Salon Price Increase Notice: Sample Letter With Template

Sometimes, due to circumstances outside your control, you may need to raise your salon prices to keep your doors open. If you’re a salon owner, or small business, looking to find a way to communicate your price increase to clients, this article is for you.

We understand that raising prices can be a delicate topic, and one that should be thought through. So, in this article, we’ll give you a salon price increase notice template that will give you valuable tips on how to communicate your salon price increase to your clients. We’ll also go over a few ways you can justify your price increase to your salon clients so you can maintain your reputation.

Why It Might Make Sense to Increase Your Salon Prices

Creating new pricing for your salon business can seem like a daunting task. On one end, you may need to increase prices to create a more sustainable business for yourself. But on the other end, you may fear that it turns away clients or makes them upset.

A wise person once said, put your mask on before helping others. So if you’re in a spot where you need to increase your prices to keep providing your salon services, view the whole situation as you doing your clients a favor by keeping shop open. Your loyal clients will understand and will still want to support you if they’ve had a great client experience with you so far.

When it comes to justifying your price increase, here are a few things you can use:

  1. Increased Operating Costs: Over time, the costs of running a salon business can fluctuate. Rent could go up and inflation can cause cost of utilities and supplies to go up. The rise in these costs can eat into your profits and make your overall cost of living to go up. Because of this, it’s justified why you may need to increase your salon prices to keep your doors open.
  2. Growing Your Staff: If you’re going from independent to hiring employees for your salon, you will need a price adjustment. Scaling your salon allows you to bring added value to your clients, and in order to do that you need to justify charging higher prices.
  3. Upgrading Your Equipment: Salons may need to upgrade old equipment or adopt new technologies that help them keep a competitive advantage. If your clients value the quality of your equipment, and how it affects their experience at your salon, it’s justified to bring up the price point. Quality products leads to quality services.

Ultimately, a salon price increase letter should be carefully crafted and give an honest reason for its occurrence. As long as your prices are justified (in relation to competitors), and you focus on providing the best client experience out of any location in your space, you shouldn’t have a problem attracting high quality clients

How to Announce Your Price Increase to Clients

There’s just one more thing that you have to plan before you go and raise your prices. What hasn’t the GlossGenius app team talked about yet? You guessed it ... announcing your increase! A script will not be as useful as what we have to provide, which is knowledge taken from the best in the business, as well as a personalizable letter template that’ll be sure to win clients and make money. It’ll be super smooth as long as you post the information early and everywhere. This means that you should:

  1. Inform your clients about 2 months before the price raise goes into effect.
  2. Send an email letter and reminder text message to your regular clients.
  3. Post the letter in a beautiful way on social media.
  4. Update your website and other places where pricing is shared when the day finally arrives.
  5. Breathe a sigh of relief because it really was easy!

Let’s take a look at each of these topics a little closer.

1. Announce Early

You never want to be in that awkward position at checkout where a client is shocked and frustrated at a price they didn’t expect. It’s so avoidable, too! All you have to do is plan ahead. If you’re planning on raising your prices right before the winter holidays (like we recommended in “How Much Should I Raise My Prices? A Step-by-Step Guide”), then listen to what trusted BTC community member Nicholas Gavin-Rocheleau thinks: “January is the worst time to raise your prices. December is better when they are already spending for the holidays, but let clients know at least two months in advance that you will be raising prices.” Keep everyone happy in a season of joy!

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2. Send a Letter & Reminder Text

A letter to clients is a super personal thing, so write it up in your voice and include details. Some people, like Face of Sola Antonio Heath, skip it altogether. He says, “I raise my prices once a year, and I never explain why I am making the increase. All of my existing clients get a three-month notice, and new clients are charged the price increase coming in.” However, if you’ve been worried about this whole process, want to be super nice, and give answers up front rather than just in person, then a letter is a great idea! 

Sue Scott, a Face of Sola turned salon-owning success, agrees: “Every two years, I raise my prices. My existing customers understand rising costs and I always make sure they know that I invest in my education to stay current with the industry and continue setting the bar high. When I am about three months out from raising my prices, I type up a letter and put it in a nice frame where my guests can see it. I also send an email out so they know what to expect at their upcoming visit.” As you know, people skills in the beauty industry really matter.

Let’s get writing! Download GlossGenius’s exclusive free letter template for salon owners and independent stylists at Free Workbook: Salon Price-Raising Letter Template! You’ll be on your way to wowing clients in no time!

3. Post on Your Site, Socials, & at Work

You’re always on top of your social media game when it comes to the day-to-day and showing off all your incredible looks, so don’t forget to use it to inform your clients of your price increase. Post it all over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even Snapchat!

“I like to use email newsletters and text marketing on Sola Genius [an app powered by GlossGenius] to keep my customers informed about new services, amenities and changes in my pricing. The more you share, the more your clients know about your studio – I leave no room for surprises!” - Face of Sola and successful hairstylist Fernie Adame

4. Update Your Booking Website 

Being thorough and making sure any place where you had your former prices are updated is key to a smooth transition. Consistent communication avoids uncomfortable questions! If you have a super easy-to-use app like GlossGenius, you can also do it all in the palm of your hand. Kim Bennett Horvath, a Paul Mitchell Pro Senior National Educator, has excellent business sense and client satisfaction rates. She explains: “I use Sola Genius to track all of my pricing and always advertise my newest price list so that the advanced clients feel like they are getting a discount!” 

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5. Breathe & Relax

You’ve been so successful that you have to raise your prices! Now, own it. We’ve helped walk you through everything you need to succeed, so once you get those announcements out, just breathe and relax. There’s nothing to worry about, and if a customer reaches out to discuss the increase, then listen warmly and address any concerns calmly and with professionalism.

If you need any reminders about how to go about this process, you can always take a look at our other resources for raising your prices:

Good luck!

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