entices clients to purchase a higher gift card amount knowing they’ll get extra value with their purchase.

Check out this post by Ashley Galliher, Owner of Ashley Nicole Artistry where she offers an extra $25 with every $100 purchase. 

3. Free Product With Purchase

Offer clients at your salon a free travel-sized product with a gift card purchase or a full-sized product with a higher amount. We recommend thinking about the cost of your products at either wholesale or retail to decide on the minimum gift card purchase for this offer.

4. Free Treatment With Purchase

Offer clients at your salon a free add-on treatment at their next appointment with any gift card purchase or with a minimum purchase. Offer a free scalp treatment, hand massage, lip treatment, or even any add-on of their choice!

5. Free Virtual Consult Before Appointment

Offer a free virtual consultation prior to their in-person appointment to discuss goals or what service they want to get done when they come in. You could also do a fun virtual consultation like teaching a certain technique or talking about products.

6. Increased Value of Gift Card Over Time

Offer clients to “buy time” by having their gift card value increase over a certain amount of time. For example: with every month that you are closed, the gift card value increases by $10 for each month. 

7. $10 Extra for the First 10 to Purchase

Make it a race for your clients to purchase a gift card from you first by offering extra value to a certain number of people who purchase first. This will provide a sense of urgency to clients to get a gift card from you now and will help you get cash in your account fast.

Check out this post by Jessica Winnie, Owner of Skin by Winnie where she offers a free add-on treatment to the first 5 clients to purchase a gift card.

8. Holiday Reminders

Let clients at your salon or barbershop know what holidays are coming up and that gift cards make a great gift. For example: Mother’s Day is coming up (May 10th) so share with your clients that a gift card to your salon is a great way to treat mom!

Check out this post by Cherrie Sludock, Owner of Cherrie Darling where she promotes gift cards for Mother’s Day. 

9. Have Clients Nominate a Special Friend

With every gift card purchase, let clients nominate a special friend (like a teacher, grocery store worker, health care worker) to receive a special gift or discount with your services. 

10. Enter Clients Into a Sweepstakes

For every client that purchases a gift card, enter them into a sweepstakes to win a free service, product or treatment. Check your local laws on how you can legally run a sweepstakes. Let them know that it’s free to enter, when you’ll choose a winner or even choose multiple winners to increase their chances to win! 

We hope you find these gift card promotional ideas helpful for your salon business.. Remember that you can always have these promotions running for a limited time and that you should try different things to see what excites your clients the most.

To sell Gift Cards with GlossGenius, all clients have to do is visit your Booking Site > About > NEW! Gift Cards Available Here. From there, all clients have to do is choose a gift card amount, add in their personal & payment info, and their gift card will be sent straight to their inbox. 

Check out this post by Christina Clark, Owner of Nails by Christina Clark where she walks her clients through how to purchase a gift card on her GlossGenius booking site.

To track your gift card purchases, head to the GlossGenius App> More > Gift Cards.  

To promote gift cards with Social Templates, head to the GlossGenius App> More > Social Templates.

Check out this post by Alexandra Williams, Owner of Styles by Alex Nicole where she shares a gift card social template inviting clients to her GlossGenius booking site to purchase. 

Not using GlossGenius but want to start selling gift cards? Sign up for your free trial here to get clients purchasing gift cards and to start making money outside of the salon now.

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