How to Become an Independent Hair Stylist with Katie Oakes

Hair stylist: Katie Oakes
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Hair stylist Katie Oakes talked about her journey of becoming an independent hair stylist with Sola Salon Studios.

What You Will Learn From Katie About Going Independent:

  1. How to breakdown your licensing requirements and salon startup costs 
  2. How to keep your overhead low and plan for your salon expenses from day one
  3. How to advertise to target clients who you can actually envision sitting in your salon chair 
  4. How to grow your clientele with GlossGenius social media tools after transitioning from a traditional salon 
  5. How to provide a low-cost, luxury experience for your clients in the salon

If you’re feeling inspired and want to learn more about how to become an independent hairstylist today, watch our entire webinar with Katie:

We had an awesome time talking with you, Katie, and thanks for being a #GlossBoss! 

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