5 Ways to Make the Checkout Process Less Awkward

Chances are you envisioned life as a beauty professional... servicing clients, dreaming up new ways to flex your creative muscles, and – best of all – getting paid for doing what you love. You’ve officially made it to dream job status! But from setting your prices in line with your worth to figuring out how to collect payments from your clients, the business side of this industry can be a lot less glamorous.

If you like getting paid but dread the checkout process because it can feel awkward, we totally get it! Transitioning from the creative to the bill collector can get a little awkward sometimes, so we dropped a few GeniusHACKS below to make the checkout process smoother than a fresh keratin treatment. The best part: it’s done in under 60 seconds so you can get paid like the #glossboss you are and get back to your craft in a flash.

Create a Sense of Space

Whether working in your own studio or renting a salon suite, it’s important to create a flow through your workspace that will enhance your clients’ experience. Set up a designated area, or checkout station, separate from your workspace for accepting payments. Having that flow from service to payment will feel more professional than processing their card while they’re still in your chair.

Setup a Salon POS System

In today’s digital-first landscape, having some sort of point-of-sale (POS) terminal is integral to your success. Enter the credit card reader – these devices allow you to take contactless payments like ApplePay or traditional magnetic stripe cards for debit or credit. Credit card readers have endless benefits, including keeping your brand competitive, saving you time, offering convenience to your client, and most importantly, making sure you get paid quickly and securely!

There are a variety of card readers in the market to choose from, including the GlossGenius Chief Money Machine. Our CMM card readers offer the lowest processing fees in the industry and works seamlessly with the app to accept any payment, get you paid fast… oh, and did we mention, they’re gorgeous?! We know you like to stand out, so we’ve created a collection of super-chic card reader designs to add a little flair to your checkout process.

Easily Rebook Follow-Up Appointments

Maintaining long-lasting client relationships and cultivating a strong roster of regulars is a must, and the checkout process is the perfect opportunity to make use of salon software with online booking to organically confirm a follow-up appointment. 

If you’re still polishing your sales skills, the GlossGenius app makes it easy to suggest a follow-up appointment with an in-app prompt that asks clients if they want to set their next appointment once they sign. 

Give Clients Something to Remember You By

It’s a nice gesture to offer clients a token of your appreciation that will keep your brand top-of-mind long after they’ve left. Think mini take-home self-care kits, product samples, branded merch, or whatever you feel resonates most with your clientele.

If offering something tangible isn’t in the budget, even a follow on Instagram can help form a lasting client relationship (which is also a great idea for how to get clients from Instagram). Most importantly, always thank them for trusting you with their patronage. You can set up your personalized thank you messages in the GlossGenius app to automatically deploy after every appointment –guaranteeing to leave a good impression.

Use Your Checkout Space as a Marketing Opportunity

Take advantage of your clients’ post-service high with visual cues in your checkout space that encourage them to review your services, follow you on social media, or leave a tip if they loved their experience. The GlossGenius checkout feature makes this super easy, so there’s no cringy would-you-like-to-leave-a-tip moment. An in-app prompt is included during checkout so clients can easily tack on a gratuity as they complete their payment.

And once your client receives their digital receipt, they’ll be prompted to leave a review. Pro tip: Don’t forget to turn on the follow-up notifications on in the app through More > Settings >Reviews > Ask Clients to Review.

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