Think Outside of the Box with Complementary Services

There are endless opportunities for empire expansion, even when you think you’ve already reached the peak of what you dreamt your business could be. Yes, you might open another salon location, or start hiring a variety of new and talented employees, or you could start ramping things up by introducing a retail strategy. While all of those ideas are solid options for continued growth, there are other options that may have little to do with your core offering or even beauty or wellness at all. 

Complementary Experience Ideas For Your Salon

There are two main opportunities you can take advantage of to expand your brand through additional experiences: add-on salon services (outside of the ones that might naturally accompany your menu) and adjacent business.

With add-on services, consider bringing in another independent professional who can offer your clients a unique complement to your core offerings. Some ideas you can consider: 

  • For a makeup artist: image consultation or fashion styling services
  • For an aesthetician: hand massage or aromatherapy
  • For a hair salon: tarot readings

Another way to amp up your brand presence and attract more clientele is by adding an entirely different adjacent business. If you have the space, you could bring in a small coffee operation, get a liquor license and build a bar, or set up a few racks and bring in some vendors to create an onsite clothing boutique

Running a salon doesn’t have to limit you to offering only the services you’d expect to see on the menu for your vertical within the industry. Depending on your goals and the interests of your target market, you can create a business within your business that can bring in additional income and improve client acquisition or retention. Before getting started, here’s what to consider when you start thinking outside of the (beauty) box. 

Have a Goal in Mind 

Whether you want to approach an existing organization with an invitation to join your location or whether you decide to take on a new side hustle within the salon yourself, it’ll help to have an idea of what you hope to accomplish with this move. Are you hoping to tap into new clientele or keep your current roster more engaged? Are you honed in on creating a separate revenue stream? 

Even if you’re simply looking to incorporate an interest or hobby as a passion project, it’s important to keep the end game in mind so that you can set expectations for yourself, your staff, and any partners you might be bringing along for the ride. 

Get What Your Clients Want

If you haven’t yet taken the time to determine or analyze your target market, now is the time. When you’re planning to create an extra experience in your space, you’ll want it to include brands your customers are inclined to shop with or services that would also align with their lifestyle. 

If you don’t already have something specific in mind, start by talking to your customers to find out what types of other services and brands they already interact with so you can consider something that you already know will resonate with them. 

Keep It Close

The key to incorporating a complementary business is to make sure it actually complements what you currently do. By sticking to adjacent market spaces that would be a natural extension of your business, you’ll gain the benefits of the addition without stretching yourself too far; it’ill be smoother to navigate both entities’ logistics. And, in order to sell your clients on the dual experience, you don’t want the messaging to be too far off of how your core brand shows up. 

For example, you wouldn’t add dog grooming to your service menu as that requires a completely different set of equipment and most people aren’t showing up for their cut and color with their pup. 

On the other hand, if you often see clients are always arriving with a Starbucks cup in their hand, it might make perfect sense to bring in a coffee bar where they can grab a beverage to sip on in between their styling sesh. 

No matter how you decide to layer these inclusions with your current situation, just knowing that anything is possible when you use your creative prowess, you’ll naturally discover new and exciting ways to continue expanding your empire. 

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