Dare to Dream: Where Your Beauty Business Could Take You

If you’ve taken the leap to become an independent beauty professional, you’re already someone who’s not afraid to bet on yourself in the hopes of winning big. We’re right there with you. We believe that creativity has no bounds and our company is built on seeing our GlossBosses carve out innovative ways to reach new salon success heights. What happens when you dare to dream big? Honestly, the possibilities are endless, but here are eight outcomes that are within reach when you let your entrepreneurial imagination run wild and invest in your business.

You Gain Independence

The number one reason so many creatives break out into their own space is to gain autonomy – in their schedule, in the services they provide, and in the type of work environment they want to create. When you go independent, you take the reins into your hands and have complete control over the brand you want to build for yourself.

You also take on all of the responsibilities of running your own business, which is why hairstylist Kendall Whitley was focused on streamlining everything she could when she started dreaming up the brand she wanted to build. “Being a hairstylist is mentally and physically demanding, so I've designed my business around being able to only work three or four days a week – work-life balance is so important,” Kendall shares in her GlossGenius Success Story. She achieved this by cutting out time-sucking administrative tasks with GlossGenius’ all-in-one booking solution and filling up her days with the things that matter: servicing clients.

Financial freedom also falls under the category of independence, and by taking your career into your own hands, you have the opportunity to overcome your financial fears by building your confidence and tracking your success. From effortlessly making sure your accounts are in order come tax season to knowing the right time to raise your prices, our Community Roundtable covered all the bases of conquering your finance fears on the road to independence.

Your Calendar Is Fully Booked

Kendall’s experience is also a lesson in the power of being booked. Starting your own business can be scary and it might seem like a pipe dream to ever imagine a day where your calendar is filled only with things that you love doing. However, within a day of sharing her booking website with her social media following, Kendall’s calendar was fully booked. “It was such a deep realization that it was actually going to be possible to live the life I imagined and not be overwhelmed by running my business,” says Kendall.

More than getting booked, staying booked is just as possible (and important) when you’re on your own. Hairstylist Matthew Landis has been fortunate to enjoy a near-100 percent rebooking rate in his Utah-based salon. His secret weapon is the smooth checkout process he’s come to appreciate from using GlossGenius. A rebooking prompt at the end of the process is an easy way to keep clients coming back with little to no effort on your part.

You're Recognized for Your Success

It’s one thing to branch out on your own and “make it” as an independent business owner, but to get recognized for your craft can lead you to another level of euphoria. Receiving awards for doing what you are passionate about is a testimony to your success as a salon professional. For example, Jessica Greene, a spray tan artist and owner of Bronzed Belles, turned her tanning side hustle into an award-winning venture when she opened her studio in Texas 16 years ago.

Opting to engage with the competition around her to create a sense of community rather than cattiness, she’s become a stand-out member of the Texan beauty industry and Bronzed Belles was recognized as Parker County's #1 Tan for the past six years in a row.

Your Business Growth Becomes Measurable

When you go independent you realize how important it is to know your numbers, not only because it’s the savvy thing to do as a salon owner, but also because it feels awesome to see the growth with your own eyes. Measurable success gives you something tangible to track as you continue to build your business and it makes you feel damn good to watch those numbers double or triple over time.

Linda Jordin is a prime example of using numbers in your favor. The hair removal pro realized she could reduce her booking increments to 15 minutes with GlossGenius, including adding any notes to a client's profile, processing payments, and rebooking the client for their next appointment. As a result, Linda enjoys an 80 percent-plus rebooking rate at her business, Bare Necessities, and doubled her income year over year.

With GlossGenius, you can track your metrics on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis so you always know where you stand. You can set goals and measure your progress or you can simply stare in awe at the incredible results that you’re seeing in your booking rate, retail sales, total revenue, and more.

You're Able to Create New Revenue Streams

Many business coaches will tell you that a great way to create a fruitful profit margin is multiple revenue streams. One of the easiest ways to do this in the beauty industry is by selling products. Once loyal clients see the magic happen in your chair, persuading them to purchase the products you’re using to make them look their best is a next-to-effortless strategy for pumping up your profits. The best part is, managing retail inventory doesn’t have to be difficult! It only takes a few taps with GlossGenius' inventory management system and is just as easy as tracking what you already need on your back bar to complete your services.

You can even take the retail idea a step further and create your own line of products like business owner Candice Whitman of Elle & Elle Salon, Images Salon, and Sapphire Salon Studios in Peoria, Illinois. Upon launching her own hair care line, she’s been able to stock the back bars at her salons with items under her own label and keep products moving with smart merchandising and marketing. Using GlossGenius, she was able to advertise and sell her products before they were even in the salon by building excitement amongst her clientele through targeted messaging. “[My clients] already knew what all my products were, they knew what the cost was, they knew the features and benefits before it even hit the shelves,” Candice shared. “I love that by using GlossGenius, I had that power to drive that buzz a lot sooner than I normally would have without it.”

You Might Build a Mini Empire

Once you’ve felt the high that comes from building your first location, you can go beyond your wildest dreams to begin building an entire beauty kingdom. When the time is right, you can open a second location or expand into a salon suite model of your own like Rita Rios. The lash extension pro started her venture in beauty by way of an unfortunate diagnosis and battle with cancer. She shared the story in our Success Story series, which detailed how, after losing her hair, she became “obsessed with eyelashes and was able to build a six-figure business on the side in the evenings and weekends.”

Rita started with a small suite for $150 a week, but fast forward six years and the beauty boss now has a 6,000-square-foot space with her lash business Brazilian Spa Suites in the front, and 17 salon suites that she leases to up-and-coming beauty professionals in the back. She manages her employees with GlossGenius' Teams feature and has no plans to stop growing any time soon – she’s already got her eye on another salon suite space and is using her extra income to invest in Airbnb properties in Dubai and Cabo. If you’re ready to follow suit, check out our post on opening a second location and start planning for the next step in expanding your own salon empire.

You May Become an Artist to the Stars

Why stop at multiple locations or revenue streams when you can become a beauty pro to the stars? While it may not be easy, it’s certainly not impossible if you have the right network and a stunning book showcasing your skills. The first step in becoming a celebrity service provider is to focus on building your personal brand. Once you’ve created a name for yourself, developed a solid following, and built an impressive portfolio, you can look into hiring a business coach or signing on with an agent who can help take your career to the next level.

You Can Pass On Your Knowledge as an Educator

Once you’ve done it all, one of the most rewarding things you can do in your career is to pass on your knowledge to up-and-coming service providers or pros who are looking for continuing education. For example, Kelsey Morris, owner of The Sydney Co. Salon and co-owner of The Sydney Collection boutique, has accomplished many goals since becoming an educator for GlossGenius and Sunlights Artisan, including traveling the country to teach other stylists special techniques.

By becoming a brand ambassador or educator, you also have an opportunity to amplify your income as many brands offer free products or affiliate programs where you can make a commission by simply sharing the skills and products you love. But even more than that, you’ll not only offer information to your community but you’ll also empower them with the tools to succeed in managing and growing their own businesses.

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